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Periodic Update Concerning Relevant Developments on the Road to the 5th World

Brian, Editor, the 5th World Online


Dear friends of the 5th World:

Please help pass the viral message around: "Remember When..." Check it out below. It is essential action.

A very important and beautiful site has been launched by Foster Gamble to coordinate information and actions for changing Planet Earth into a lovely, sustainable world, what we call the 5th World. See the Thrive movie! Get involved! This is wonderful and important in the history of this planet.

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

Best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor


Following are developments on the road to the 5th World:


11.07.11 Thrive Site Coordinates the Path to the 5th World



12.07.11 Remember When...

12.07.11 Antarctic Ice Melting Faster and Sooner Than Projected





12.07.11 The End is Nearly Near

12.07.11 Obama's Fault


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