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2012: The Year of The 5th World

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Dear friend of the 5th World:

Mayan calendar revised -- don't worry so much. Documentary on the Aztec UFO crash of 1948.

Greeks begin bartering. Summer 2012 set for major spiritual influx of good energy.

Water remembers. Six myths of the founding of America.

Uniquency: an essential understanding of the personal dimension of healing.

She's Alive! a short video meditation that wraps it all together. Don't miss it.

... and much more!

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

Best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor



05.02.12 Milk Hill Mystery Deepens

04.25.12 Greeks Develop Local Barter System to escape economic chaos


05.11.12 Summer 2012 Expect Great Influx of Transformative Energies


05.17.12 Uniquency: An essential understanding of the personal dimension of healing

05.02.12 Did a Cell Phone Kill a Man?

02.11.12 The Secret Life of Plants

04.23.12 Water Has Memory


05.15.12 Six Myths About the Founding of America

05.11.12 Mayan Calendar Room Resets Calendar End Date

04.19.12 The Aztec Incident Documentary on Web and TV

04.15.12 Banking History Timeline

01.31.12 Human History Movie: A Connection to the 5th World Fund Energy Focus Process



04.24.12 Pleiadian Meditation

06.26.11 She's Alive: Why We Do What We Do


04.22.12 Ethical Reasoning

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