5WJ Update 11.08.10

Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Good things are happening. The big 11/11 global event to manifest a better world is imminent. Get involved. See below. This issue of the 5WJ we have excerpts from a great new book, Neil Gould's Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind, and a tribute to the great Zecharia Sitchin, who passed recently. And don't miss the humor/wisdom of Jon Stewart at the Rally to Restore Snaity and/or Fear.

If you have not already, please visit the 5th World Fund site and register as a Steward or Visioneer to help manifest the 5th World before 2013. You will be issued Earth coordinates from which you can help illuminate the future.

Please visit The New Reality Transmission site and join in the global manifestation of a better world, starting 11/11/10. For more information visit "The Other Side."

Also please dwell at the 5thWorldFund.org site and absorb the three-part presentation at the site. Then on November 11, 2010, when convenient, hopefully with friends, please generate intentional manifestation energy and invest it with your best ideas of how this new world of ours will function. Then beam that beautiful energy into the subtle realms and into deep space, in coordination with other like-minded people, as we begin the global process of waking up and responding to the Advanced Benevolent Communicators that left us the Milk Hill formation in August 2001.

In the subtle realm, all time is now and everywhere is here, so it is not imperative, just more fun, to co-locate in time and space with others. If you do not have a group in operation, then join us vicariously in the ozone anyway. It will work.

We need you.

Do this for your grandchildren. They need a beautiful, sustainable, green and blue planet to grow up in.

It is for the people -- that they might live.

Note what SaLuSa, the Sirian elder says:

Each one of you has immense creative power, but few realize it or believe in their capabilities. Sometimes people of a like mind get together, and particularly where the purpose is for healing find an increase in there degree of success. Set up many groups and it gets even more powerful, until their intent is carried forward with a great thoughtform of extremely powerful energy. Just anything can be achieved when a strong focus is directed upon the object of your thoughts. Translate that into a countrywide movement, and you have a virtually unstoppable force for good or otherwise. In the past it has resulted in wars where one country has been pitted against another, and it has been fuelled by propaganda and hatred often generated quite falsely.

Now Dear Ones, as you might say the boot is on the other foot, because the worldwide movement of people power has brought about a great desire to bring peace to the world. The resultant energy is being attracted by those who are active on that front, and has empowered them beyond their expectations. Peace and a complete end to wars are coming, and indeed how could you bring Ascension into being unless the vibrations on Earth were raised. Because you have won this battle the future is assured, no amount of delay tactics by those who oppose it will make any difference. Therefore whatever problems you encounter, know they will only be short lived, and you will soon be aware of changes that will carry humanity forward very quickly.

Best regards,

Brian, Editor

Following are developments on the road to the 5th World:


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