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Part II The Crabwood Code Analysis

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The code may read: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION. [ACK]" [ACK] = request acknowledgment

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Like bookends, the 2001 Chilbolton Code formation and the 2002 Crabwood Code Formation stand as mysterious sentinels over a fascinating mystery that deepens with each passing year. Exactly one year after an alien face appeared in a field near Chilbolton, England, another alien face (right) appeared in a field near Crabwood Copse on Vale Farm in the village of Pitt near Winchester, Hampshire, U. K. But the new face seems more sinister. In both cases, a binary-coded message appeared nearby. The first formation set, examined in Part I of this article, may be an early reply to the 1974 pictogram Earthlings broadcast into space from the Arecibo radio telescope. The recent message is in English, coded in the ASCII standard for computer data storage, and arranged in the manner in which CD-ROMs are produced. What does it all mean? Is it a continuing elaborate hoax or a breakthrough in the communication with off-planet intelligence? Or something else? In this second installment, we will examine the new formation, apply Okkam's Razor to the official debunkings, and propose a comprehensive hypothesis that may startle you.


The Crabwood Formation

On August 15, 2002, a new alien-face crop formation appeared that many consider to be of potentially great significance. It seems to be clearly related to the Chilbolton Code formation of 2001. It was large, about 250 ft. wide by 390 ft. long, and its precision exceeded Chilbolton's. The Crabwood formation appeared near three microwave towers, bristling with dishes of all sizes and shapes, and is over the hill from one of the world's most magnificent cathedrals in Winchester, once the capital of England. Thus technology, religion and politics are all potentially involved here, as they will surely be if the formation turns out to be off-planet communication.

One early arrival at the site noted a "total absence of 'stomper board' markings throughout all areas of the formation examined," and concluded that "it was most unlikely that this is a standard fake. The damage we caused to the laid crop was shocking. Everywhere we stepped we were smashing the plants under our feet, leaving very obvious signs of human body weight on the mega-brittle, bone-dry plants. How could a crew of fakers be in there and not leave the whole thing, in terms of smashed up plants, massively traumatized? The crop was so dry and brittle that the very action of putting one's foot down caused everything underfoot to literally crumble into an ugly tangle of broken, shattered wheat. In short, what we experienced on the ground on day one cannot be reconciled with any ground-based hoaxing methodology that we are aware of at this time."

Charles Mallett, another early arrival wrote that he and his wife Frances "went in and had a really hands-and-knees job. We crawled all over the thing and we couldn't find any board marks-nothing. We did find some creases in the plants from maybe one or two visitors before us, but we were the first researchers that we know of who went down there. We couldn't find any evidence whatsoever of board marks or anything mechanical. In fact, the crop is so unbelievably mature. It's been really hot here for the last week or so. It's brittle, burned dry, ready to be cut."

Allen Brown arrived early and reported; "I personally found the lay of the crop to be very neat and ordered. I could not find any obvious or immediate signs of manual construction."

While annecdotal and not scientific, these three first-hand reports would seem, to the objective observer, to rule out a standard-method hoax, which would have broken the stems and left marks. On the other hand, a farm worker named Sydney Collis was in the field a day before the formation was first reported by a radio traffic helicopter and later reported seeing only a partially completed rectangular frame in the field. He did not see the circle code or the face pattern, but due to the terrain, one cannot see the whole formation at once, and it is difficult to know what you are seeing at ground level.

A second suspicious item is that an LED sighting device was found near the formation. But a helicopter was heard by a local witness at 2 A.M. on the night after the formation appeared, which could indicate that the item was dropped intentionally as part of an organized disinformation effort.

The formation shows an alien face with a CD-like disk in the lower right corner. The face is more like what one might see in a movie than anything reported by folks claiming abductions by aliens. The method of imaging is more akin to the horizontal scan lines of a television screen than the newspaper-like variable-dot image used at Chilbolton. Some scoffers dismiss the image as clearly being too scary and theatrical to be real, as Visitors would not want us to perceive them that way. But perhaps that is not the message. More on that later.

The "CD" in the image is created as a binary-bit stream that starts at the center and reads counterclockwise, like CDs. The "on" bits are small rectangles of unbent stalks, and the "off" bits are bent. The code begins with a long on-band that may represent "Start Transmission." Then sets of eight binary bits, or bytes, can be observed, separated by half-bit byte-boundary markers that are neither on nor off. At the end of the message another long band may represent "End Transmission." The bytes can be translated using standard ASCII tables into the message seen in the caption to the photograph above.

An odd word is separated from the rest of the code by double byte-boundary markers, so it is different in some way. Some think it is an error made by a careless hoaxer. Some think it may be the word "BELIEVE," or "ELIJAH," but others think neither word fits. Some think it might be the name or home of the message senders, "EELRIJUE". I suspect it may possibly be an error-checking code, that is, a sequence of bits representing a number that can be computed by passing the entire message through an algorithm. Such codes are used to determine whether or not the message has been received accurately. Clearly the rest of the message displays an understanding of electronic messaging protocol.

The message contains the oddly capitalized word "OPpose". Such an anomaly may suggest that whoever hoaxed the formation didn't do their homework thoroughly, or that the aliens do not have a deep grasp of English punctuation rules, or that random fluctuations occur in the message transmission method. I suspect that what we have here is a deliberate act whose intention is to prevent humans from forming a religion around the Visitors, as humans seem to have done periodically throughout our history. They seem to want no part of that anymore. Worshiping them has been counterproductive. So they introduce intentional errors to demonstrate that they are not perfect and therefore not worthy of worship. The errors also would serve to easily divert the attention of the shallow ones who seek to debunk the phenomenon, leaving the inquiry more open for those who seek its true meaning.

Before we propose a possible interpretation, let us examine the main points of the debunkers, such as those at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, or SETI.


The Official Word from SETI

The SETI Institute, led by Frank Drake, who has proven that we are alone, has prepared their excuse for not dealing with the Chilbolton Code. In their words, they see "no evidence for an other-than-earthly origin of the formation." They have five clear reasons why this is so. We will let them express themselves and then discuss their positions one at a time. (For the full SETI position, see Is the Latest Crop Circle a Message from E.T?)

SETI reason 1:

"The aliens, if they've received this signal, would obviously be aware of our capability to send and receive high-frequency radio. After all, they would only know of the 1974 transmission by receiving it. And, of course, they've made a point about radio by leaving their message next to a radio antenna. So why would they resort to an extraordinarily crude method of "replying"-carving simple messages in our wheat? Why don't they use radio? The wheat graffiti only conveys a handful of information-roughly the equivalent of a few sentences of any text. They could convey far more, in a matter of seconds, by radio. If radio isn't their thing, why don't they simply leave a copy of the Encyclopedia Galactica on the doorstep of either the farmer or the radio observatory? They could arrange for a radio blast sufficiently powerful to reach every FM or TV set in a hemisphere, which would quickly convey far more information, and to everyone at once. After all, if they're carving wheat, they're clearly visiting. If they're not fond of radio, they could leave information on paper, as a CD, or in whatever form is convenient. Any such scheme would convey orders of magnitude more information than a wheat carving. Surely aliens who can come to Hampshire are sophisticated enough to offer us more information bits than one can find on a fortune in a Chinese cookie."

Response 1:

It may be preposterous to assume that advanced civilizations that have survived for long periods of time have not yet learned that when an advanced society suddenly barges into a primitive society, the primitive society gets killed by disease, shock, cultural collapse and chaos. Civilizations that survive long term will be benevolent, compassionate societies. Historically, warlike civilizations live short, violent lives. Visiting ETs can be expected to be sensitive enough to Earth's universally recognized right to evolve on its own that they would shrink in horror from SETI's unevolved and uncouth suggestion that they blast into everyone's TV sets and leave CDs on doorsteps. The message in the Chilbolton Code is of the exact same order of complexity as the message sent-simple, direct, easy for common folks to understand, if they wish to. It is not forced down anyone's throat. It is basically saying, "Copy, Roger! Do you read me?"

SETI reason 2:

"How come they look like us? Hollywood aliens always look pretty humanoid, but this is an anthropocentric conceit. Visit the local zoo, and you'll find critters that share 3.5 billion years of evolution and a lot of your DNA. But they don't look like you-they look like fish, or alligators, or...."

Response 2:

It may be preposterous to assume that intelligent life everywhere in the universe must derive only from slime and take an independent path to a random end. More likely, the moment that any life-form becomes advanced enough to travel in space, it does so, leaving its seed wherever it chooses to do so, and genetically engineering what it pleases, thus dominating the apparent choice of appearance. There are strong intelligence-enhancing reasons why we have two legs, two eyes, two arms, etc., as do other relatively intelligent beings on this planet like the mountain gorillas. If we can genetically engineer corn to kill Monarch butterflies, then surely ETs can mold local life-forms to reflect their own chosen characteristics, such as a humanoid appearance. It would be much more surprising if intelligent life everywhere were radically different from us in general appearances. The Star Wars bar scene may be much less likely than the films ET or Close Encounters.

It is also instructive, especially for fundamentalists who prefer their Bible straight-up to review Genesis 1:26 in the original Greek:

"And the elohim [plural] said, 'Let us [plural] make the Adam in our [plural] image, after our [plural] likeness...'"

What's with the "we" business? Why have we papered over this interesting choice of holy words and made a singular male God out the text? Whose idea was that? There are many scholars today who believe that a revisioning of the Bible is in order, going back to the most ancient of roots and re-examining our true origins. We may be the ETs. Zechariah Sitchin, in particular, (see The 12th Planet, for example) has championed the idea that humankind derives from an ET origin. If so, then it should not be surprising that we are indeed made in their image.

As to why the Crabwood Formation seems sinister,, observe that the facial image at Crabwood bears at least a passing resemblance to Star Trek's Corbomite, a sinister character. (See illustration) Perhaps Crabwood is not a self-portrait. Perhaps it is a reflection by them of how we portray them in our media. Hence the resmeblance to Corbomite. More on that later.

SETI reason 3:

SETI says that Chilbolton cannot be a response to us:

"A very important point if you think this is a returned message: The 1974 signal was aimed at the cluster M13, which has hundreds of thousands of stars. Of course, M13 is 25,000 light-years distant, which means that the message will not reach its target for another 250 centuries. Clearly, the crop circle can't be a response from any of M13's inhabitants; they haven't gotten the message yet. But what about a random, Milky Way star that might be in the 'beam' of the Arecibo message? Couldn't they have overheard the transmission, and offered this clever carving in reply? No. The Arecibo beam at 2,380 MHz is about 2 arcminutes, which is roughly 1/15th the diameter of the full moon. That's an extremely narrow beam. Imagine shooting an arrow through a giant space in which ping pong balls are hung by threads. The ping pong balls are many miles apart. How long would the arrow have to travel before it accidentally hit one of these balls? This is analogous to the situation of the Arecibo message, moving in its tightly focused beam through the spaces of the Milky Way. The chances that it has hit another solar system in the 27 years since its broadcast are one in 50,000, approximately. If you make the reasonable assumption that the aliens cannot travel faster than the speed of light, then they must lie within 13-1/2 light-years to have received this message and responded. The chances of a star system within the volume of space filled by the beam out to this distance is closer to one in a half-million! In other words, it's highly, highly unlikely that any star system has yet been exposed to the Arecibo message. This is an important point, as it is quantitative and not dependent on any other assumptions about this crop circle: no other star systems could have yet received this transmission. And incidentally, the odds that a nearby probe could have intercepted it are even smaller!"

Response 3:

The evidence that SETI ignores supports the contention that ETs have been with us on Earth, probably since our conception as human beings. There is a tremendous volume of reliable, consistent experiential data that strongly suggests that there is an ET presence on Earth, and that it has been studying us closely for centuries, perhaps even planting and culturing us. They may be our parents.

A recent Roper poll concludes that 12% of Americans have seen a UFO or know someone who has, and that 2% of our population has had a personal close encounter, or knows someone who has. Further, 67% of Americans believe there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe, and of them, 47% believe that alien "abductions" are going on.

If the ETs study us as intently as they seem to, would it then be surprising that they know about SETI and the message that was sent? Its mirror image is in every copy of Cosmos and in every broadcast of the "Cosmos" series on TV. It is in almost everyone's memory banks somewhere. It is not a secret to anyone interested in humanity's emergence into cosmic consciousness.

It is plausible that the ETs, with their patience wearing thin with the increasingly leaky cover-up and with continuing human endangerment of this beautiful planet, have chosen this simple, non-intrusive method of speaking to the open-minded people of the Earth, while still respecting our right to ignore it and go on with our illusions. And why did they wait so long to respond? Perhaps, just like SETI, we as a people weren't yet ready to listen. Now, however, we may be ready. The new Roper poll concludes that 75% of Americans are at least somewhat psychologically prepared for the discovery of ET life, and nearly half are very prepared.

Alternatively, the Visitors may have been trying to communicate for years, but the power-preserving official cover-up has kept a lid on the pertinent information.
In The Keepers, a forthcoming book by experiencer Jim Sparks, whose memories are all conscious and not hypnotically induced, the ETs give exactly this message, that deals were struck with Earth governments to reveal the ET presence, but those agreements have been violated. Hence the ETs are now directly contacting individuals such as Sparks outside the official blocked channels in order to convey essential message to Earth people. Placing readable messages in fields may be consistent with this policy change.

SETI reason 4:

"The biochemistry information in the crop circle is the same as the Arecibo message, although the DNA seems to have an extra strand and a somewhat different number of nucleotides. It has also been noted that silicon is now indicated as part of the biological construction kit, although this element, while popular in science fiction, is rather poor at making the complex molecules required for life. Still, it's remarkable how similar the aliens' biology is to ours, even to the point of sporting a helical DNA molecule. They also use the same number of sugars and bases that make up human DNA to construct theirs. But it's remarkable (but undoubtedly a sign of a boo-boo on the constructors' part) that the silicon mentioned above doesn't figure into the formulae of any of these alien DNA components (this point was made by Randy Wiggins.) In addition, keep in mind that of the hundreds of possible amino acids, only 20 are used for earthly life. In other words our biochemistry is somewhat specific. How curious (and unlikely!) that theirs would match ours so closely!"

Response 4:

If human genetics have been altered by ancient space travelers, then it would be very strange if human genetic makeup were not very similar to that of our parent ETs. There is something about Silicon that is being conveyed in this message. It is not clear at all that Silicon must play a role in the DNA. But it is clear that it plays some important role. Dr. William Levengood, who has pioneered the biochemical assessment techniques that differentiate real crop formations from hoaxes, has found anomalous deposits of Silicon, silicone, and silicates in real crop formations. In one such formation, a layer of extremely pure,
micro-crystalline white silicon was found in an 8"-wide layer 4" under all the affected plants, with no visible soil disturbance to show how the presumed hoaxers put it there. The Silicon was of a purity and crystalline structure that was never seen before. Furthermore, plants that grew in soil containing this white powdery Silicon displayed a 300% to 400% growth in biomass, compared to control plants. The seeds taken from plants that grew in the real formations looked fine, but showed a 40% decrease in seed weight and were dry inside. But, when planted, they germinated and grew tremendously fast, with a deep, lush green color and robust health, compared to control plants.

Mineralogist Sampath Iyengar, a 30-year specialist in clay mineralogy at California's Technology of Materials Laboratory, used X-ray diffraction and a scanning electron microscope to examine specific heat-sensitive clay minerals such as Silicon from crop-formation soils. He discovered a 95%-statistically significant increase in the degree of crystallinity in the circle soils. "I was shocked," he said. "These changes are normally found in sediments buried for thousands and thousands of years under rocks, affected by heat and pressure, and not in surface soils."

The best-known expert in the world on X-ray diffraction analysis of clay minerals is Dr. Robert C. Reynolds Jr., former president of the Clay Minerals Society and emeritus professor of geology and mineralogy at Dartmouth College. He concluded that the intense heat required for the observed changes in crystallinity "would have incinerated any plant material present. In short, I believe that our present knowledge provides no explanation." In fact, a recent study published by a team of scientists and funded by Laurance Rockefeller concludes "it is possible that we are observing the effects of a new or as yet undiscovered energy source."

Blanche McLanahan, whose late husband was researching Silicon biology when he died in 1994, believes that the Visitors may be telling us how to absorb energy from light. In human blood the heme, or iron-based porphyrin, is surrounded by four Nitrogen atoms. "If Silicon replaces the Iron atom," she reports, "it prevents the ferric domain in the Iron atom's m-shell from storing energy. The Silicon would allow our bodies to use the energy of the sun through the principles of photosynthesis, absorbing energy through the cutaneous membrane directly into the blood through the Chloride shift in the capillaries." People who report encounters with Visitors often describe gray skin and large, black eyes, and late-night timing. Such characteristics are consistent with a people that come from a homebase that is weakly lit, a place where absorbing energy from distant sunlight might be necessary.

There is something going on with Silicon, and true scientists will respect these clues and examine the real data instead of concluding that it cannot be, therefore it isn't. As Eltjo Hasselhoff, Dutch experimental physicist, says, "To look at the evidence and go away unconvinced is one thing. To not look at the evidence and be convinced against it is another. That is not science."

SETI reason 5:

"Finally, the whole matter of crop circles fails the baloney test, as Sagan would put it. They can be easily made by people interested in creating a stir (you can read a nice description of both crop circles and their construction, as well as a claim by experts in the field, as it were, that they could replicate the new grain graphics, at circlemakers.) And of importance, there is a lack of convincing physical evidence that anyone else has made them. You might also wonder why, despite its ample supply of wheat fields, the U.S. is almost never the target of this type of alien graphic: nearly two-thirds of all crop circles are in England. We also note that Chilbolton was the location of other crop circles in 1999 and 2000. Why would aliens resort to a signaling system that conveys so little information and can only be used during the two-month growth season, and then only at night? We are also informed by Chilbolton that these recent glyphs appeared (as so many do) after a weekend."

Response 5:
   Andy Rooney, in his inimitable style, once said, "I've learned that to ignore the facts does not change the facts." SETI, by ignoring the data, sees what it wants to see. That does not change the facts. Apparently, since SETI knows that all crop formations are easily made hoaxes, then there is no reason to actually look at any of them, such as the photograph to the left. This image of the beautifully precise 409-circle 6-Julia-set formation that appeared overnight is not what any sane person would call "easy to make." There is ample evidence to suggest that there are energy fields and vibrations involved here that are ancient in nature and beyond the current understanding of science. These energies in some way seem to center around the ancient sacred sites of England such as Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. There may be Earth energies that are used in making the formations, and these energies might be easier to manipulate where they are stronger. The selection of England for the most spectacular formations is probably more a function of Earth energy fields than it is political power or available cropland. There have been crop formations and snow formations and mud formations all over the world, all year around. The ones in England are only the most spectacular. A recent formation in Idaho is a case in point. See illustration above. It formed the same day that Crabtree did, so it was not two guys from the pub.

Okkam's Razor

So how does Okkam's Razor fit into all of this? We have the Doug & Dave hypothesis, with a really big fish to swallow. And we have the covert government hypothesis for which we must believe that 10,000 crop formations around the world have been created for no apparent reason by secret government technologies, funded by covert black budgets. And then we have the theory that humans make some of them, but that others are created by non-human intelligence.

If we wish to choose the hypothesis based upon which one minimizes the number of changes the establishment needs to make in its thinking, then clearly it's all planks and pranks. If, however, we want to choose the hypothesis that most easily explains the data, then we conclude that we are probably seeing the evidence of off-planet intelligence. So decide your motivation, and the outcome follows.

If they are real, what might they mean?

IIf the Chilbolton and Crabwood Codes are real communications from off-planet intelligences, then what do we learn from them? One thing is clear from both codes, and that is that they speak the same mathematics as we do. That's comforting. The presence of Silicon in the list of important life-related elements in the Chilbolton Code is very interesting, and more research should be done on the Silicon-related phenomena around crop formations. The use of the same basic nucleotides suggests that we are related, or that there are a limited number of combinations of things that actually work well, or perhaps both. The humanoid figures in both formations suggest that the senders of the code are not unlike what thousands of reliable persons have reported seeing. The apparent size of this being is 3'4", if one uses the same mathematics that we used in the original Arecibo transmission. This should be of comfort and solace to abductees and contactees, who have long been abused by self-blindered experts. Where the Arecibo code had a number indicating the human population on Earth, the corresponding Chilbolton item decodes into 21.3 billion, a large population by our standards, but we don't know what it counts. If the code-senders are from this solar system, then we might conclude that Earth, Mars, and Jupiter's moons may have intelligent life. This should make the Dunes and Hoagland fans happy.

New DNA Research

Red Setter, a world expert on DNA research, has made a very interesting contribution to the discussion, an observation that he made only after intensive personal research stimulated by the odd DNA images in the Chilbolton Code formation. His comments are quite scientifically detailed in the sidebar opposite, and the implication of his research is that there is significant scientifically verifiable content in the Chilbolton Code formation that cannot have been placed there in the dark either by pranksters or by covert government agents, because the information is new, scientifically esoteric, and certainly unknown to hoaxers.

"The central part of the Chilbolton pictogram shows that a DNA double helix as found on Earth, with 10 base pairs per turn, has been replaced on one side by a novel single-stranded helix with just 6 bases per turn. I had to work hard
for several days, to discover that the single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn refers to 2', 5'-linked RNA or DNA, as opposed to the normal 3', 5' variety. This is known to hardly any molecular biologist, and I found out only by making an accurate model. ...There is no other plausible way of constructing a 6-fold helix as indicated. [published research] shows that 2', 5'-linked RNA will form double helices, but prefers to remain single stranded. [Other research] explores the use of 2', 5' RNA as an antiviral drug; it seems we have been exposed to such strange molecules in the past, and have evolved an interferon-RNAase L system against them.

"Recall that origin-of-life experiments in the 1980s by Leslie Orgel, found that RNA would often polymerize into two different forms, namely 2', 5' versus 3', 5'; and it was a mystery to chemical evolutionists why 3', 5' was favored on Earth. Note that many abductees remain ill with chronic fatigue, which generally includes a high level of RNAase L; just as if their immune systems have been activated by contact with 2', 5' RNA. The clear implication is
that 2', 5' RNA may represent an alternative system of genetic coding to 3', 5' RNA or DNA as found on Earth; and that the makers of the Chilbolton pictogram wished us to understand that fact. Whether a secret band of elite scientists could hoax such a result seems doubtful; since 2', 5' nucleic acids are mentioned rarely in the literature, and nowhere does it say that they form a single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn. That I found only recently, by painstakingly constructing an accurate model."

The Meaning

We have concluded that there is scientifically valid evidence supporting the belief that off-planet intelligences have been writing in crop fields. Most likely, they did not come from far away just to doodle. There is meaning in some of the formations, and we propose a four-step process to deduce it.

Step One: Collectively admit the significance of this phenomenon and apply ample tax-supported research funding to it.
Step Two: Globally protect all formations immediately upon their discovery, as a matter of planetary security, so as to be able to study them responsibly and fully, and not just furtively ahead of the mower.
Step Three: Apply reliable tests that Drs. Levengood, Iyengar, Reynolds and others may devise so as to separate hoaxed formations from genuine ones.
Step Four: Assemble the genuine formations in chronological order and seek their meaning.

Perhaps the analysis will show us that the Visitors have been quietly trying to teach us for many years, but we haven't listened. Perhaps they are showing us the common ground between our cultures. We see in the formations a mastery of art, beauty, symmetry, geometry, mathematics, fractals, and astrophysics, among other ideas. A recent formation (see illustartion to left) warns us about the damage our naval sonar research is doing to dolphins. The Chilbolton Code shows an understanding of binary number systems and variable-dot image reproduction. The Crabwood formation uses English and ASCII digital encoding, and horizontal-line scan imaging as in TV.

If the Chilbolton Code Formation tells us about the Visitors, then what does the Crabwood Formation tell us? It seems to be almost a caricature, or a horror-movie image as seen on TV. And what about the dire warning with its ambiguous errors? Who is bearing false gifts? Who has broken promises? Where is the pain and the deception? And where is the good out there?


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