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Financial Collapse, Van Jones, and New Releases

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online
  1. Financial Collapse Begins 4-year turbulent transition into green, sustainable 5th World
  2. Van Jones, Green For All adds as affiliate
  3. New batch of Cosmic Energy Essences from summer 2008 now shipping
  4. New title: Birth to Rebirth by Dr. C.V. Tramont, video interview online
  5. New Title: revised expanded second edition of The Keepers by Jim Sparks
  6. New Release: Audio CD edition of Eliot Cowan's Plant Spirit Medicine
  7. 5th World Paradigm postings in Knowledge, Expectations, Wisdom

Hello, Friend of the 5th World!

If it is not clear to you that the world has entered a turbulent transition period into something that has to be better than what has gone before, then you have not been paying attention. As a regular reader of the 5th World Journal, you clearly have been paying attention, and it should have benefited you. We warned about the housing collapse, back when houses were worth more. We advised folks to get out of financials and into gold, back before gold skyrocketed and the market tanked. We have marked the various milestones along the way to 2012, and we have posted useful information about maintaining your health and well-being. We hope that you have done well by our advice.

But enough. The whole world is hurting, and it is time to hunker down. The next four years are going to be tough, no matter who is elected president of the U.S. Be sure to check out the sobering expectation for the next four years, in the Expectations section of the 5th World Paradigm (see below).

Green Collar Economy A new player has emerged on the road to the 5th World, Van Jones, who has written a seminal book, The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems. He is getting much well-deserved praise, and we welcome him and his Green For All organization on board as an affiliate. What he calls the Green Collar Economy is one adn the same as what the ancients called the 5th World.
Lucky 8 crop circle Barbara Lamb has returned from England with a new batch of transformative waters energized by the most significant crop circle formations of this year. We are proud to work with Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences to make these powerful cosmic elixirs available to the public. In our next update we will provide you with specific ordering information and special promotions.

Birth to Rebirth


Watch Video Interview

From Birth to Rebirth is the heart-warming story of a dedicated obstetrician whose interest in hypnotic past-life regression developed into a passion for using regression as an exciting healing modality that he found to be based upon the ancient tenets of Gnosticism. After making his way through the rigors of medical training, and after being in the trenches of daily practice, handling the fortunes and misfortunes of conventional medicine, Dr. Tramont now finds himself evolving into a pragmatic Gnostic. For thousands of years, Gnostics have believed that liberation comes from knowledge of who you are, why you are here, and where you came from. Far from being an ancient, obscure, and little-understood theology, Gnosticism is emerging today as newly valid, mainstream, and clearly relevant.

In From Birth to Rebirth you will find yourself identifying with Dr. Tramont’s excitement as his curiosity regarding past-life regression escalates into full-blown research that takes him down the extraordinary pathway of spiritual enlightenment. His growing interest in this form of therapeutic hypnosis guides him through the complex domain of the mind as he begins to discover the reality of other dimensions and the significance of previous lives to present health. To his amazement, guiding patients into knowledge of their previous lives enables them to rapidly and successfully heal themselves of a wide range of emotional and physical problems. Dr. Tramont’s discovery of the remarkable effectiveness of this novel method of healing has profoundly affected the way he views medicine, and, for that matter, the nature of reality itself.

In From Birth to Rebirth you will accompany Dr. Tramont on a wild ride as he encounters surprises at every turn and eventually learns to listen to his intuition — the very voice of his soul. Thus, from the shackles of conventional medicine springs a safe, non-invasive, and extremely successful alternative method of healing, a modality that is essential for the 21st Century.



New expanded second edition of Jim Sparks's account of 19 years of encounters with intelligent alien beings. In this new edition Sparks provides details of interactions since the first edition was published, as well as updates on the creation of a PAC intended to protect the rain forests and pass an ET-requested amnesty bill for those who can reveal hidden information about the ET presence, history and suppressed technology. The PAC also organizes contactees and abductees into a potent political force.

The Keepers provides one of the richest and most detailed documentations of all "abduction" history. His recall is altogether conscious, without the benefit of hypnosis, relaxation exercises, or any other use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for the exploration of buried memories. Nor are his memories contaminated by the popular literature, which he has steadfastly avoided reading. He has the passion, curiosity and self-doubt of an authentic, truthful voice.

He has been told by the Visitors that they are concentrating their contact now upon ordinary people like Jim, because agreements with Earth's leaders regarding the timely release of information about their presence here have been violated. His first-hand reports of sperm extraction, breeding programs, shape-shifting and thought-activated transport are astonishing, as is his personal journey from anger at the invasion to gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of saving the Earth from self-destruction. This book is a keeper.

PSM CD audio


This is a trailblazing and best-selling book now on CD that explores an old way of healing through the spirit of plants! Eliot Cowen learned that it wasn't the plant that healed a person, but the spirit in the plant. Learning to contact the spirit of the plant was to ask it directly to heal the person.

This ancient practice of plant spirit medicine, long forgotten in the West, has now been remembered, revitalized and reintroduced by this American healer. This book opens the reader to the real and ancient world of contact with plant spirits, how to make that contact for oneself, as well as wonderful stories of Indian shaman healers and their respect and alliance with plant spirits.

This is a wonderful psychic and spiritual approach to holistic healing. As seen in Yoga Journal, Natural Health, New Age Journal and also a One Spirit Book-of-the-Month Club Selection This is the audio CD version of the ever-popular book by the same title. High-quality production with original indigenous music in the background, sound effects, and sensitive reading.

5th World Paradigm

The plunging world economy is a reminder that we are in the midst of a massive paradigm shift. The 5th World Journal has been documenting this shift for years.

Please visit the ever-expanding documentation of the Emerging New Paradigm at the 5th World site.

Enter here to see a quick index to some of the most recent postings and best of the historical postings in this must-read site.


Until next time,

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it." —Patrick Henry

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