August 4, 2012 Event 08.04.12  

August 4 Sighting Aligns with Crop Circle and SaLuSa Expectations

8/4/12 sighting 8/4/12

polar clock

SaLuSa, of Sirius
via Mike Quinsey

A crop circle from 6/2/12 decodes into Saturday. August 4, the date that Sirian SaLuSa predicts that ETs will make themselves known.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and many of you will know already that this coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands.


This crop circle formation appeared June 2:

Manton Grove formation 6/2/12

Its interpretation, seen above, decodes into: 19:45:53 on Saturday, 4th August. And as the formation occurred this year, we assume that this is the year meant by the creators of the formation. Coincidence?

For the record, an alternate decoding suggests December 21, 2012.

August 4, 2012:

See this video of an amazing sighting recorded August 4, 2012. Is it part of the expected event?



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