12 Reasons Why Disclosure Will Benefit the Human Race 11.06.10  

How We All Will Benefit by Open Interface with Off-Planet Intelligence


Here are a dozen reasons why the human race will benefit from direct open contact with off-planet intelligence, from Neil Gould's new book, Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind.

  1. It will be good for the human race to face the clear understanding that we are not at the top of the food chain, predominant in our mastery of the Universe and all its lesser life-forms.
  2. It will be enormously helpful to conflicts all over the globe to have an indisputable understanding that we are a bioengineered race, not evolved wholly from slime, nor made in 7 days by God. We have been constructed in part at least by higher beings. We need to know and understand our true history.
  3. Access to Zero-Point Energy, free energy from the quantum fabric of space, will change the limiting paradigm of oil-dominated corporate decision-making, which impoverishes the world, destroys its environment, and leads to conflicts. Within 30 years 80% of the poverty on Earth can be eliminated, and the green revolution will be at hand.
  4. Free energy will desalinate ocean water and irrigate deserts, feeding the world and increasing the inhabitable areas.
  5. All human beings will haave access toabundant clean drinking water, eliminating cholera and diseases spread by contaminated water.
  6. Monopolies based on back-engineered ET tehnologies will be broken, and knowledge of advanced technology will be made available throughout the world.
  7. New technologies of healing will elevate world health and provide sophisticated health care for all.
  8. Anti-gravity technologies will revolutionize transportation and will allow buildings to be erected above the ground, with minimal environmental impact.
  9. Clean air will lead to healthier children and adults everywhere.
  10. As governments establish Departments of Exopolitics, there will be a corresponding global movement towards peace and sustainability, as Earth Humans begin to absorb the real meaning of on-going interaction with the Star Nations.
  11. Nuclear weapons will quickly be seen as obsolete and unusable, unnecessary and dangerous. Their abolition will free resources that will be devoted to improving the standard of living for all humans.
  12. New technologies will lead to a world of abundance, where the ideas of scarcity and conflict over limited resources will become ancient history.
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