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Co-Creation of the Diamond-Cross Formations


A group of 18 spiritual seekers, using experimental manifestation procedures, may have had a hand in the appearance of three remarkable crop-circle formations recently in England.

Crop circles have long been a mystery, but the Diamond Cross formation that appeared in Gripp Patch, near Chirton, Wiltshire, July 31, 2013, and another near Stonehenge the following day may shed some light on the nature of the phenomenon. Their origin may go back 12 years, and now it has come full circle, no pun intended.

Milk Hill 2001

Perhaps the most famous of all crop circles, the Milk Hill formation of August 12, 2001, was not only beautiful but also powerful. It has been determined by many experiments over many years that this formation, widely referred to as the Global Healing Mandala, is a potent intention-focusing tool, applicable to many situations. It has been used, for example, in 17 nations to help manifest a higher-energy world around December 21, 2012, the legendary Shift of the Ages.

Shortly before that shift, Sandy T, who had planned on participating in a three-day celebration of the end of the Mayan calendar and the dawn of the Age of Aquarius at the Crystal Creek Center, was mysteriously guided to work with one of the many cosmic-energy essences derived from crop circles by Barbara Lamb and made available by NotMadeByHands.com. It was one known as “Point of Intersection,” reported August 2, 2009. Its pattern suggests a quilt.

Point of Intersection

As the time of the event approached, she strongly felt that she should skip the Turning of the Ages celebration and stay home in order to dismantle all her beaded jewelry and reconfigure the beads as she was guided into a design. After many weeks she was guided to create this nine-segment quilt pattern from recycled beads. Soon it became apparent that each quilt piece had a different energy or intention.

quilt pattern

One, for example, seemed to match up with “Companion,” a higher-level essence intended to comfort the elderly. Sandy had moved 3000 miles to assist her skeptical, left-brained father as he neared the end of his life. Placing a drop of the cosmic energy essence on the beadwork seemed to energize it, and her father was comforted by the gift without having to discuss the disturbing topic of crop circles.

Another inspired beadwork, quite distinct from the others, seemed to associate with the Global Healing Mandala, matching it in color and feeling. This Mandala derived from the legendary Milk Hill formation of August 12, 2001. Sandy felt strongly that my wife Pam and I should see her patterns before going to England to visit the new crop circles. The primary features of this pattern were that it was diamond-shaped with a prominent equilateral cross.


Before the 2013 tour started, Barbara Lamb asked participants to envision a pattern that we could all use to co-create a new formation. When Pam saw the design, she inwardly knew that this would be the pattern for the group to follow, so she shared the idea with the tour group.

Barbara Lamb

On the evenings of July 29 and 30, 2013, 18 circle-tour participants got into their hearts and used the Global Healing Mandala to concentrate their collective intentions that a diamond-shaped crop circle with a prominent cross feature would appear in some friendly local farmer’s field. Details of circle placement, etc., were left to the extraordinary beings we call the agriglyphers, whomever they might be.

Lamb Chops

On July 31, a diamond-shaped crop circle was reported at Gripp Patch, near Chirton, Wiltshire, eight miles from where the group was staying. Its central feature was an equilateral cross. Barbara Lamb’s dowsing rods swung wide open, indicating a high degree of positive energy, which everyone felt throughout the formation. The design was symmetric and balanced, and its edges were crisp.

Diamond Cross 1

The arms of the cross were carefully layered beneath the circles, and in some places the stems in the cross ran both ways, which is difficult to do with a board.


Above: running stream of stalks laid under other layers of crop to form the underlying cross motif. The arms of the cross extended to the centers of the major circles.

On August 1, another diamond-cross formation was found to have formed in the field opposite Stonehenge, where Barbara's tour group was scheduled for a private visit August 4 inside the ancient structure.

Diamond Cross 2

Also appearing on the same day was another short-lived formation that appeared on Milk Hill, site of the seminal formation of 2001.  Below we see the farmer poised to destroy the evil formation, which, again, features an equilateral cross, which, if one connects the points makes another diamond. He is about to show those presumed bloody "plankers" what for, or he is about to spit on a special gift from extraordinary celestial beings. Perhaps its energy would have cured cancer... We will never know.

Diamond cross 3

One strange occurrence is an anomaly. Two strange occurrences makes a coincidence. Three strange occurrences suggest a pattern. Nothing can ever be proven without a shadow of a doubt, but perhaps there might be a pattern here.

When we were in the Grip Patch formation, I asked Barbara to dowse the question “Is this formation a response to the intentions of our group of 18?” one rod said yes and one rod said no. Later, in a group-channelling session, the answer was explained further: Yes, it was a response to our group’s intention, but no, it was not totally personal for just us—there were other participants involved as well.

And many others were involved, including those who worked out over several years how to use the power of the Milk Hill formation, Sandy T, whose openness to guidance inspired the new patterns, Aingeal Rose O'Grady, whose Akashic Records readings have guided many people to their personal essences, Glenn Broughton and his group, who met July 22 under a full moon to ask for new formations, and the hard-working people like Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike, who have labored for years to coordinate and present at the crop Circle Connector the essential information for people to study and contemplate. And, of course, we cannot forget the agriglyphers themselves, whomever they are, whose artistic creativity is so resplendent in these designs.

We are all in this together, and if we can cooperatively manifest two or three beautiful agriglyphs in apparent direct response to our specifications, then together we should be able to manifest a better world of love, balance and spiritual strength, a world we will all be proud to hand on to our descendants.

White Well at Glastonbury

We do not yet know what healing and transformative powers will emerge from the energies of these formations, but, as has been our habit since 2001, we did take glass bottles of pure water from the White Spring at Glastonbury into sacred ceremony at the center of the first two formations, where we encouraged these virgin energies to be remembered, so that we can share them with those who need them. These essences will be available soon from NotMadeByHands as soon as Aingeal decodes them.

Full Circle

Thirteen years ago, shortly before 9/11, an enormous number of wheat stalks were mysteriously flattened on Milk Hill. The undeniable power of this formation was startling. Barbara Lamb began collecting energies from subsequent formations, and we prepared and distributed the essences, one of which moved Sandy T to make curious beadwork, which inspired 18 people to coordinate their intentions for diamond-square crop circles. These intentions may have been heard, and the flattened wheat stalks of 2013 show how the grand process seems to have come full circle. Perhaps now we are communicating with some extraordinary beings who seek to help us, without interfering with us. They offer us encoded wisdom and transformational tools, without disturbing our rights to reach our own conclusions, here on this free-will planet. It is a new era.

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