Fear No Scary Predictions 09.07.11  

Ignore What Comes From a Place of Fear

Judy Carroll,
co-author of The Zeta Message and author of Human by Day, Human by Night

Predictions of awful things to come can engender disabling fear in you, thus rendering you unable to participate in the creation of a better future. The more energy you give to negative expectations, the more likely you make them. Determine whether a projection comes from fear, and if it does, bless it and move on to something more positive.

Over the past 50 or so years a huge number of predictions have been made on the future of our planet. Some of these have come to pass – many have not. What is important to understand is that no prediction is a certainty; they are only possibilities, the reason being that we continually create and re-create our reality through the way we think, and human thought can change in the blink of an eye.

A lesson we have been given by our ET family is to not link in too much to predictions, because by linking in, especially in a state of fear and disempowerment, which is exactly what the negative forces want us to do, we only empower the possibility of the prediction further, and turn it from merely a possibility to a probability. In this way we ourselves are empowering and enabling the prediction to come to pass, through our reaction of fear.

The forces of negativity are extremely cunning, and this “prediction game” is a clever trick being played upon humanity right now as we approach 2012. By bombarding us with dire and terrifying predictions of earthquakes, tsunamis etc., a huge amount of fear and disempowerment is being set in motion, and we are being “sucked in” big time to all the dramatics. Sure, at times some do receive prior warnings of possibilities that may occur, and yes, letting people know may allow some preparations to be made, but if we put a prediction out there, it would be far more constructive to word it in such a way that yes, there is a possibility that an earthquake, tsunami or whatever may occur ( not is going to occur) in such and such an area, and then accompany the warning with a constructive plea for love and healing to be sent to the area for the protection of the people and the dissipation of the negative energy. The wrong way is to play up to the maximum dramatics of the situation, with dire warnings of how much worse it’s going to be than the last one, and what enormous damage is going to occur. Such an attitude does not help anybody, and is definitely not constructive in any way.

When such an announcement is made, the trick is to refuse to “play the game”. Know clearly that each and every one of us is an immortal, spiritual being, and an intrinsic part of God/Source/Oneness, with all the power needed within us to disrupt and disengage these predictions before they can come into play.

The 2012 Consciousness Shift is a “watershed”. The time has come to choose between love and fear – this is what “Armageddon” is really all about. It is not, as the Fundamentalists would have us believe, “the end of the world”, or even one culture/nation/belief system against another culture/nation/belief system, although such wars are a by-product of fear rather than love within the human heart. “Armageddon” is simply the choice each of us must make in the way we think and act – do we tap into “God”, the energy of love, or do we tap into “Satan”, the energy of fear, and this choice is on a personal and individual level.

As human expressions of God/Source, we do create our future through the way we are thinking right now, so now is the time to choose between thinking positively and constructively, or negatively and destructively – the choice is ours to make, right now.

So – don’t allow yourself to get sucked in to all the fear-mongering disempowerment, drama, gloom and doom of predictions (possibilities) inspired by the negative forces. Simply counteract them calmly and courageously by sending love, peace and healing energy to the area in question. This is a spiritual exercise on a global scale that we are being given at this time, to prepare us for the stepping up of our energy frequency to a higher level. It is a project that has been set in motion as part of our training as “creators in the making”. The specific task we have been set is to create a positive future for ourselves, and we are the only ones who can do this, by choosing Love over Fear.

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