Life in a Corporatocracy 05.05.10  

Corporate Law in America


Some votes are bigger than others, giving corporations an almost irresistible power to dictate the way things will be.

On Thursday, January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court decided that corporations, being people just like us, can now, just as we do, spend unlimited amounts -- billions if necessary -- to influence elections. The result of this is not hard to project.

On every front, where human well being intrudes on corporate profits, a broadside attack will come from the corporate masters. They will buy elections, install corporate stooges, and enact laws that will protect profites while ignoring public safety and health. Imagine the oil spills in the Gulf if oil company operations were dictated soley by corporate greed, without any safety requirements.

Two current examples of where we are going spring up immediately:

HR 2749 and Senate 510

This proposal, already passed inthe House, will treat small farms, organic agriculture and local food businesses the same as the giant corporate food conglomerates that have been responsible for periodic contamination of the public food supply with e coli and other toxins. The need to be able to trace where contaminated corporate food came from is essential to stopping the spread of food-borne disease, but to enforce traceability rules on local organic farmers is a poorly disguised effort to force out small responsible farmers. Many other oppressive restrictions on small local businesses are in this bill, including forcing small farmers to maintain an expensive Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Control system. Already corporate lobbiests are funneling moneys towards politicans who will take the bait.

The Dietary and Supplement Safety Act of 2010

John McCain introduced this one on behalf of Pharma. It would give the FDA the power to arbitrarily ban vitamin and mineral supplements, a healthy practice that millions of Americans follow as part of their health maintenance program. Big Pharma is hungry for all those profits that are escaping now because people are finding ways to keep themselves healthy without drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is now lining up to ram this through with their citizen's funding.

What can we do?

We can move to rescind corporate purchase of our electoral process. See this.

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