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New Graphics, Outdated Science


The much-ballyhooed re-issue of Carl Sagan's Cosmos series is welcome, but it could have been more courageous.

Sagan Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980

The re-issue of the Cosmos series indicates a widespread interest in things cosmic. Who are we? Where are we? Etc. And it is good to see this interest. So much has been learned since 1980, 34 years ago, and what an opportunity to share these new findings that are rocking our cosmic world. It is sad to see the opportunity used to repeat the same information from so long ago. Oh well. The scientific paradigm changes slowly. New visuals from Hubble space telescope and various space probes helps a bit.


Item 1. Neil deGrasse Tyson at one point mentions that nothing travels faster than light. However, it is now known that quantum interactions between entangled photons (photons that remain intimately connected, even when separated by vast distances) occur at speeds more than 10,000 times faster than llight. The entanglement of particles is about the effects of consciousness on reality. The observer affects the observed. The Heisenberg Uncertainy Principle. In my humble opinion, there are probably more dimensions than three plus time, and the entangled particles are merely in the same place in another dimension, like apartment dwellers unaware that others live on top and below them, people who think that everyone must live on their floor, people who hear noises above and below them and label them as Unidentified Heard Outbursts (UHOs). It is time to acknowledge additional dimensions instead of ignoring them. We can no longer limit our travels by the speed of light. Interdimensionally, we can traverse the universe. Wormholes are probably interdimensional connections. The universe is likely to be honeycombed with wormholes that are filled with intergalactic travelers traveling this way and that.


Item 2. Tyson describes through animation the life and death of Giardano Bruno, my hero. He speaks as if the days of the Inquisition that killed him are over, but I find that the Church has just changed names. Now we have the Church of Science, and its demonic "churchmen" terrorize the new heretics (people who suggest that we move out of the failing paradigm and into the new one) by denying funding to anyone seeking to truly explore the unknown.


Item 3. At one point Tyson says, "For all we know, life may have come to Earth from elsewhere." Really. We have found meteorites with bacteria inside. Therefore life exists elsewhere in such abundance as to enable some random living planet to collide with another in the vastness of space, creating meteors that drift for eons until they fall to the Earth and get found. If life were rare, such events would be nearly impossible. The fact that we have such evidence suggests strongly that life could easily have come to Earth from any of the abundant planets throughout the galaxy that are probably graced by living beings. There is strong evidence that bacteria came from Mars. Bacteria have been found in meteorites over 4 billion years old, older than life on Earth.


Item 4. In 1980, it was thought to be very clever to have concluded that the dinosaurs got wiped out in a cosmic disaster caused by a comet, thus paving the way for humans to evolve. Not so fast. The process is understood today to have taken more than 200,000 years. Hardly a sudden demise. Just update the script, folks.

Life Force

Item 5. Tyson proudly explains how Science knows so much today because it follows the scientific method and abides by its results. Science proposes a hypothesis,performs experiments, examines the evidence, and then accepts or rejects the hypothesis, building the accepted hypotheses into a firm, reproducible understanding that we call Truth. And it is the only Truth. However, following the scientific method, in the summer of 2014, 18 people took a design--a diamond with an equilateral cross in its center--and through meditation asked whomever creates the authentic crop circles to make one for them in that design. Immediately overnight one was created neraby, and the next night two. The probability of such a series of events was calculated to be less than that of pulling all four aces in a row from a well-shuffled deck. The level of significance was way beyond that required to accept the hypothesis, which was: Crop circles are responsive to human intent and therefore represent intelligence that is not human. The hypothesis had to be accepted. At which point Science ignored the result, because it did not fit the orthodoxy of the Church of Science. This kind of scientific method is a fraud, and it is time for a Reformation of the Church of Science. Which is why the 5th World Journal has been documenting, for 21 years, the emergence of a new paradigm.


Item 6. During the extrordinarily moving exposition of the great passage of time on an immense rectangle, on which our history is but a microscopic speck in one corner, Tyson fails to reason as follows: The Universe formed about 14.7 billion years ago, and our galaxy formed about 13.2 billion years ago, which is when solar systems began to form. But our solar system formed only 4.5 billion years ago, at which time our presumed evolution from slime began and yielded the current less-than-perfect results. But, solar systems that formed during the 13.2 - 4.5 = 8.7 billion year interlude could have arrived at our level of evolution as early as 8.7 - 4.5 = 3.2 billion years ago. During that time the intelligent life forms that can be expected to have evolved can also be expected to have explored their surroundings, as we are beginning to do. Using their understandings of worm holes and other dimensions, we can expect them to have found this fertile planet. Advanced civilizations would also have arrived at the Prime Directive conclusion that advanced civilizations have no right to interfere in primitive cultures, like Earth's. Hence we should not expect them to reveal themselves to us in obvious ways that might drive people mad and collapse our way of life. However, we could expect them to leave tantalizing clues for those with open minds, clues like the impossible-to-hoax crop circles like the Great Healing Mandala on Milk Hill a month before 9/11.


Item 7. Why should we expect intelligent life to form elsewhere? It has been recorded in this Journal that the Schumann resonance when applied to sterile water containing raw materials will form DNA spontaneously. The same process should be expected elsewhere, so life should be abundant everywhere. Already NASA expects 8.8 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, and perhaps 90 billion when we realize that living under the surface is actually wiser than braving the surface winds, storms and calamities. We can expect to not be alone.


Item 8. If we are the primitive ones, and visitors have been here for untold eons before us, then it is possible that we have been cultured or modified genetically. There should be evidence of that, and there is. Scientists have found extraterrestrial DNA in human DNA. We are the GMO crop. Get ready for some mental readjustment, folks.



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