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Dear friends of the 5th World:

Milestone: American President addresses Muslim World in Peace; Star Kids gather

Expectations: Spending cuts or tax increases required to stabilize the fiscal situation: Fed Chairman Bernanke

Knowledge: Coral Reefs: Healthy and Sick Around the World; Winds Abating

The Story of Stuff: 6 million viewers have been pointed towards the 5th World -MUST SEE

New History: Tiniest Mammal That Ever Lived

Brazil releases 600 pages of UFO documentation from the 1970s

Brazil UFO photoBrazil UFO-Plane drawing

Wisdom: Wounded Healer; Adult Child of the Universe

Regular Features:

New crop circles -- now organzied by communication, education and symbolism

Humor: New Feature: a new Helen Olian ET cartoon each time

Knowledge: New Feature next issue: Plant Spirit Medicine AudioBook - free listen to a beautiful book

Wisdom: New feature: an excerpt each time from Jesse Wolf Hardin's moving and beautiful work, Kindred Spirits

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Be well, and remember that all will be fine. Really.

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06.04.09 American President Addresses the Muslim World With Respect

05.31.09 Star Kids gather in Sacramento


06.03.09 Bernanke: Cut Spending or Raise Taxes or Else


06.10.09 Winds Are Dying Down

06.03.09 Coral Reefs: Healthy and Sick Around the World

12.31.07 The Story of Stuff


06.10.09 Tiniest Mammal Weighed less than a Dollar Bill

06.04.09 Brazil Releases 600 pages of documentation on UFO sightings in 1970s


06.02.09 The Wounded Healer

06.01.09 You Are An Adult Child of the Universe



06.07.09 New Feature: Olian ET Cartoon with each issue


Wisdom: Kindred Spirits, Chapter One: Anima

Knowledge: Starting next issue: Plant Spirit Medicine AudioBook, one chapter per issue


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Kindred Spirits

21 essays by deep ecologist and wordsmith Jesse Wolf Hardin reawaken the human sense of “re-wilding” that lurks within each of us. Celebrate the return to animal wildness, heightened sensitivity, and primal, pan-racial honoring of the Earth as a sacred, living being. Each chapter dances to its own rhythms, inviting the test of oral tradition. Like poems set into prose, Hardin’s words linger in one’s mind long after the reading. The hummingbird chapter flitters and flies with a light, effervescent cadence, while the bear chapter stalks the reader with a heavy, deliberate pace. Endorsed by Joanna Macy, Barbara Mor, Jim Swan, Jil Nollman, Bill Devall, Paul WInter, Gary Snyder, Christopher Manes, Joan Halifax, Alan Drengson, Stephanie Kaza, Jerry Mander, and many others.

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Ann Druffel's classic life-work, Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science,
is featured in "UFO Hunters" on the History Channel, titled "LOST UFO FILES":


Episode Guide


See Video Interview

From Birth to Rebirth

C.V. Tramont, M.D.: From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century. Doctor establishes an effective, inexpensive, non-invasive healing modality based upon past-life regression. New release breaking new ground.

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Jim Sparks Video Gallery


Jim Sparks: The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race. 2nd edition. Conscious recollections of a lifetime of interaction with ETs. New edition of one of Art Bell's favorite books.

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New Crop Circles


light-hearted and fun
The Jellyfish appeared in a site with no access by the public.

Jellyfish 05.29.09Dragonflyfish


solar systems

Yin Yang Formation 05.25.09circle 06.01.09


Balance, Trinity and Creation

circle 06.06.09circle 06.01.09
Dove of Peace Light

New Collection of Meditation Pages for Touch The Sky Cosmic Energy Essences

Each featured Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essence has an associated meditation page, complete with selected appropriate musical ambiance. Get in a good space, put a few drops of the selected Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essence on your tongue, go to the mediation page, activate the music, and gaze from crop circle to meditation glyph, and the intended benefits of this cosmic gift will be yours!

2 Gals Crop Circle

Uniting All Wisdom of Creation

Uniting All Wisdom of Creation Glyph

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Judith Moore's Interpretive Transmission:

"In the 7th creation, all of the jewels of consciousness, the poets, the philosophers, the healers, the people from galactic counsels, that carried the seeds of consciousness of the highest level of creation that the 7th cycle reached. And they came here, and if you said to me, if Stonehenge wasnít here because the whole creation was anielated but it was a blueprint, a hologram that could replicate itself, so the holographic repatterning

"The blueprint was in place the hologram was in place, and this ceremony was to create a morphogenic continuum and a blueprint of creation of all of the seeds of creation of the most highly evolved essence of the 7th creation. And I saw this huge ceremony. People came from all over, and they knew to prepare for it. The prophets told them 66 years ahead, and then they didnít experience prophesy and preparing until 52 years ahead, but there years were different than ours, because there cycle was a 180 degree cycle, and each of these patternings, these seeds of consciousness were prepared in the morphogenic field as time capsules. And this then had essence of seeds of consciousness of the 7th creation was put into the etheric continuum. And then what happened was I saw this huge fire, and I saw a vision of the fire swirling, and I saw it going inter-dimensionally, and those seeds of consciousness entering the etheric continuum. And what this crop circle is, this crop circle is the activation code for the seeds of consciousness for the 7th creation to be activated. To create a unified continuum between the 7th creation and the 8th creation, which we presently experience, so this crop circle is about the 7th world.

"Weíre entering the crop circle now, the formula for the crop circle is activating the DNA codes because it is all DNA encoded, in the morphogenic field. The seeds of consciousness of the 7th creation. And this magical, ribbon, crop circle is the DNA activation code for the morphogenic field. I keep getting the word etheric continuum.

"Iíd like to make a note that I was recording this and then came to a poster that I took a picture of and it had 7 burial mounds, the 7th being the largest, and the 8th looks like the 8th going into the vessica pisces and the 9th creation, because according to the work that Iím doing with the nature of creation, we are in the 8th creation, we are going to go through the eye of the needle, or through the union of alpha and omega we will emerge into the 9th which is completion. So, weíre entering into one of the circles here to place the, and Iím going to sit down here and do my star glyph.

"What I saw was that Stonehenge has been holographically repatterned in all creations. So that through the hologram in every single creation, a Stonehenge sat there. Cause Earth is a hologram. And in this 7th creation there was a gathering because 66 years before the annihilation of creation the prophets were told that this ceremony had to happen. And 52 years before the point 0, consciousness came from all over the galaxies from the galactic councils, and they did ceremony here, they brought the seeds of consciousness of the poetry, the philosophy, the medicine, the high ideals, the government. The best that they could glean from the 7th creation. From all of 7th creation, they brought them here, and they had this great gathering on silvery plains, and they exchanged seats and this was a way of physically anchoring the DNA encodement of all their consciousness in the etheric continuum. In the blue print of all creation.

"I saw this whirling fire and I saw the priest throw the seeds in the fire. And when they did they entered creation. And it was like a DNA time capsule. Because for the 9th creation to be complete, all previous creations need to be present. Any of the jewels of their own creation, cause the blueprint recreated our world, but the essence of these time capsules have to be activated. And this is the activation of the seeds of consciousness, the time capsule, the DNA time capsule of the seeds of consciousness of the 7th creation, and thatís the formula of light in this crop circle.

"The crop circle that had come before was like a seed that was closed, and this is like that expanding, expanding. Because it is bringing energy, more than energy, itís literally DNA time capsule of the jewels of consciousness of the whole 7th creation. Weíre standing on it! Weíre part of it! Weíre part of this formula. Weíre here right now, weíre conscious of it. Who are you, of all of the people who would have walked up to me right now, why did you walk up? Why are you listening? Because youíre part of it! You needed to hear this today. Maybe you have a lost part of yourself clear back to the 7th creation. That you were one of the galactic Council, or one of the priests, or the teacher or philosopher who came to this ceremony. So, clear back in the 7th creation, your DNA agreed to be here today! To hear of this prophesy, and the fulfillment of this prophesy and this formula the fulfillment of the 7th creation. As it, itís just like a template of creation being overlaid, and I feel it in this crop circle. I can feel almost like the template of creation of the 7th creation is being overlaid into the 8th creation to create an equal lateral field of resonance so that all of those vibrations are being aligned. There all beings aligned so that that itís harmonized, so itís creating a harmonic frequency from the 7th creation, harmonizing with the 8th creation as we prepare to emerge into the 9th creation.

(talking to one of the participants) "I feel like Iím standing on a spinning disk.

(participant) "You carry the Ö. from the 7th creation, and your DNA is interactive with that now. And no matter who you talk to , send love and light to, it affects them. Whether itís so subtle you would never notice, or whether youíre real strong with messages, and she gets messages for people, so you carry it all in the DNA and so do we, so no matter where we go, we help seed the collective consciousness now."

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