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Dowsing Crop-Circle Energies and Other Tools for Manifesting a Better World

Brian L. Crissey, Ph.D.

Various techniques have evolved recently that can be very useful for anyone interested in leaving behind them a world that is based on love, balance, and spiritual strength -- what the anieint Hopis called the 5th World.

Hopi Prophecy

Hopi Prophecy StoneThe Hopi prophecy stone shows a decision point for the human race, where the decaying and decadent 4th World faces cosmic lightning, while the emergent 5th World of love, balance and spiritual strength opens up into the future we all seek. How do we make our way through this decision point, guiding our kind to a better future? A special way of dowsing lights the way, enabling us to BE the change we seek in the world, as Gandhi so succinctly put it.

Dowsing Crop-Circle Energy

2 galsFor many summers Barbara Lamb, dowser, sensitive and crop-circle researcher, has taken groups into the highly fertile circle territory of southeast England, near Stonehenge, Avebury, and other ancient sacred sites, where Ley lines hum and subtle energies pulsate, insensible to most. Checking in at the local pub, she dowses the selection of new sites and takes the group to the latest and most energetically brilliant site. Arriving at a formation, she dowses its authenticity, positivity, contours, and energetic center. Sitting in the energetic center, Barbara holds close to her heart a glass bottle of pure water from the ancient White Well, widely known for its high energy and healing properties. Centering herself, she honors the immanent spirits, guides, nature spirits and off-planet allies, and addresses herself to the circle-makers something like this:

“Welcome, benevolent unseen artists of these verdant fields. We honor your presence among us. We are in humble awe of the exquisite gift that you have provided to us here this day. We feel your positive intentions and abiding love for us, and we thank you for this physical manifestation of beauty, serenity and power, and we ask that you direct some of the powerfully beneficial healing and transformative energies of this emergent creation into this living water this day. May this pure water remember and retain for all time the creative energies and positive intentions with which you have so generously graced this field. Please help us distribute this energy throughout our distressed planet, so that your benevolent intentions may manifest in our world in a good way. We thank you for your steadfast presence on our troubled planet over so many years, and we sincerely love and appreciate you all for helping us emerge from the darkness of our past into the brightness of a better future. And so it is.”

When Barbara knows that the water is buoyant with healing energy, she dates and labels the bottle and stores it for later shipment to us at Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences™, a part of the™ coalition of web sites that assist the human race in its transition into the 5th World.


Not Made By HandsGary King, a videographer and crop-circle investigator, had a “gnosis moment” in which he inwardly knew that a significant formation would appear on 7/7/7 in East Field, near Knapp Hill, where authentic circles appear from time to time. He gathered a crew of three with night-vision video equipment to record the entire field for the whole night. No formation was in the field, and no humans visited the field that night, but at 3:13 A.M., the camera recorded a brilliant white flash of light. When dawn's early light illuminated the field, a formation could be seen in the field, over 1,000 feet long and some 500 feet wide. The video can be seen on You Tube.

When Barbara's crew arrived, she dowsed the formation to locate its powerful energetic center, where she settled down to harvest healing energies. She later shipped the bottle of living water to us, along with the other energetically boisterous bottles collected from other authentic formations of the summer of 2007. We received the shipment and made a mother-water bottle from each, adding some preservative alcohol to discourage the growth of uninvited living beings.


Marketing Cosmic Energy Essences in a way that clearly distinguishes them from dubious snake-oil potions is a challenge. Mischievous subtle-energy products do not sit still for the scientific method. The essence that best serves one person is likely to differ from what best serves another. The way in which one essence is best used by a person is likely to differ from the way it is best used by another. No performance guarantees of any kind can be claimed because of the Principle of Uniquency: your subtle-energy field vibrates in a unique way that on any given day does or does not harmonize with the subtle-energy vibrations of a particular object or treatment in question. Only the individual, or a dowser operating with the individual's permission, can feel which choice is most harmonious.

Akashic Records Readings for Crop Circles

Aingeal Rose O'GradyAingeal Rose O'Grady, a lovely and lively woman, has an unusual skill—she can enter into, wander around, and interrogate the Akashic Records for reliable answers to specific questions about the truth of matters past and present. The Akashic Records revealed to Aingeal that each Cosmic Energy Essence is an aware, living being. She asked each one what it wants to be called, and she received names. She asked what price they wanted to be sold for that would properly represent the value of the gift they were presenting to humanity. One of the most powerful ones to date, Karmic Completion, TTS2K808, unites and then releases your cycles of time, allowing you to escape from the karmic wheel of reincarnation. Sounds valuable. When queried, it insisted that it be sold for exactly $80, and not a penny less. Are such prices too high for the market in these hard times? No—the individual who is harmonically drawn to a specific essence knows the importance establish a productive relationship with that living essence now, and the specified price is true price that enables that end. It is not 4th World economics, where one reduces the price to sell more. Readers are encouraged to browse through the formations at Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences to see what calls to them. Be in your heart and feel the formation energies.

Not Made By Hands

The Cosmic Energy Essence "Not Made By Hands" made from the East Field formation, TTS2K702, was dowsed by master dowser Marty Cain at the 2012 Annual Convention of the American Society of Dowsers. She revealed that it banishes fear and balances the sexual energies of your lower chakras. Later Aingeal Rose O'Grady added that it helps you discern frequencies and energies and determine their origins, so you can “see” who's doing what to you, and how they are doing it. This would definitely reduce one's fear, I would imagine, and should be invaluable to almost everyone in this day when so many advertisements try to scare you in buying pharmaceuticals, insurance, or some political position. "Not Made By Hand"s also opens your eyes and mind to interplanetary Truth. This living being specified that her price would have to be $29.

In the month before 9/11/2001, several people we know were petitioning the off-planet circle makers to give humanity an undeniably authentic crop formation that could help break through the fear-based blockage of our global transition into the 5th World of love, balance, and spiritual strength. On 8/12/2001, numerologically equivalent to 9/11/2001, (5 = change), a response to the petitions appeared overnight on top of Milk Hill. 900 feet across and consisting of 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter, this formation was clearly not made by pranksters with boards and ropes during the four hours of pitch darkness at that time of year in England.

Milk Hill 8.12.2001

In the months leading up to 9/11/2001, we were researching the profound implications of the 8/20/2001 crop circle at Chilbolton that was clearly an off-planet response to a message sent out in 1984 by Carl Sagan from the Arecibo radio telescope. Our focus had not yet matured to the point where we recognized the huge opportunity implicit in gathering crop-circle energy in water at the sites, so we did not think to collect water-based energy from the 2001 Milk Hill formation. We began collecting water-based energy in 2002, and we now have 101 species of energized water, 81 of which are now being distributed. The rest, after being decoded through the Akashic Records, were found to be unsuitable for public distribution.

Without water-based energy from the circle, we wondered how to make use of this formation, and we were guided to intuitively add color and motion to it. In time it became a powerful global-healing mandala, now in use in 17 nations for collectively manifesting a better world. A beautifully moving video of the group process can be found on YouTube.

Milk Hill 8.12.01


Group-Energy Process to Heal the Earth

Group Energy ProcessHere is how we are being guided to use it: On Full Moons and New Moons, and other numinous times, we gather with like-minded, good-hearted folks in a circle around a colored print of the mandala. We place glass bottles of pure virgin water in the center—water that has no previous memory of how humans have abused the Earth. Each of us shares a personal vision of how the 5th World will be—a world of peace and cooperation, sustainable green energy, and equitable economics, a world where every child is wanted, where there is enough for all, a world of mutual respect and well-being, a world suitable for our great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren. When all have contributed, we spin our Chi energy counterclockwise in the torus-shaped auric fields around our bodies, pulling healing Cosmic energy in from above into our crown chakras. We feel the Divine Love energize our heart chakras, and we share the love with everyone in the circle, which expands our toruses until they merge into one large torus around the whole group.

We see in our mind's eye the great mandala slowly spinning counterclockwise in the center of the group. We feel the cool breeze as each great colored arm sweeps through our chakras, cleansing and energizing them. Energy spinning counterclockwise around the group pulls in an astonishing waterfall of brilliant white, crystalline, Divine energy from the Cosmos into the center, from which it flows out in expanding concentric circles of brilliant chakra colors, out along the great arms and up into our chakra systems. Healing energy also pours down into Mother Earth, feeding and nourishing her needs. We feel her deeply felt gratitude to us as she directs the received energy to wherever she needs it most desperately.

When our awarenesses return to our bodies, we retrieve our water bottles from the center and dowse them for the characteristic spin that always accompanies water that has been spun up in this fashion. We have never encountered a bottle of water that did not spin when dowsed after one of these group processes. The direction of spin may vary, according to the Principle of Uniquency, but almost invariable it spins in the same direction as the group energy moved. There will be a noticeable spin.

How can this swirling water be used? We have been told from a reliable esoteric source that the formation is a Global Healing Mandala, a gift to humanity from benevolent off-planet circle-makers, and that our task is to figure out how to use it to heal the Earth. So we experiment.

This is what we have found so far: A single drop of swirling water, when dropped into a virgin bottle of pure water, will cause it to swirl in the same way when dowsed with a pendulum. This process continues indefinitely. One bottle can be a lifetime supply. It is homeopathic, getting stronger with dilution. A drop of swirling water in a stream can be detected downstream when the swirling water arrives. A single drop in a hot tub of pure untreated water has kept it clean for up to seven months, although no claims will be made for others' results, because we cannot verify their methods nor their intentions. Individuals are encouraged to consult their inner guidance for how to use swirling water in their lives. By the Principle of Uniquency, one would expect a proliferation of techniques and discoveries.

We ask that individuals and groups contribute donations on a regular basis to the 5th World Fund, which donates the collected funds to worthy groups around the globe that need a little help in getting started BEing the change we all seek in the world. The groups that have received help from the Fund are listed here.

Consensus Dowsing

The power of group-energy work is multiplicative, and the idea of personal dowsing now extends into group dowsing, using the Global Healing Mandala as a focus. Consensus Dowsing can be much more authoritative than personal dowsing, as all concerned contribute their access to their subtle fields, and all can confirmt the joint reception of indicators.

Gather four people aligned to the four directions around a print of the Great Mandala. Take a wide stance, touching each other's toes. Entwine your arms around each other and put your heads together. Open to Divine Guidance with something like this:

We honor the guiding presence of Divine Light in our group, and we welcome your graceful and generous attention to our needs. We honor the four directions, spirits within and without, above and below. We honor all our unseen allies who join us now with our highest and best interests at heart. We thank you for your gift of guidance this day. We ask that only Truth of the highest order be allowed to speak through this group oracle today.

You will feel an inpouring of beautiful healing energy, pouring in upon you like a crystal waterfall. Bathe in the experience. You will feel a natural tug that moves the group in a swirling motion, usually in the direction of the swirl of the center print. This is evidence of the presence of Spirit. Honor it and welcome it. Ask it for an observable signal of affirmation. Perhaps the swirling will stop, or the group will lean in some direction, or the direction may reverse. By the Principle of Uniquency, anything is possible, and it is all good. It is unique to this group, this time and place. Ask for and observe a signal of negation.

Then, as each one is guided to speak, ask the Group Oracle questions, as simply and unambiguously as you can, and responses will occur. Spirit is quite literal, so be very careful in your phrasing. You may have seen the recent film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," in which the parents manifest that their leafy boy will score the winning goal in a soccer game, which happens, but they did not say for which team he would score it... Remember that.

You will know when the portal has closed.

Negativity and Judgment

Sometimes a person will make the judgment that the counterclockwise spin is somehow negative. We see no evidence of that. The circle was formed like a galaxy, spinning counterclockwise. Looking up from Mother Earth's perspective, however, it spins clockwise. It just is. In our experiments with hot tubs, the clockwise swirling water did not keep the water clean for more than two weeks, so the counterclockwise swirl seems to us to be the more powerful direction for that application. For those who wish to experiment with clockwise orientation, the Transition Tool Kits include a water-resistant, high-quality color print of the swirl in each direction, as well as everything else a group will need to start swirling-water gatherings of their own.

Swirling Water Project

Many times one hears from spiritually elevated people that it is pointless to try to save the Earth, that we can only tidy up our own corners, and that the Earth can be saved only when everyone gets their own corner in order. If this is true, then we are all probably doomed, because some folks will never get their corners tidied up. Are we then to boycott and undermine any effort that has some chance of manifesting a better world, just because it has a global focus? We think not. Our planet needs our attention. She needs our energy. She needs us to be the change we seek in the world.

Water WorldThe Swirling Water Project is such an effort, and it has a chance to make a difference. Each individual who has created or received a bottle of swirling water is encouraged to place a drop of it into every water body they pass over in their own corner of the world, allowing the powerful swirling energy to flow with the water into streams, rivers, bays, and oceans. The oceans are all One, this is the Water Planet, this is the Age of Aquarius, and we are the Water People. Water has memory, and pure virgin water that has been swirled with good intention, as indicated above, "remembers" only a future of love, balance, and spiritual strength, the characteristics of the new epoch we will reach as a planetary people, what the Hopis called the 5th World.

Since a single drop can energize more water, everyone who receives a drop of swirling water is asked to agree to engage two or more other people, under the same conditions, as quickly as possible. In this way, we get exponential growth of participants, and positively-intended swirling water will be everywhere on Earth, and a new and better world will be birthed from below, invisibly, which cannot be stopped. In this way we will collectively manifest the 5th World, one personal corner at a time, one dro of swirling water at a time. And so it is.

Source: This is a revision of a paper first published in The American Dowser, Fall 2012.

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