Zeta Communique: What to Expect 2008  

A Profound Message for the Western Nations

Alarca, through her human form Judy Carroll

A message delivered during one of the author's periodic interfaces with the Zeta Reticuli people is sobering and worth contemplating.

Eyes of Love Judy Carroll's site
Judy Carroll is the human form of a Zeta named Alarca who has reincarnated on Earth as an Australian woman who has had 50 years of regular personal interaction with her old friends. In her first book, Looking Through the Eyes of Love, Alarca writes of her life on Earth from the perspective of a Visitor from a distant place. This is an astonishing book, rich with accurate information about the Zeta Greys, why they ar here, what their mission is, and what to expect in the future. Well written in an easy-to-read fictional form, this engrossing book is hard to put down. Here we present a sobering message to the Western Nations given to the author during one of her interface sessions with the Zeta Reticuli people.

During an interface session with the Zeta Reticuli, Judy Carroll, the human form of Zeta Grey Alarca, was given this sobering message:

The living descendents of the Northern Peoples [modern Western society] are groping in universal darkness. Their mother [the Earth] mourns. A dark occasion forebodes when weakness in high places [greed, lust for power] will revive a high cost of living [inflation]; an interval of mistakes in high places [political corruption and economic fraud]; an interval fit for distressing events [economic meltdown].

One does not need to read very much between the lines to interpret this stark assessment of the human condition at the moment. In her book, Alarca explains at length the reason for the ET-human hybridization project: the creation of a fallback species that could reseed the Earth if the human population fails to bail out its sinking ship and loses all hands at sea, so to speak.

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