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Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Occupy Wall Street may be evidence of the Shift.

Most popular White House Petition: Disclosure

A full explanation of the Hopi Prophecy from Frank Waters' classic work.

Deep insight into the top 1%, who own 70% of the US's wealth, by an insider.

A future leader arises in the Black Hills. Help him pay his tuition.

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

Best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor


Following are developments on the road to the 5th World:


10.25.11 Update on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

10.22.11 White House Petition to Disclose UFO Information Is Most Popular Petition


12.31.93 A full explanation of the Hopi Prophecy from Frank Waters' classic work.


10.18.11 Meet the Top 1%

10.14.2011 Hidden America: The Children of the Plains -- Robert Looks Twice

09.16.11 Giant African Land Snails Invade Miami



10.18.11 A History Lesson on a $20 Bill


10.09.11 Bee Whispering


10.21.11 The Little Girl and the Atheist

10.18.11 Queen Retakes Colonies


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