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2012: The Year of The 5th World

Yuroc, Editor, the 5th World Journal Online

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Dear friend of the 5th World:

Please enjoy our special selections in our seven concept areas. Each is worthy of your examination.

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor



10.11.12 ET Poll of Human Wishes Continues to Circulate


10.13.12 Mt. Fuji Set to Erupt


07.06.12 Alien Hybrids: The Key of Our Future -- Sanni Ceto


10.07.12 Aliens and the Creation of Human Life on Earth: The Evidence

09.18.12 Evidence of Jesus Having a Wife

09.06.12 New documentary to assert Mayan ET Contact


10.05.12 The Poverty of Success

09.12.12 Yelling Fire in the World Theatre

09.05.12 Success and the Paralympics


10.11.12 Fallen Leaves: A Poem by Yuroc of the 5th World

09.11.12 Pachakuti: The New Dawn


09.22.12 Mrs. J. Christ and Friends


Be well.

Yuroc of the 5th World


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