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Confirmation of Anna Hayes's Encounter

Harold Egeln

When Anna Hayes was given an opportunity to learn the true history of the world and its future in a great lecture hall, she was observed by Harold Egeln, another Earthling who had been brought to the event, who reports the events from hi perspective.

When I made my journey from New York City to visit Anna Hayes in New Jersey, I did not anticipate what would transpire during my first night there, although, without full realization, I had some previews of coming attractions.

An Emerald Blue City awaited in the wings. Knock on its door, and windows of the time/space continuum will open!

The multi-layered, complex encounter experience that would emerge, with its now-ongoing consequences and far-reaching implications, would encompass physical events, power outages, communications, synchronicities, pairing, lesson plans and an intense cloaked contact with time-release recall through dreams and other means.

It would bring into clearer focus the full wide range of incredibly rich scenarios that are hallmarks of the UFO mystery, and hand us an apparently well timed opportunity to co-creatively choose the direction shown to us.

First, a bit of background: As an experiencer who began fully exploring my own lifelong encounters in 1988, I have employed a holistic, interdisciplinary approach with hypnosis, attempts at deliberate contact, meditation and the interactive creation of group interplay dynamics.

Through psychologist Dr. Jean Mundy, to whom I was referred by Budd Hopkins, I began a series of hypnosis sessions in July, 1988. Within weeks of my first session, which had not fully convinced me of my own direct encounters, I sought a close encounter experience of the fifth kind in the Hudson Valley in August. There I, with a non-experiencer, had a definite "real time" viewing of unknown, nonhuman beings at a site enriched with UFO sightings, abductions, diverse beings and mysteries, a fact of which I was unaware until after the experience.

Driven to discover what this mystery was in my life, I joined Whitley Strieber's New York City Communion Network support group with two meetings in 1989, and I met other experiencers through Dr. Mundy. Out of this, after I underwent the darkest nights of my soul, which nearly destroyed me, we formed a support and research group based in New York City in March, 1992 called SPACE, the Search Project for Aspects of Close Encounters.

Through SPACE we assisted those who felt victimized or helpless by taking a stance of essential, non-judgmental support and by creating for them the empowerment to overcome. We also experimented with a proactive approach to the phenomenon, and we explored the relationship we had with the Unknown. That led to numerous interactions involving deliberately sought-out close encounters of the fifth kind, the employment and research of shared and group dreams, numerous synchronistic events, possibly staged UFO sightings and generally weird theatrics. I hope to discuss some of these in an upcoming Contact Forum.

I first met Anna in March, 1997, at a dialogue on UFO abductions with Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack in Boston. We stayed in touch after she offered a connection with SPACE. Behind the scenes more was apparently going on than we realized, leading to the benchmark October 25th incident.

Three mornings before the incident, I had a lucid, vivid dream, as is normal for me. I was in a huge hotel complex in Room B12. I left the room and lost my way, trying to find Room B12 but not succeeding. I went into other rooms and finally was down in the lobby at a large curved elevator bank, almost desperately trying to get back to Room B12 and not seeing the right elevator. In the lobby was a large futon, on which I bounced, repeating, "I have to get back to B12." Then I awoke.

The following morning I had another extensive lucid dream about leaving a house, being called
out by nonhuman beings into a bus (later a fire truck), coming to a huge complex of rooms that included bed places, monitoring places, transport areas, hybrid nurseries, classrooms, control-like rooms and, finally, a central office.

The entire complexhorizontal rather than vertical, like ''the hotel" in the dream the night beforewas a mixture of structures and rooms interspersed in woods. I asked to return because a particular woman friend was back at the house. On my way back through a tunnel, which seemed to be a bridge between the complex and the house, I saw a fire truck or bus, which stopped when I realized that my dear friend was on it. I woke up at that point.

When I met Anna Friday evening, Oct 24, I had not told her about my dreams. She had told me that some huge craft, just out of visual range but detectable through her inner vision, was stationed over her house. After dinner at a town diner, she asked me to look above her house. There were clouds, and it was raining lightly. I then clearly saw subtle blue streaks of light below and in the clouds above her house.

Once inside, she put her daughter to bed, and we talked for hours while she painted the living room. She wanted to plan workshops for the Voyagers Project, but we did not get far in the discussion and I felt out-of-place after a while.

Around 3:00 A.M. she felt presences in the living room. She asked, "Harold, where are they?" I pointed to two corners of the room, just on immediate intuition, but confirmed where she felt them in doing so. She was in telepathic communication with them. The beings she described matched beings I was familiar with from experiences I had had in the spring of 1988, and which I had mentioned to no one.

Then she told me that one of the beings just threw a ball of energy at her and that she felt it surging down her back. She said that when she asked the being what it was, he said "Just consider it like a shot of B-12, and tell Harold I said that!"

I was thunderstruck! B12 was back! Not knowing of my dream, she had received this communication. It was validation for me that something was going on.

Then she retired to her bedroom. I relaxed on the futon, facing the kitchen and backyard. Suddenly the power went out. I heard her daughter scream and run into her mother's bedroom. Then they both came out. We noticed that the house power was out, as well as the few houses in the neighborhood and the street lights.

Then the power came on outside, but not in the house, and then it went off again. Then there was some partial power, with an odd syncopated pattern to it, as Anna describes in her account. Around 4:00 A.M. the power came on, and everyone again settled down.

While resting, exhausted, on the futon, the power went out again. Then it seemed to come back on, as the backyard appeared to be illuminated by the street light to the left. But something was not kosher. The light was brightening. My first thought was of a power surge making the light brighter. Then it dawned on me that it was a soft blue light that was getting brighter, and that it was coming from over the backyard rather than from the street light. The beams of blue light came through the kitchen and door windows.

Then I heard a soft, but firm, voice shouting "Harold!" from the front of the house. It sounded like the voice of Whitley Strieber, who was miles away, I thought. Then I was aware of some movement within the blue light, from ground level, but I could not see anything, except feeling that "They" were approaching.

I thought: "They're here! They're coming for us! But don't give me a heart attack. If we go, I don't have my shoes on." Then everything seemed to be normal, except that I was no longer exhausted. I entered a strange waking state, almost like frozen thought. I reflected, "Why don't I get up and look outside?" I thought I was brave and curious enough. For some reason I stayed still. Then, it
seemed like hours later, I fell into a deep sleep.

At 8:30 A.M. we were all awake, and I told Anna of my experience, She then told me of the white light outside her room. As we talked, the power went off again and back on, and our thought was, "They just left, we're safe and sound."

Over the next few days and weeks I began to recall, through dreams and flashbacks, some images, memories, thoughts and emotions related to Oct 25. Checking in with Anna a full week later, I found that her account of the mother ship reminded me of the complexes in my two dreams. It was as if I had had a preview of coming attractions, transcending consensual time.

What she describes in her account here feels accurate to me. I know we were separated for a period. I recall observing some of her journey through the ship checking in on her activities while I underwent some essential, perhaps lifesaving, balancing in my energy fields. It seemed to be a refreshment for my whole body and soul.

Through dreams I recalled parts of her journey. Two specific examples were the insubstantial floor with light coming through and the room of many beds with a "gray" on one bed.

Her depiction of a diamond-shaped form and its function matches perfectly with what I saw with my own eyes during a conscious encounter on a Hudson Valley rural road on May 27, 1991, from which conical-shaped forms emerged. After their emergence, the diamond shape outline vanished, setting off a fully conscious encounter with hooded, robed beings, who impressed me as "the Guardians" and made me feel "at home." They entered some boulders and returned to the road. There a full contact experience developed, the most powerful one for me until October 25, 1997.

When Anna and I came back together, we were in a familiar large auditorium. Her drawing and recall of the auditorium and its structure matches the vivid experiences and dreams that I have had. I believe this auditorium is the place where I and Joseph Wiek (subsequently the "SPACE Explorer" newsletter editor) were taken during a joint "missing time" episode from a Manhattan restaurant on January 12, 1993.

The auditorium that Anna describes in her account fits what I remember from the 1993 and other encounters, what I have seen in dreams and what I have recalled under regressions. In those experiences the rows were tiered, in sections, with the globe or a projection screen, as she describes. Usually, I saw Whitley Strieber in that position in other scenarios. Five other people and I, in both the SPACE and Budd Hopkins support groups, all saw the same setup in dreams on the night of Dec 14, 1992.

In our presentation, Anna and I made it clear that it was a time for fuller awakening for abductees/experiencersthe Voyagersto reveal the lessons of the secret schools of childhood and the hidden or cloaked knowledge and information we have all gained through our encounters, and to do this by accessing our codes and memories as we prepare for fuller contact.

After leaving the auditorium, there was an energy infusion or exchange between us. I recall a private consultation regarding "the project," preparing ourselves for it, some personal information about our own work together, and an energy dance that displayed an air of celebration, necessary purpose, and unconditional Love.

The energy infusion and exchange was something that has been experienced and reported by others involved in the SPACE group. There have been times when, as we were sitting together in a restaurant or other place, one or both of us there felt intensely powerful, almost disturbing, energy surges that went through our bodies. It seems to have something to do with who we are and our connections.

My own many experiences with the unknown, which have caused me wonder, anguish, longing, surprise, pain and joy, seemed to have led to the apparent massive and key events of Oct 25th, which may have involved many others. I have since received other indications of this, through dreams, a
UFO sighting on Dec 20 in NYC, intuitive insights and synchronicities.

From the Oct 25th incident, there seems to be an imperative, a direction and challenge. It demonstrated a more activist stage on the part of abductees/experiencers, the "Voyagers," and an emerging emissary role for us. And, by our own intuition and choice, she and I have decided to boldly move ahead, being the Voyagers and explorers that we are, with no turning back.

The Oct 25th experience helped to actually create the plan for the SPACE Voyager Project workshops and associated material, just as we had sought. The material in Anna's account regarding "Who, What, Why, When, Where and How?" has many elements familiar to me through my own experiences in the past, and consistent with the massive amount of material gathered from the many people in the SPACE group.

The information retrieved by the Oct 25th encounter is rich material for serious scientific study, especially as regards the dimensionalities of the multiverse, how they may interrelate and operate, and who may be their inhabitants. Books like Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe, Dr. Michio Kaku's Hyperspace, Fred Wolf's The Dreaming Universe, and lunar astronaut Edgar Mitchell's The Way of the Explorer, are recommended companion material for cross-study.

SPACE was formed not only to give support to the Voyagers, but also to explore the nature of our relationships with the unknown as we prepare for contact. It represents the next stage forward.

I did check with Whitley Strieber, whose voice I heard. On that morning he had a powerful and vividly intense dream of being drawn outside his home and meeting a group of people standing under a floating car, which he believed represented a craft. After that, his dream continued, but it was very vague without many recalled details. He felt sufficiently intrigued to tell his wife about it when they awoke.

I then mentioned our experience to him, specifically Anna's seeing a group of people out in front of her house as we left, with a small flying saucer above them. Whether or not he and others were somehow involved, we cannot say now for sure. But the images, one through his vividly powerful dream and the other through Anna's recall and my hearing his voice calling out my name suggest a connection.

At a SPACE meeting I mentioned that getting books out might have been another level to the experience. Anna's Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees will be published by Wild Flower Press in the Fall of 1998. I wrote the book's introduction, at her request, and I have started my own book, Labyrinth.

Our forward-moving proactive encounter efforts seem to have the support and call for action from the Unknown, a truly transpersonal and co-creative process. Some of it seems to be through a conscious choice on our part, through empowerment, to join with positive, transformative elements in the encounter and contact experience.

I doubt very much, given the warnings that we have received in SPACE, that we are the hand maidens of an impending alien invasion, like the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps who cooperated with incredible evil. I do not believe that truth-seekers facing the choices presented to us would be careless enough to engage in forced catastrophe. Accurate decision-making here requires being more fully aware and alive, accessing the inner cores of our beings and our very souls, if you will. The creative potential goes into the infinite.

While abductions and hybrids seem to be a big part of this complex and perplexing mystery, it is not the whole story, and maybe not even be the core essence of it. There appear to be involved in this mystery many more life-forms and nonhuman beings, some the stuff of our myths and legends and others beyond our scope and keen.

We endure and voyage through a true Pandora's labyrinth, with all sorts of nonhuman beings and very deeply human yearnings, a journey that involves the most sophisticated of depth-psychol
ogy operations, intellectual challenges galore, and a physical and metaphysical project that boggles the imagination, expanding the borders of the mind, coming from sources not of this Earth yet intimately involved with Earth, with a history both ancient and eternally new.

We are in a dance with the Unknown. And by our steps with that immense, terrible, beautiful, and awesome Great Mystery that comes from Everywhere At Once, we begin to understand the endless dance songs, through which we glimpse the identities of some of the composers and choreographers and begin to estimate what it all portends for all Voyagers and for the world at large. Our experiences Oct 25th began a dance that seems intended to carry us all through the gates of OZ and beyond.


Harold Egeln, a lifelong experiencer of unknown and extraordinary phenomenon, is the founder of SPACE, formed in March 1992. He has been active in peace and social justice issues, both as a volunteer and professional organizer, since his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War when he was in the U.S. Army at Fort Dix, NJ, in 1966. From 1984 to 1989 he was executive director of the Metropolitan New York Peace Council for a SANE Nuclear Policy and served on the Advisory Board of The Center for Psychosocial Issues in the Nuclear Age. Since 1989 he has been a journalist, working for two large Brooklyn, NY weekly newspapers. As an environmentalist he wrote "EcoFrontier," a biweekly column in the New York City arts and social issues newspaper, "Downtown," from 1992 to 1995, and wrote "Peace Talk'' for the Home Reporter from 1984 to 1989. Besides SPACE, he has been working on joint paranormalUFO projects with Dr. Gerri Leigh, an internationally renowned parapsychologist featured in the book, "100 Top Psychics In America."

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