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2012: The Year of The 5th World

Yuroc, Editor, the 5th World Journal Online

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Dear friend of the 5th World:

Please enjoy our special selections in our seven concept areas. Each is worthy of your examination.

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor



07.24.12 Greenland Surface Ice Has Melted


08.04.12 SaLuSa of Sirius and a 6/2/12 crop circle suggest 8/4/12 ET event


08.24.12 Superbug Emerges, Resistant to All Antibiotics

08.18.12 Controlling the West Nile Virus Mosquito Effectively and Cheaply

07.31.12 UFOs Filmed Over Olympic Ceremonies

04.30.12 NASA Paired Photos Show a Changing World


07.05.12 Six Historical Figures Share the Jesus Story

02.16.11 More Pre-10,000 BC Civilizations Discovered Around the Globe

05.30.12 Pyramid Khufu Dates Back to 9200 BCE


08.21.12 Global Boycott of GMO Offenders

07.22.12 Assault Weapons and Common Sense, by Jason Alexander


08.16.12 Symptoms of Ascension

08.03.12 A World Without Fear, by Carlos Santana


08.05.12 Mars Rover Lands, Sending Back First Photo

08.03.12 UFO Over Olympics Returns for a Cookout

Be well.

Yuroc of the 5th World


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