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If All Time is Now, then Why Don't We Just Stay in Bed?


If it is true, as the gurus tell us, that life is eternal and all time is now, and if precognition indeed occurs sometimes, then free is an illusion, and our lives are like pinballs falling through a previously chosen game device. Our only free-will choice is which game to play.

Ask any guru about the nature of time after death, and he/she will certainly at some point say, "Well, all time is now, so it doesn't matter."

Ask any sensitive person about precognition, and he/she will certainly at some point say, "Well, there are many documented instances of people having very vivid dreams of disasters like 9-11 before they happened, so precognition must be real."

So, if the future is visible to some people, then our ideas of free will and cause-and-effect must be messed up. How could 9-11 have been seen in advance, if people in the planes had had the right to exercise their free wills? They could have jumped the hijackers en masse and caused the planes to crash into the Atlantic. But they chose not to, a fact known by the precogniters before they made their decisions. So they didn't have a choice in the matter. Every one of them thought they were deciding not to jump the hijackers. But they clearly did not have free will as we imagine it.

And, if all time is now, as the gurus say, then the future must be visible from the past to those that know how to peek out of their apparent present.

So how must it all work?

One night I had a precognitive dream that I would someday be a pinball bouncing around a pinball game. I thought I was making decisions to alertly and intelligently roll this way and that, but every time I thought I was in control, unexpected bumpers, thumpers and flippers slapped me around.


I had no idea where I was going, but it sure was exciting. I felt like a palace guard in England. It was great.

Then I dropped through the drain hole from which I learned that the game was over.

After a while, something slammed out of my lethargy and it all started over again, with different bumps, thumps, flips and sounds, but the same eventual end -- I dropped ignominously into the drain hole.

Again I waited, woke up to play the game, and dropped into the drain again. And again and again.

I tried really hard to avoid Game Over as long as I could, but I always eventually got recycled into the drain. Always.

I got so bored with being a palace guard that I had a spontaneous out-of-pinball significant (OOPS) experience. My awareness floated up above the pinball machine and I saw a whole arcade of other pinball machines, with pinballs bumping and thumping and flipping everywhere. The din was amazing.

I became determined to experience a different pinball game next time, and when I was next jolted awake -- Holy Cow! -- I was in a different pinball game!

This time I was in a love game, chasing a beautiful blonde. I tried to be cool by skillfully avoiding Game Over for a long time, but I always got knocked around by unexpected thumpers and bumpers and flippers until, as before, I dropped into the drain to wait until I could try again.

I tried everything to win the girl, but I always got recycled. I eventually decided that I had learned enough about love, so I OOPSed again. And again and again.

Until I woke up remembering my precognitive dream, except that I did not yet know it was precognitive, because I had not yet realized that life is just one more pinball knocked around by unseen intelligent beings for their entertainment.

But I know this now, and all time is now, so then is now, so I must have known it then, so it wasn't precognitive. I must have already known it from before. Right? So precognition doesn't really exist, It just seems like it does.

So, whenever you thought/think/will think you did make/are making/will make a real decision, be assured that every one of the millions and billions of other pinballs who have played/are playing/will play through your apparent life-game thought/think/will think the same thing. They all were/are/will be misktaken. We didn't/don't/won't speak as if all time was/is/will be now because it was/is/will be too confusing.

Free will is just an illusion. The lesson is that the ball always drops. Always. Our only meaningful choice is which game to be played in, which game to learn our lessons in. Life is a reality show for higher beings bored with eternity.

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