8 Dangers of Disclosure 11.06.10  

Neil Gould Outlines 8 reasons Why the Powers That Be Oppose Disclosure


Neil Gould, in his new book, Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind, outlines the 8 major reasons why the existing power structures still oppose disclosure of the ET presence on Earth.

  1. The stock market would crash, economic mayhem would occur, and oil shares would tumble. No one buys stocks when there is enormous uncertainty about the future, and no one at all would buy oil futures when the future may well do without oil. Investors will lose big time.
  2. One can expect black-flag false operations to be conducted to scare people into fighting the alien invasion. ARVs, Alien Reproduction Vehicles, back-engineered alien craft, would be used to attack major targets, spooking the public into fearing the visitors and giving the Powers That Be more time in office.
  3. Religions and their leaders will lose power as soon as it becomes clear that their God is Earth-centric, while the visitors are Cosmic. Despite the Vatican's offer to baptize the Visitors, it is more likely that the advanced spirituality of such advanced Visitor races will make all of our competing faiths obsolete. Religions in self-defense will counter by demonizing the visitors as Satanic invaders from Hell, giving themselves a little more time.
  4. Scientists and engineers and others who make their living from their roles as experts will lose traction, as it will be clear to all that their Earth-limited preparation was unequal to the task at hand. They will try to maintain their influence but will quickly fail.
  5. People everywhere will be disillusioned by their leaders, who lied to them for so many years about the obvious ET presence on Earth, past and present. Governments will fail, as it becomes clear that they have no ability to govern the situation.
  6. The physical appearance of some of the Star Visitors will alarm some people who have been traditionally suspicious or prejudiced against people who look a little different. The Visitors can present pleasant screen images, however, to mitigate the shock.
  7. The seven million or so people who have been periodically taken up by Visitors for sampling and upgrading purposes will come forward and demand to know why the government has allowed these activities to take place, and the governments will not be able to respond in an adequate or believable way. They are not in charge, and they will lose power as this becomes obvious.
  8. Some people will worship the Visitors and try to establish new religions around them, as has happened in the past. But this time what will be needed is a period of careful adjustment to the new reality and a gentle detachment from the current worldview. This enormous paradigm shift is the single greatest challenge that the Human race faces at this time and is the reason this web site exists.
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