The 5th World Fund Launches the Swirling-Water Campaign 07.15.12  
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Transmuting our Water Planet Through Energizing Water

Yuroc of the 5th World

We are the Water Planet. Water flows through everything and everyone. It has been shown scientifically that water retains memory of all that is said and done around it. Crop circles have been formed mainly in England in recent decades. Do the circle makers use the water in the ground and the crops to energetically create the patterns in the circle? We don't know. What we do know is that the formations become energetic. The sacred geometry of a remarkable crop formation that formed at Milk Hill shortly before 9/11/01 has been discovered to instill unusual and useful powers in water when well-intended people invest their deeply held visions of a better future for themselves and for the world in water during group-energy process. The water self-replicates, with a single drop instilling the same powers in other bottles of unenergized pure water. People in 17 nations are now using this plan to help manifest a better world— the 5th World of Love,Balance, and Spiritual Strength. This plan, based on transforming water for the Water Planet, gives new meaning to the New Millennium — The Aquarian Age, the Age of the Water Bringer. So one by one, thought by thought, and drop by drop, we can change the energy of the water on this planet and manifest a better world in the process. We are no longer isolated, but we can work together, coordinating our efforts around the world over the Internet. That is what we are doing.

Swirling Water Swirling Water Balances your Chakras and Heals the Earth

On 08.12.2001 an enormous and complex crop circle appeared in the Milk Hill field of southeastern England.This date shared the numerology of 9/11/2001, namely, 5 for curiosity, freedom and change. It appeared overnight and was comprised of 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. It was over 900 feet wide and perfectly symmetrical. Occam's razor suggests that when several explanations compete, we select the one that requires the fewest number of assumptions. The list of assumptions necessary to assume that this formation was made by human hands in the four hours or so of darkness there at that time of year, is prohibitively long. This was not made by hands. It is something very special.

Milk Hill Milk Hill August 12, 2001

Within a month, the world was totally distracted by the 9/11 events, and war was on in Afghanistan and Iraq. It required 10 years for us to regain our collective senses long enough to ask, what did that 2001 Milk Hill formation mean?

Now, due to the diligence of many good-hearted, dedicated people in 17 nations, we have a very good idea, and we are using our understanding to great effect.

We have been told that the formation is a Global Healing Mandala, given to the people of this planet as a gift from Advanced Benevolent Communicators from someplace far away.

Exactly a week later, an astonishing double formation appeared on the grounds of the Chilbolton radio telescope facility in a wheat field near Wherwell, Hampshire, England:

Chilbolton Chilbolton Radio Observatory, August 19, 2001

It included a rectangular message:


along with this face:

Chilbolton Face

This formation is clearly an intelligent response to Carl Sagan's 1974 message to the stars sent from the Arecibo Radiotelescope in Puerto Rico:

Chilbolton Interpretation

but the returning content is different. This message talks of a people who are shorter than Earth Humans, with bigger heads, and whose DNA includes Silicon. Their mathematics is the same as ours, but their population is many times greaters.

For more information, see the original article on Chilbolton from the 5th World Journal of 11.28.2001.

A year later, after 9/11, this formation appeared:

Code Face formation

The binary disk portion has been deciphered:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07"

What we strongly suspect is this:

Why we conclude that the 2001 Milk Hill formation is a powerful global healing mandala is an interesting story in itself. Three human beings were involved in inviting the formation to appear. One was Australian crop circle researcher Brett Parrott, who sketched the formation before it appeared. He was in the field below Milk Hill the night before it appeared, and he sincerely asked the circle makers, whoever they are, to create a formation that would constitute undeniable evidence of non-human involvement. In the morning, he saw no formation, as he was below the hill and the circle was on top of the hill, but later in the day he returned and was amazed at what he saw. For more information on his story, and a powerful video of the formation, see the 05.02.12 issue of the 5th World Journal.

The other two people involved in inviting this formation to appear are Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye, authors of two recent books by Wild Flower Press. Brett's photograph appears on the cover of The Zeta Message, the non-fiction account of how Judy and Helene found out who they were, and how they got involved with the Milk Hill formation.

Zeta Message Human By Day

If you are still with us, then it is likely that you have previously arrived at the understanding that we are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting physical bodies while we have Earth experiences or work off karma, and that reincarnation of one form or another is almost certain.

spiritual beings In any case, the soul is separable from the body, and, in the mid-1940s, in the American southwest, Judy and Helene became separated from their bodies, which they call soul containers. The kicker is that their soul containers in that lifetime looked like this:

zetas Zeta Reticuli Visitors

They were Zetas, a long way from home, on a mission to help Earth humans through the impending transition, when their soul containers were ruined in a crash of their spacecraft.

And they did not bring spares.

So they decided that they could best continue their mission by incarnating in Earth-Human soul containers, which they did. And they are not the only ones. (See Jim Sparks's The Keepers, for example). Judy and Helene's two books tell their true story, including how in 2001 they pleaded with their little Grey friends to create a crop formation of such exquisite beauty and power that Earthlings would have no choice but to admit that they are not alone in the universe, which would make their mission easier. Their friends "upstairs" finally agreed, and the 2001 Milk Hill formation resulted. It was not until later that they understood Brett's coordination in the process.

Of course, with the media all full of 9/11 and war, it was easy to dismiss the Chilbolton/Milk Hill phenomena. An easy way to get fired is to give any credence whatsoever to the possiblity that there are aliens on board our Mothership Earth, even in normal times.

But the Zetas wanted the women's stories to get out more widely, so they encouraged them to contact Wild Flower Press, which has published many books over many years with astonishing but true stories of alien contact. Judy approached Wild Flower Press, and the books were published in 2011. During the production process, an editor at the Press asked Judy to inquire of her Grey friends what the purpose was of the 2001 Milk Hill formation. Shortly, Judy returned with the answer: it is a Global Healing Mandala, a gift to humanity from off-planet intelligence, and it is to be used to heal the Earth.

"But how are we to use it?", we asked. Judy's reply: We Earthlings will need to figure that out on our own. There's no free lunch.

So, that is what we did. We gathered up avid readers of Judy's material from around the world and began to experiment. The details of all the dead ends are of no interest here, but in the end, we found that the formation has a powerful ability to move and focus intentional energy when used in a group process at or around the strong lunar times of Full and New Moon. We were intuitively led to add the colors of the chakras to the circles in the formation, and we found that computer animation was a beautiful way to express the process. The result is the 5th World Fund, and the animations can be found here.

In 17 nations on this planet, near the Full and New Moons, people with high hopes for a better future on Earth—a sustainable and equitable one that we can pass on to our grandchildren with pride—gather with sacred intent to assist in the birthing of a new way of life on this water planet. The key is water. This is the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the water-bringer, and we are bringing water to the table.

It is now well known that water retains memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto has thoroughly documented how the crystalline structure of freezing water reflects the meanings of words used in the vicinity of the water. Masauro Emoto Water Crystals Crystals of ice reflect the words they experienced

So water has memory. Through experimentation, it has been found that the 2001 Milk Hill formation can be used to focus intentional energy in water, with the result that the water retains that high intention and replicates it to other bottles or bodies of water.

It has also been determined that when a group of heart-centered persons gathers around an image of the formation when the lunar energies are the highest, i.e., during the Full and New Moons, any water that is placed in the center of the group will acquire an energetic swirl that will match the direction that the group has moved their energy around the circle. This swirl can be confirmed by anyone who can use a dowsing pendulum or other divining tool. Dowsing tools allow energy that is moving in the subtle realms to be visible in the obvious 3-D reality that we normally inhabit.

This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Understand what we are doing. Explore the 5th World Fund site and experience the animations there. Absorb some of the presentations.

  3. Near the next Full or New Moon, gather good-hearted people to join with you in creating swirling water.
    double torus
  4. Have every one get centered, breathing deeply several times, as if breathing directly into the heart. Play inspiring music, like Musical Rapture.torus
  5. In your mind's eye see the doughnut-shaped (torus) energy field that surrounds you.
  6. This auric energy field normally will extend out 6 or 8 feet from your center. A dowser can detect its edge.
  7. Have everyone extend love and gratitude to others in the group. We are all in this together, and we need each other.
  8. As you feel the love of others, your auric field expands. A dowser can detect the expanded edge of the more energy field.
  9. In a short while the entire group shares one large torus that surrounds everyone.
    galactic torus
  10. Someone might read "Imagine a Better World Like This", or people can share their deeply held personal visions of a better future.
  11. The image of the 2001 Milk Hill formation, in the form of a beautiful colored mandala, is placed in the center of the group.
    Milk Hill Mandala
  12. Place water bottles in the center, on the mandala. They should be filled with the best quality natural water available.
  13. Everyone now imagines the group energy slowing swirling around the center, typically counterclockwise, but feel free to experiment.
    double torus Toruses often occur in opposite pairs
  14. When the process feels complete, let the individuals gently return to normal reality.
  15. The water bottles can be retrieved and anyone with a dowsing tool can confirm the vibrancy of the water and its direction of spin.

Now the magic begins. Take any bottle with a confirmed energy spin to it and place a drop of its water in another bottle of good water. Have the dowser test the spin of the new bottle. It will also spin the same direction, perhaps even more powerfully. So this water replicates itself.

What we have here is a new physics of abundance. One bottle is a lifetime supply. The more you use it, the more you have. You are encouraged to give it away to people you love and care for. Tell them what we are doing. Encourage them to sign up with us so we can coordinate the global activity.

If your experience matches ours, the water can also be used to keep hot tubs clean. Empty the water and refill it with good water at a Full Moon, and put a single drop of swirling water in it. No chemicals are needed. Change the water, out of general principles, every several months and donate the money you save on chemicals to the 5th World Fund, which raises funds to assist groups around the world that are trying to be the change we all seek in the world, as Gandhi put it.

We ask those who participate with us in this magical and exciting effort to create a better world to donate something every time they participate. It makes it real, and it helps people who need help moving this planet in a better direction.

If you put a drop of water in a moving stream and walk down below it with a pendulum, the pendulum will spin when the active water reaches that site. What is carried with the water? The collective positive images of a better future that the group instilled in the swirling water. These "memories" of a better world are carried down the stream, into the river, into the bay, into the oceans, and all the oceans are connected. Your effort helps energize the waters of the Water Planet with energy patterns that can create and sustain a better world of love, balance, and spiritual strength.

water world The Water Planet is mostly water, all connected.

In theory, only one drop is required, but we must remember that the waters of the world cycle through the oceans once every thousand years, and we do not have a thousand years to get our act together. That is why we need people all over the world doing this. We need to energize all the waters of the world, so please help us.

Follow the instructions and start carrying swirling water with you. Put a drop in every body of water you cross. Put it in your drinking water. Water your plants with it. Flush some down the sink or toilet. Let the water roll out into the world in a good way.

Project forward and you will see a day when the world magically improves. The old ways will no longer be tolerated. There is a global expression of a deeply held desire to have a better world than what we have been given by those who say they are in charge.

global revolution

Those who are defending the old paradigm will be surprised when the new paradigm comes anyway, despite their efforts to prevent it. There is a good world coming. Please join us on the trip! Sign up to be part of the solution! It will be awesome!

Source: Yuroc of the 5th World


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