Rapture Bus Leaves Town 05.22.11  

No One On Board

Michael Sheridan
Daily News

Rapture comes and goes. Did they all forget to buy their tickets?



May 21 was NOT the Rapture: What will Harold Camping and his faithful followers do now?

As May 21 came and went without the world coming to an end, Harold Camping has yet to offer up a reason for why he was wrong... again. In fact, the 89-year-old preacher is keeping out of sight in the wake of his failed prediction. The website to his Family Radio network hasn't even been updated and still proclaims Judgment Day to be May 21, 2011. A board member of Camping's group told ABC News on Sunday the religious broadcaster is "mystified" over why he was so wrong, but won't speak publically. Not yet, anyway.



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