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Bavarian Crop Circle Helps Us Bring Peace to the World


A beautiful formation in southern Germany August 10 has yielded a powerful mechanism by which Earthlings can help manifest world peace.

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On August 20, 2014, a beautiful crop-circle formation appeared in a friendly farmer's field in Bavaria, southern Germany, near the town of Reisting. Its exquisite grace and design suggested to those who feel such things that some very powerful energy would be found in that circle. We did not expect the powerful gift to humanity that has emerged.

Since 2001, and its crew of volunteers have been quietly collecting and decoding cosmic energies that are detectable in authentic crop formations in southern England usually in or not far from Wiltshire County, near Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and other ancient sacred sites. But this formation was different. It was not in the southern-England region in which our energy-collection crews were operating. Already in the 2014 season, many of the significant formations were appearing farther from Wiltshire County than had been the pattern in years past. Whereas in previous years, the density of authentic formations in and near Wiltshire County were sufficient to allow several formations to be visited in one day, this year, the density was less, and the formations were often two or more hours' drive from Wiltshire. And now an important circle showed up in Bavaria, far from our crews.

One can only speculate as to why this year's circles are more spread out, but one interpretation resonates with our sense of truth. There is an Earth-energy grid that pulsates with subtle energy that is essential to planetary well-being. Its vibrant lines are well known as the Michael-Mary lines, Curry and Hartmann lines, and ley lines. They are detectable with standard dowsing techniques, and the lines seem to converge at Stonehenge, which may be some kind of ancient control panel. The circle makers may be using these lines to fuel their circle-making activities, utilizing the high power available near the confluence of the global energy lines. The fact that excellent circles are now appearing farther and farther from Stonehenge suggests that widespread efforts by energy workers like Richard Benishai to re-open and strengthen blocked energy flows are paying off by allowing the circle makers to create fine formations ever further from Stonehenge.

Which brings us back to Reisting, Bavaria, 650 miles from Stonehenge. We sensed the need to collect the formation's energies, but it was not clear how to do so, as we had no one in the vicinty of Southern Germany. We contacted a young couple, Petra and Sean, of Hamburg, in northern Germany, to see if they could gather the energies for us. They had purchased some of our crop-circle essences, with great results, and we were hopeful, but their drive would be over eight hours in length, and they had four children who were starting the school year. So no go. But Petra had an idea. As a Reiki-II master who works with energies at a distance, she proposed pulling the energies into Hamburg water from Reisting, and she asked us for guidance. We mentioned that we start with holy water from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, England, and she revealed that they happened to have a bottle of that water left over from their last trip there. So we agreed.

Petra, who is an artist, reproduced the Reisting pattern in a stone basin and filled it with Chalice Well water. She entered a receptive mental sstate and invited the energies from Reisting to come and be remembered in the Hamburg water. Her efforts seem to have been successful. Meanwhile, she had inquired of some friends in southern Germany, asking them whether they could visit the site and collect energies for us and they responded that they would, and they did, with instructions relayed from us on protocol.

They sent the energized water to Hamburg. We instructed Petra to retain half of each water in case of delivery failure, and send the rest to us, which she did.


When we received the bottles, the first thing we did was to dowse the energy intensity in each bottle on the Bovis scale. We found that they both measured 1.8 million Bovis, which is very high, compared to normal healthy human energy levels of 25,000 to 100,000 Bovis, but unremarkable amongst all the 118 cosmic-energy essences collected so far, which average about 23 million Bovis.

In any case, we asked Aingeal Rose O'Grady, our Akashic Records reader, to pull information for the new essence, and this is part of her reading:

This essence is to be used homeopathically, in that it calms chaos in chaotic people and induces chaos in balanced people.
It is only for persons in chaos, because like attracts like, not for the clear, ordered and balanced.
It will bring chaos to the well-balanced...
Give this essence to someone in a chaotic thought pattern, someone with symptoms of chaotic thoughts, and use it homeopathically.
This pattern represents the various chaotic energies around Planet Earth.
Each of the 3 circles represents a worldview that is being fueled by its people’s own chaotic thoughts that clash with other worldviews.
The essence is to be used over countries in this way:
      Put 7 drops of the essence onto an image of a country that is in chaos to bring forth intellectual understanding and to change perceptions and beliefs.
This essence transmutes the dark energies of war-torn places into into a positive place that glows with the brilliance of the sun,
      making the place a true solar plexus center that looks like a sun or sunflower.
It was created by a group of spiritual beings, a collective of different races who orchestrate governmental bodies of planets.
Their goal is to harmonize Earth governments so they can work in harmony with each other.

Petra reported the following experience while she was downloading the energy from Reisting to Hamburg:

After accessing the energy remotely, I saw nearly the same thing that Angeal saw in the Akashic Records, but I saw that we can use a map and put the crop circle symbol in little pictures on every country of the Earth where there presently is war or crisis. Our realization from the circle's energy supports Aingeal’s reading that it was done by a group of beings. This is wonderful. I strongly felt, and still do, three beings from the Central sun and a Pleiadian.

Whenever we are dealing with phenomena related to subtle energies and non-ordinary reality, science falters, and we must turn to other means to build our confidence in what we are seeing, such as extraordinary "coincidences," like these two reports from different people, distant from each other, speaking different languages, not even knowing one another, but nevertheless arriving at very similar conclusions. We must accept that Earth is a free-will planet, and that we have allies who are willing to help us find world peace, if only we would ask. And this is how they would like us to ask. So we'll do that.

We brought a world map and peal-off Aurim stickers to a gathering of dowsers in Western North Carolina, and the map soon showed intentions of peace all over the world. Next, we took the map to a regional Coptic Conference, and we experienced a similar outpouring of sincere intentions for peace, as evidenced by the increasing density of stickers. The 7-drop method works best when the map is on the floor, and the stickers are better on the wall, as you might imagine.

In response to public demand, we are making a special offer to anyone who sincerely wishes to assist this planet in finding peace. We now have the Aurim peel-off stickers available at the site for only $5 a sheet, or FREE with any order using the Coupon Code WORLDPEACE.

Please help us invite the influx of peaceful cosmic energy into the trouble spots of the Earth.

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