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Enormous Spirals Startle Many

Many simultaneous witnesses saw an extraordinary display in the early morning skies over Norway 12/10/09. Conventional explanation: failed Russian rocket, HAARP. Esoteric explanations: Herald of the New Age, communication from the beyond, crop circle in the sky, stairway to Heaven, DNA Reprogramming of the human race by ETs, the herald sign of Maitreya, and God announcing Obama's arrival in Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.;)

STRANGE LIGHTS OVER NORWAY: This morning in arctic Norway, onlookers were stunned when a gigantic luminous spiral formed in the northern sky. "We are used to seeing lots of auroras here in Norway, but this was different," says Nick Banbury of Harstad who witnessed the phenomenon on his way to work "between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. local time." Onlooker Jan Petter Jorgensen took this photo:

Blue Spiral over Norway

The first reaction of many readers when they see this picture is Photoshop! Surely this must be a fake. But no, many independent observers witnessed and phtotographed the apparition. It is real.

Double Spiral Crop Circle

Others see a Crop Circle in the Sky, such as these Crop Circle Spirals, 2004. Source


Phenomenon ... unexplained sighting

Banbury continues: "It consisted initially of a green beam of light similar in color to the aurora with a mysterious rotating spiral at one end. This spiral then got bigger and bigger until it turned into a huge halo in the sky with the green beam extending down to Earth. According to press reports, this could be seen all over northern Norway and must therefore have been very high up in the atmosphere to be seen hundreds of km apart."

Mystery ... missile theory

UPDATE: Circumstantial evidence is mounting that the phenomenon was caused by a malfunctioning rocket, possibly an ICBM launched from a Russian submarine. A Navtex no-fly alert was issued for the White Sea on Dec. 9th, and photographers appear to have recorded the initial boost phase of a launch below the spiral (see below). A rocket motor spinning out of control could indeed explain the spiral pattern.

Rocket Trail over Norway

Media reports 12/10 claimed a missile had indeed been launched from the White Sea. Test firings are usually made from the White Sea, close to the Norwegian Arctic region. Kommersant newspaper reported 12/10 that a test-firing before dawn on Wednesday coincided with the light show in the northern sky. Russia last week formally notified Norway of a window when a missile test might be carried out. This included a seven-hour period early on Wednesday at the time when the lights were seen. The submarine Dmitry Donskoy went to sea on Monday, ahead of the test, and some reports suggest the vessel is now back in port. Russia’s defense ministry was quick to explain that the spectacular spiral light show in the sky above Norway Wednesday was caused by a Russian missile that failed just after launch. The suborbital rocket that was launched had malfunctioned.

The Bulava, despite being crucial to Russia's plans to revamp its weaponry, is becoming an embarrassment after nine failed launches in 13 tests, prompting calls for it to be scrapped. In theory, it has a range of 5,000 miles and could carry up to ten nuclear weapons bound for separate targets. A Russian military source said 12/10 that 'the third stage of the rocket did not work'.

Bulava missile firing

A Bulava missile is fired from a submarine in this undated file photo.

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Editor's Note: In a high-level conference 12/15/09 Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye, the Australian authors of the forthcoming Wild Flower Press books, The Zeta Message and A Zeta Story, asked one of their Zeta guides, Maris, about the spiral lights in Norway and he gave this response:

"It was the presence of an ET ship. Humans are discrediting this as usual. We hope Barack Obama will announce our presence very soon -- it will affect humanity. He is a very powerful piece in the jigsaw puzzle."


Position of the 5th World -- Yuroc

We trust the direct indication by high Zeta guidance that ETs were involved. We have not encountered deliberate manipulation of the truth from this source to date.

However, we also note that all the characteristics seen can be explained by a malfunctioning Russian rocket:

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