5WJ Update 06.05.10

Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Below please find links to major developments on the good Red Road to the Fifth World.

Be sure to catch the Experience Contact action alert for Saturday, June 5, 6pm EDT, when people all over the planet will coordinate contact with off-planet intelligence. Lord knows we need help.

And be sure to visit your favorite Southeast merican beaches before BP does. Check the schedule for arrival of the oil in the Expectations section.

Be well, and keep your seat belts fastened. Turbulence ahead!

Best regards,
Brian, Editor    

Follow these links to survey our on-going documentation of the transition to the 5th World.


06.05.10 Experience Contact Initiates Global Contact with Off-Planet Intelligence

05.31.10 2010 Crop Circle Season begins with 7 formations; Doug and Dave do impossible feats

2010 Crop Circles
Doug and Dave

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, of course, make all the circles. For example, on Sunday night, May 30, Doug, together with Dave's ghost, dead since 1996, made the following three formations during the long 8-hour night, in three locations separated by over 1,000 miles, a distance that requires 16 hours of travel, while taking no time to actually make any formations in the dark. Of course, ghosts don't need cars.


Silbury Hill

The formation in barley near ancient site Silbury Hill,near Avebury, is a 6-fold design in a circle, with internal elements made from arcs.




The formation is quite small, it has been described as a "sperm and egg" and is in oil seed rape. Is there a new birth of civilization on Earth in the offing?

Westwoods, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. 05.31.10.



Another Italian formation, this one in Tribano, near Padova, 05.31.10.


05.21.10 Artificial Life Created in Laboratory


06.04.10 BP Oil Expected to Foul Southeast Beaches to Carolinas, Perhaps Europe


05.26.10 Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability

05.24.10 Ancient Aliens on History Channel

11.04.10 The Fourth Kind is Not Worth Seeing, Even on DVD

Sept-Oct 1994 Natural Capitalism: An Interview with Paul Hawken


06.04.10 British Empire Would Not Have Existed, Were it not for its Drug Trade


05.31.10 The Joy of Reunion

05.07.10 Helen Littrell On MILABS Intimidation


05.05.10 Bernanke on Happiness

03.30.10 Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for 2012 and Beyond by Steven McFadden


06.05.10 The Apple Orchard, by Olian

03.04.10 Returning to Work After 30 Years


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