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A Review

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

A forthcoming book provides in-depth information on Crop Circles, the coming 2012 Earth Energy Shift, Implants, Star Children, Hybrids, Human/ET Contact, and Human-ET interface

Eyes of Wisdom

When I visited Australia some years ago, I had the good fortune to meet and talk with the lovely Judy Carroll, the author of several books setting forth her experiences communicating with the Zeta. I also met her friend Helene and her teen daughter Amanda who also have had many Zeta encounters. Judy has published [in Australia only] her new book, set in a semi-fictional story-line. As Judy says, "Looking Through the Eyes of Wisdom" continues the Teachings on Universal Energy and the Expansion of Human Consciousness through Soul Evolution. In-depth information is given on Crop Circles, the coming Earth Energy Shift in 2012, Implants, Star Children and Hybrids, Human/ET Contact, and the so-called Alien Abduction phenomenon. This book will set you free from fear and into the arms of love, knowledge, and inner power.

Editor's Note: Judy's trilogy of clear, easily read information about the interface between humans and the Zeta civilization is forthcoming from Wild Flower Press in the near future. Stay tuned.

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