CO2 Falls to Lowest Level Since January 09.01.13 Search

Anomalous Drop in Carbon Dioxide


The Mauna Loa Observatory, which monitors daily carbon dioxide levels, has recorded the lowest level since January of this year. 394.4 ppm.

While there is an annual cycling of the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, the current reading on 9/1/13 has dropped below the trend line. Not since January of this year have we seen lower levels. So what is going on?

Are we burning less fossil fuels? Burning less tropical forests? Is the carbon-credit exchange working? Are we driving less?

Perhaps master geobiologist (Earth-energy master dowser) Richard Benishai has a clue. He has been working on the subtle earth energies, adjusting their structures to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

CO2 falls


Mission: Mother Earth
Peace Through Geobiology

forthcoming book by Richard Benishai, from Wild Flower Press.

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