The Shiite Prophecy of a Coming World State 12.18.05

About the Imam Mahdi (Prophecy)


A Shiite Muslim prophecy portrays a world in which justice is meted out, wealth is distributed equitably, and science and knowledge will be supreme.

The Imam who will create a world state, will make the ruling nations pay for their crimes against society. He will bring succor to humanity. He will take out the hidden wealth from the breast of the earth, and will distribute it equitably amongst the needy and deserving. He will teach you simple living and high thinking. He will make you understand that virtue is a state of character which is always a mean between the two extremes, and which is based upon equity and justice. He will revive the teaching of the Holy Qur'an and the traditions of the Holy Prophet, after the world has ignored them as dead letters. He will protect and defend himself with the resources of science and supreme knowledge. His control over these resources will be complete. He will know how supreme they are, and how carefully they will have to be used. His mind will be free from desires of bringing harm and injury to humanity. Such a knowledge to him, will be like the property which was wrongly possessed by others, and for which he was waiting for the permission to repossess and use. He, in the beginning, will be like a poor stranger unknown and not cared for, and Islam then will be in the hopeless and helpless plight of an exhausted camel that has laid down its head, and is wagging its tail. With such a start he will establish an empire of God in this world. He will be the final demonstration and proof of God's merciful wish to acquaint man with the right ways of life.

Source: Nahjul-Balagha, Khutba 141, 187
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