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2012: The Year of The 5th World

Yuroc, Editor, the 5th World Journal Online

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Dear friend of the 5th World:

Important: The Star Nations have given messages for the human race, in preparation for December 21, 2012.

A Mayan Elder tells us what to expect December 21, 2012.

Spiritual Leader Patricia Cota-Robles tells us what to expect on 12/21/12.

Before the 2012 presidential election, the 5th World Journal asked all of you to use your powerful manifestation tools to keep the American election free from distortion by those who put winning above honesty. We asked that the election be honest, whatever the outcome.The election came and went smoothly. It was almost spooky. Now we know a bit more. Check out the Karl Rove story in New History. The world has changed for the better.

This issue will be the last issue of the 5th World Journal old logo. This is good news.

We have been documenting Planet Earth's progress into the 5th World for 20 years.
Now, as of 12/21/12, we will officially enter into the 5th World and begin journaling our transition into the 6th World.
Henceforth, this journal will be The 6th World Journal.

On the 20th anniversary of our founding, a special late-season crop circle appeared on Windmill Hill:

Windmill Hill which will lead to a new logo :new 5WJ logo Stay tuned.

Help us manifest the 5th World, a world of love, balance, and spiritual strength!

Be well!

best regards,

Yuroc of the 5th World, Editor



12.09.12 Reincarnation Proof

11.29.12 Bigfoot is Real, Says 5-Year Study


12.12.12 Messages From the Star Nations, as given to Judy Satori

12.12.12 Patricia Cota-Robles on what to expect 12.21.12

12.3.12 Discontinuity: Thoughts of a Celestial Being

11.30.12 Global Ice Melting 6x Faster than Predicted

11.06.12 Expectations of Hearing the American Voice


12.02.12 Viruses: Nature's Self-Packing Nanoscale Suitcases

11.24.12 Dowsing Our Path to the Future

11.14.12 Extraterrestrial Knowledge of the Energy Environment

11.06.12 How to Rig an Election (See also Rove, below)


11.16.12 Rove: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”


11.22.12 People are Good

11.09.12 The WaySeer Manifesto

Tesla11.03.12 Nikola Tesla Endorses Swirling Water in a Dream


10.30.12 The Sandy Face of Change


Will Rogers

12.06.12 Will Rogers: Never Squat With Your Spurs On

12.10.12 Mystery of the Mayan Calendar Finally Revealed

Be well.

Yuroc of the 5th World


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