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Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Creative visualization made the news in two ways:

Several important milestones occurred, and much new knowledge has been recorded. See below for details. Don't miss the return-from-death experience, where a person returned after an hour and half of being technically dead.

Be well!

Best regards,

Brian, Editor

Following are developments on the road to the 5th World:


01.30.11 Crystal Visions Project Update

01.13.11 Climate Change Sets Records in 2010

01.12.11 Murdoch Unhappy with Fox News

01.11.11 Planck Space Telescope Discovers Enormous Space Structures

01.10.11 Jim Sparks Event in China Opens New Market


12.29.10 Stanley Fulham's Predictions of UFOs Over Moscow Borne Out by Events


01.30.11 The Global Village

01.19.11 Mother Meets Future Son as Ball of Light on Board a UFO

01.16.11 Lottery Winner Used Creative Visualization

01.11.11 Sloan Images Universe

12.23.10 A Return-From-Death Experience


01.28.11 Human Emigration from Africa Much Earlier Than Presupposed


12.29.09 Move Your Money Into Local Banks





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