Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online



Dear friends of the 5th World:

Milestone: Missing Link Found; New crop circles -- see below

Expectations: Global economic paradigm shift; future coming fast;

Brands likely to disappear this year: Avis/Budget, Borders, Crocs, Saturn, Esquire, GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Architectural Digest, Chrysler, Eddie Bauer, Palm, AIG, United Airlines, AMR, US Air, and Blockbuster.

Knowledge: Microwave and Radio Frequency and Health; Espresso Book Machine

New History: High-explosive dust documented in 9/11 debris; Documentation of the Beginnings of the Voyagers Project

Wisdom: Deepak Chopra's Challenge to the world: Pledge for Nonviolence

Thoughts: The economic solution is unworkable.

Humor: The Night of the Living Fed: They Wont Die!

and don't miss this special unpublished treat from 1856: "The Whole Load" by Abraham Lincoln

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Be well, and remember that all will be fine. Really.

Best regards,
Brian, Editor    

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05.21.09 Missing Link May Have Been Found


05.24.09 Global Economic Paradigm Shift is Underway

04.17.09 Did You Know? The Future is Coming Fast

04.15.09 Major Brands to Disappear This Year


05.25.09 Microwave And Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure: A Growing Environmental Health Crisis

04.29.09 Espresso Book Machine Eliminates Book Inventory, perhaps book stores


05.22.09 High Explosives Found in Dust from 911 Attack: Why?

01.01.1998 The Origins of the Voyagers: Anna Hayes/Ashayana Deane's first experience

01.01.1998 Confirming Anna Hayes's first experience: Howard Egeln was there too


11.07.08 Deepak Chopra's Global Initiative for Nonviolence


5.06.09 The Solution is Unworkable: Three Fallacious Assumptions


05.18.09 The Night of the Living Fed: They Won't Stay Dead!

05.29.1856 The Whole Load: The Humor of Abraham Lincoln



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Ann Druffel's classic life-work, Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science,
is featured in a new episode of "UFO Hunters" on the History Channel, titled "LOST UFO FILES":

What secrets lie buried in the never-before-seen files of a famous UFO investigator? In the early 1950s, Dr. James McDonald, a senior physicist at the University of Arizona, changed the entire course of UFO research. For nearly 20 years he examined UFO reports in great detail – interviewing over 500 witnesses, uncovering important government documents, and testifying before Congress in 1968. He challenged skeptics, performed scientific analysis, and led the charge for UFOs to be properly studied. After his tragic death in 1971, his investigations and files were sent to the University archives, where they lay dormant...until now. The team brings these lost UFO files back into the public eye for the first time on television, and looks at evidence long thought lost to history.

"UFO Hunters" airs on the History Channel Wednesdays at 10 ET/9CT. Check local stations for scheduling information.

Episode Guide


See Video Interview

From Birth to Rebirth

C.V. Tramont, M.D.: From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century. Doctor establishes an effective, inexpensive, non-invasive healing modality based upon past-life regression. New release breaking new ground.

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Jim Sparks Video Gallery


Jim Sparks: The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race. 2nd edition. Conscious recollections of a lifetime of interaction with ETs. New edition of one of Art Bell's favorite books.

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New Crop Circles
cropc circle 05.25.09crop circle 05.24.09crop circle 05.24.09b

2 Gals Crop Circle

Dove of Peace

Descent of the Dove of Peace special sale

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Judith Moore's Interpretive Transmission:

"This crop circle is called The Descent of the Dove of Peace. It is the union depicted in the Star of David called the Divine Marriage.

"The appearance of this symbol marks the time of the awakening of power of the Holy Grail and the coming of the Christ of Peace to the Earth. The Christ of Peace is the full actualization of the Feminine and Masculine principles of the Christ vibration in the Divine Harmonics of the Earth. It is the divine marriage of the Beloved that ultimately brings peace on Earth.

"This is the phenomenon of opening the Heart of Christ within every human on the planet. This is not about religion or the distortions that came with Religious indoctrination by churches and power structures.

"This is about what Master Jesus spoke of when he said, “The Truth will set you free.” The truth is The Living Word of God without distortions, it is Eternal LOVE. The Holy Grail has been revealed, opening the light of the Grail for the manifestation of the Holographic Heart of Christ consciousness in the planetary matrix.

"The DNA of the House of David brought blood lines together for the manifestation of a powerful DNA code that ultimately was activated through the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Yashua. This crop circle contains 12 formulas of light and sound frequencies that are radiant spectral fields of pure Heilieon light. Heilieon light is pure light from Source Creation, the light of the Holy Grail. Creation is manifest from the vibrations of light and sound.

"The sacred tones of creation form the vibrations that manifest as the living hologram. The light of creation is called, 'the Light that Lights the World,' because it is the light that forms the hologram of the physical reality. The Heilieon light is manifest from the heart of Creation, it is pure creation energy. The distortion of light in the hologram of creation results in separation consciousness, and abuse of the power.

"It is necessary for the holographic field of Earth to return to a pure source of light and sound so that the planet does not self destruct. The distorted hologram is not sustainable -- it is self-destructive. The Hologram of what was referred to in ancient text as the “New Jerusalem” is the golden octave of Creation manifest through the lens of Creation using source light, which is the Christ Light.

"Joining the crop circle and star glyph into a set activates what is called the Union of the Beloved Christ Code in the holographic DNA. The Holographic DNA contains the codes of light for the manifestation of Creation through the Adam Kadam Blue Print, or the God Code. This DNA field is referred to in Biblical text as the aspect of Humans that are made in the image of God. Scientifically, this means that everything in creation is encoded in the holographic DNA. The powers of creation are at work in this set, opening this force in the DNA for the manifestation of the Living Hologram of the New World of Peace.

"As you meditate with this set, allow the blessed frequencies to infuse every aspect of your consciousness, your cells and your DNA with the intention of activating the God Code in your DNA and that of the collective DNA of humanity."

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