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Sanni Ceto

Sanni Ceto

Sanni Ceto is a reincarnated Zeta Reticuli soul whose grey soul container was ruined in the Roswell crash of 1947. She brought with her full conscious memory of the crash experience and her capture by US government authorities. In this life Sanni is a telepathic albino hybrid. She has had a very difficult life on this planet because she is so different. She has been mistreated by authorities in many ways.

For the first time in her life she speaks in public. She is showing great courage. This is a difficult video to watch, but we ask that you set aside your prejudices and open your hearts to this dear spark of God from afar. We are One with her. She is on this planet to help us. Her first presentation to the people of Earth is from her heart. Her emotion is real. Love her.


Sanni says that speaking in public was the hardest thing in her life, after writing this book:

Stranded on Earth

Readers may recognize the similarity of Sanni Ceto's story to that of Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye in these Wild Flower Press books:

Zeta Message Human by Day

Sanni, Judy, and Helene may have been on board the same ship that crashed in the NM desert near Roswell in 1947.

David IckeDavid Icke endorses the authenticity of Sanni's story:

My viewpoint on these Zetas has now changed - and quite frankly I can see her as being an honest intelligent being. My own ego may suffer for writing this (god bless it :P) but perhaps I was wrong with my take on these Zetas (NOT THE CLONES :P) - and am willing to at least hear their side of the story...
*To those that wish to attack this information - think. Think it is EASY to rubbish this - yet you are the people that shout for PROOF - and then when any is presented YOU attack because you can not face a fact: ETs are real. They ARE here. They ARE everywhere in the universe. MATURE input is vital - even if it is skeptical. I will not tolerate any BS throw away rehashed brain dead comments. Remember this because one day you may meet a Sanni Ceto...

Cheif Golden Light EagleAccording to Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle, there were perhaps 18 crashes of alien craft in the New Mexico area around 1947, involving perhaps 10 visiting Star Nations. These visitors were here to help humans avoid nuclear annihilation. They came in peace. We also welcome them in peace.


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