Connecting the Dots:
Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon

by Paola Leopizzi Harris


from Wild Flower Press,
an imprint of Granite Publishing Group, L.L.C .
Publication date: July 2003
ISBN:0-926524-57-7, Tradepaper
272 pages, $24.00


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Internationally renowned Italian photojournalist Paola Harris has collected 29 fascinating, in-depth, current and informative interviews with the world's most authoritative searchers for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Learn about Col. Philip Corso's encounter with ETs. Hear from NASA about the objects that observe the space shuttle. See how the Vatican is preparing us for ET contact.

Interviewees: Col. Philip Corso, Zecharia Sitchin, Dr. Michael Wolf, Dr. Steven Greer, Sgt. Clifford Stone, Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, Richard Hoagland, Padre Corrado Balducci (Vatican), David Icke, Dr. Richard Sigismond, R. Leo Sprinkle, Clark McClelland (NASA), Alex Collier, Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Paul Smith, Dr. Courtney Brown, Dr. Russell Targ, and more.

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About the Author:

Paola Harris:

Italian Journalist and Researcher on UFO Phenomena and related events.

Paola Harris has written articles for NEXUS (AUSTRALIA), UFO Magazine, Notiziario UFO and Dossier Alieni. She assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek from 1980-1986 and has interviewed many top military witnesses for their personal involvement in this field, which include Colonel Philip Coso, Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, Sgt. Clifford Stone, Dr. Michael Wolf, Richard Haines, and ground crew astronaut Clark McClelland. She also has interviewed David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, Richard Hoagland, Steven Greer. More recently her studies led her into the realm of the psychic connection to UFO Phenomena and thus to interviews with Uri Geller and Ingo Swann. She currently resides in Rome, Italy.

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Comments about Connecting the Dots…


"It is with great pleasure that I endorse Paola Harris's new book, Connecting the Dots, as a "must-have" book for any serious UFO buff. Paola is an internationally-respected journalist and educator, who has boldly researched the truth about Star Visitor contact with Earth. She has literally risked her life, her fortune, and her sacred honor to interview the truly important governmental and elite civilian witnesses to UFO reality. As a dear friend and fellow confidant of high "insiders", I have dubbed her the "Cosmic Lois Lane", courageous sidekick and reporter of the UFO phenomenon from up close and personal. I commend this important volume to every serious inquirer into UFO truth.
---Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC,

"My father said that Paola would be there the day the TRUTH is revealed. Most UFO reporters have their own selfish agenda. Paola is truthful, nonbias and a loving reporter. The way we met was NO coincidence. Only GOD knows why. "
--Phil Corso, Jr.

"Paola Harris is a lady with enthusiasm and energy sufficient for the daunting task she has taken on, namely to collect and effectively present insightful interviews with some prominant participants in the field of UFO and other anomalies."
--Richard Haines, research scientist, ret.

"Paola Harris has a natural instinct for journalism. She senses the very heart of the story and focuses on the very essence of what the subject is trying to say. From the very beginning of her work, she intuitively understood the deep meaning of the ET presence on Earth and within our solar system. And she has a warm and understanding way of conducting her interviews. Her enthusiasm and insight into the subject plumbs the spiritual depths of the phenomena and inspires the interviewees. The book is a valuable tool to cast light on the greatest story of our time."
--Robert O. Dean
Retired Command Sergeant Major


"I'll thrilled for the coverage Paola isreceiving. She deserves the ear of
every listener. She is reliable, trustworthy, and objective. The Star
Visitors are fortunate to have her as their ambassador."