5WJ Update 07.01.09

Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Milestone: Neda, new technology Changes the Face of Revolution in Iran; Off planet alloy found; Daylight UFO video sequence

Knowledge: The Amazing Northern Lights: Cosmic Bow Spray video

Wisdom: A beautiful tribute to all lightworkers.

Regular Features:

New crop circles -- now organized by communication, education, symbolism, and possible hoaxes

Humor: Feature: a new Helen Olian ET cartoon

Knowledge: New Feature: Plant Spirit Medicine AudioBook - free listen to Chapter Two

Wisdom: Feature: Chapter Three from Jesse Wolf Hardin's moving and beautiful work, Kindred Spirits

Publishing News: Dr. Charles Tramont is scheduled for two radio interviews. See below.

In this economically limited era, remember that many damaged or discontinued books from Wild Flower Press and Swan-Raven & Co. are on sale for only $2.00 each, while supplies last. Stock quantities are unpredictable. See Special Offers, below.

Be well, and remember that all will be fine. Really.

Best regards,
Brian, Editor    

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06.22.09 Neda, New Tehnology Alters the Face of Protest in Iran

06.14.09 Alloy of off-planet origin found in Argentina

06.12.09 Clear Daylight UFO Video Sequence from Colombia



01.27.09 The Amazing Northern Lights: Cosmic Bow Spray

Clear daylight photos of triangular UFOs. Left:Rocky Point, L.I. - 11:30 AM, 06.13.09; Middle:Greenville SC - 05.26.09 12:30 PM; Right: Woodstown NJ - 06.04.09 9 PM.

triangle UFOtriangle 2triangle 3



06.19.09 A Tribute to All Lightworkers




Continuing Wisdom: Kindred Spirits, Chapter Three

Continuing Knowledge: Plant Spirit Medicine AudioBook, Chapter Two: Plants

Continuing Humor: New Olian cartoon


See Video Interview

From Birth to Rebirth

C.V. Tramont, M.D.: From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century. Doctor establishes an effective, inexpensive, non-invasive healing modality based upon past-life regression. New release breaking new ground.

Listen online to Dr. Tramont's interview with Dr. Bob Hieronymous of 21st Century Radio on
Sunday, 7/12 from 5:00 - 6:30 pm PT.
Check out the site: Hieronimus & Co., Inc.

Listen online to Dr. Tramont's interview with Scott Colburn, host of Exploring Unexplained Phenomena on Thursday 11/12 from 10:25 - 11:25 am CT. or 8:25-9:25am PT.
"Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" with Scott Colborn and Cathy Behrns airs
Saturdays 10 - 11:30 am CT.
Visit the free archive and podcast site. One of the world's longest running paranormal talk radio programs (24+ years). Visit the "EUP" Facebook page. The KZUM studio line during the "EUP" radio program is 402-474-5086.

Order the book from the Publisher, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders.

PSM Audio

Eliot Cowan's Plant Spirit Medicine Audio Book

MP-3 Format

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Kindred Spirits

21 essays by deep ecologist and wordsmith Jesse Wolf Hardin reawaken the human sense of “re-wilding” that lurks within each of us. Celebrate the return to animal wildness, heightened sensitivity, and primal, pan-racial honoring of the Earth as a sacred, living being. Each chapter dances to its own rhythms, inviting the test of oral tradition. Like poems set into prose, Hardin’s words linger in one’s mind long after the reading. The hummingbird chapter flitters and flies with a light, effervescent cadence, while the bear chapter stalks the reader with a heavy, deliberate pace. Endorsed by Joanna Macy, Barbara Mor, Jim Swan, Jil Nollman, Bill Devall, Paul WInter, Gary Snyder, Christopher Manes, Joan Halifax, Alan Drengson, Stephanie Kaza, Jerry Mander, and many others.

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Ann Druffel's classic life-work, Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science,
is featured in "UFO Hunters" on the History Channel, titled "LOST UFO FILES":


Episode Guide


Jim Sparks Video Gallery


Jim Sparks: The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race. 2nd edition. Conscious recollections of a lifetime of interaction with ETs. New edition of one of Art Bell's favorite books.

Jim is currently touring in Australia.

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New Crop Circles




6.21.09 a

heart sun



A three-day evolution of a jellyfish


day 1

day 2

day 3




6.21.09 circle


Dove of Peace Light

New Collection of Meditation Pages for Touch The Sky Cosmic Energy Essences

Each featured Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essence has an associated meditation page, complete with selected appropriate musical ambiance. Get in a good space, put a few drops of the selected Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essence on your tongue, go to the mediation page, activate the music, and gaze from crop circle to meditation glyph, and the intended benefits of this cosmic gift will be yours!

2 Gals Crop Circle

2k307 circle

2k307 glyph




Soaring Swallows Essence special sale

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Judith Moore's Interpretive Transmission:

This crop circle is a formula for the assimilation of micro bits of laser like particles that are infusing the atmosphere of this planet. These lazar like particles are working as a kind of lazar surgery on the fibers of the optic nerves of all species who perceive reality through the iris of the eye. The particles are part of a solar phenomenon that has accelerated with the event of the massive solar flares that have transpired over the past few years. These laser optics allow rapid transit of information and organizes data into manageable energy patterns. The neuro-transmitters in the eyes are responsible for transmitting signals to the optic nerve that later are interpreted as images based on a DNA memory chip that allows the system to identify objects that are familiar as they are available in the crystalline DMA in the living library of light in the DNA. Thus reality is determined by the transmitters ability to receive light patterns, relay the signals to the central cortex, which in turn projects a thought form that determines reality based on data available in the DNA's living library of light. This DNA code is genetic, cosmic, and soul in nature. Basically every experience that the soul has chosen is encoded in this DNA strand. What has never been experienced in the cycles of creation cannot therefore be interpreted as perceptual reality.

Creation is expanding. As creation expands new data frequencies becomes available. The new data frequency enters the hologram of perceptual reality that is called the creation matrix. These new wave forms are then relayed holographically as light waves through the dimensions and are received into the collective hologram to be then projected from the collective unconsciousness. The laser like micro bits alters the optic system allowing the assimilation of the enhanced light wave patterns into the neurological system that permits perception of the matrix of the expansion of creation. This phenomenon is part of the divine plan for the expansion of creation.

Each dimension must receive the codes of light for the new creation and assimilate it into useable data for the expansion of perceptual reality, as it is perceived in that dimension. The third dimension is a dimension of physical expression and sensual expression. The senses determine the intensity of reality by interpreting impulses. These laser like micro bits are accelerating the evolution of the optic systems of species that use the sense of vision to interpret and project perceptual reality.

Interaction with this set enhances the individual's adaptation to the visual fields that are ever expanding. When a critical mass of individuals adapt to this new state of expanded perception then the entire species will automatically be born with the new capacity to perceive an expanded creation and respond to the expansion of creation from the micro-cosmic to the macrocosmic level

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