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Archives of Past Issues:

12.12.12 The Final Issue: Next Stop: The 5th World

10.26.12 2012: The Year of The 5th World

08.26.12 Assault Weapons and Common Sense

07.17.12 The 5th World Fund Launches the Swirling Water Campaign to Transmute the Water Planet and much more!

06.23.12 Revelations from under the Romanian Sphinx, Still-Water Medidtation, good funnies and more!

05.17.12 Uniquency, New History, Mayan Calendar revised

04.15.12 Cooperation, ET Manipulation of DNA

03.11.12: Monsanto, Size and More

02.11.12 Stem-cell progress, quantum reality, nuclear power, Mayan Elder speaks and much more

01.10.12 Torus Energy Process; Gimme Shelter, Proof of Reincarnation, How to Eat Fruit, and more

12.21.11 A Serious Look at Expectations for 2012

12.07.11 Remember When, Viral Message; Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?

11.11.11 Magical Date, Atlantis

10.25.11 Hopi Prophecy and more

10.07.11: Review of 2 Zeta Books; Three Phases of the Paradigm Shift

09.17.11 Church and Science: The Great Pendulum Swing

09.07.11 Fear No Scary Predictions

08.30.11 Prayer for the Earth and more

07.30.11 Spiders Control Malaria and more

06.30.11 Sunspot Hibernation, New Meditation Glyph

05.30.11 Creation Rewritten, Comet Elenin Coming, and More

03.31.11 The Healing of Japan

02.17.11 Good News, New Knowledge

01.30.11 Creative Visualizations, New Milestones, much New Knowledge

01.09.11 Neotame, Kean UFOs book, Keepers in Chinese

12.18.10 Crystal Visions 2012 Project Launches; Honeybee View of the World; Arsenic-loving Bacteria

11.19.10 Global Manifestation, Bogus Missile Track, Matthew Book

11.08.10 Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind, Sitchin passes

10.27.10 Changes Ahead, All Good

10.20.10 The Manifestation of the 5th World Begins!

08.11.10 Global Movement to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons; Hottest 6 months ever, understanding 2012

06.12.10 Planetary Alignment, Orvol Looking Horse and More

06.05.10 Global Contact Event 6/5, BP Oil to Foul East Coast, Joy of Reunion, Ancient Aliens, Natural Capitalism, and More

05.05.10 The American Corporatocracy, Maris on Fear, Avatar Blues

02.28.10 Playing for World Peace; Bloom Box Energy

01.02.10 Current: Blue Spirals in the Skies of Norway, Pyramids in the Skies

12.19.09 MiniUpdate: Norway Spirals and Life from Mars

12.09.09 Vatican Conference on ETs, Meaning of Christmas, Aspartame

11.23.09 The Job Vampires of Wall Street

09.23.09 Diebold, Vitamin D, Mushrooms, Wisdom and Humor

08.09.09 WalMart Sustainability; Health Care Reform Win-Win; Misplaced Risks

07.22.09 911 revision, Grandpa Eliott

07.01.09 Tribute to Lightworkers, clear UFO video sequence, triangular craft...

06.24.09 Zeta Interpretations of 3 Crop Circles

06.21.09 Plant Spirit medicine AudioBook begins

06.10.09 Star Kids Gather, President Seeks New Beginning with Muslim World, Brazil releases UFO documentation, Story of Stuff

05.28.09 Chopra's Nonviolence Vow, Economic Expectations, 911 Revisited

05.20.09 Expectations, Wisdom, Humor

03.30.09 Wisdom Update from the Zetas, Conficker Worm 04.01.09

03.11.09 Personal Debt, The Obama Code, Zeta Message

02.27.09 Global Professional Run on Banks Begins, Wisdom and Humor

02.15.09 New Hope for the Hopelessly Hopeful

02.08.09 Economy Falling Faster than You Have Been Told

01.28.09 A Titanic Bailout

01.26.09 Obama's Inaugural Address

01.21.09 Phoenix: GIFI in Gaza

01.06.09 Recommendations to President-Elect Obama

12.01.08 Pope Announces Reality of ETs; Males Disappearing; Grand Release of 2008 Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences

11.23.08 Farewell to the GOP?; What to Expect 2008-2012; and Special Christmas Season Offers

11.09.08 The Election of Barack Obama Signals a Serious and Immediate Global Transition into the 5th World

11.02.08 Election Special

10.22.08 Financial Collapse, Van Jones, and New Releases

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