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Zeta Incarnate Judy Carroll Transmits Interpretation of Recent Crop Circles

The Zetas via Judy Carroll

Three recent crop circles have specific information intended for humans at this time, according to the Zetas, who use such crop formations to communicate with humans who are open to that possibility. Judy's "Upstairs" management team was insistent that these interpretations be shared with you at this time, as soon as possible.

Jellyfish 05.29.09
The Jellyfish is symbolic of the path that Humans of Earth must follow in order to herald the rebirth (which is symbolised by the Phoenix that the Zetas often show to people) of your world into a new Age. The Jellyfish is the ultimate example of what humans need to learn at this critical time to stay in tune with their planet – it is the ultimate example of a creature that is totally in tune with and flowing in resonance with its environment. It is as clear and fluid as the water in which it dwells, and it flows with the tides and ocean swells in a state of complete surrender and trust. If the Human Race of Earth wishes to evolve to the higher vibrational frequency which Its Mother is about to enter, then they must learn from this – to become light and fluid rather than weighed down by anger and fear; to learn to trust and to go with the flow instead of fighting every inch of the way; to be At One with your planet rather than always needing to dominate and control. The evolution of Humanity and the Earth to a higher energy frequency is not an event to be feared but rather should be an event of great joy, and we are here with you to help you through, not to cause harm.
The Phoenix rising out of its own ashes represents Reincarnation, which is exactly what is happening to Earth right now. It is a rebirth into a higher vibrational frequency, and a momentous event to be celebrated throughout the Cosmos.
crop circle 061209
The Mayfly too is symbolic of Rebirth, which was also given to you as a sign in the crops.
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