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Remote Assessment and Alteration of Energy Structures of Trouble-Makers

Richard Benishai with Brian Crisseyi

Almost invariably persons who are in the news for being troublesome or worse have compromised energy bodies. Such people have lowered energy intensities, as measured remotely by geobiological methods, as taught by Richard Benishai, author of the newly released Mission Mother Earth: Peace Through Geobiology. Fortunately, theie energy structure can be cleaned up remotely using techniques that Benishai teaches.

A Current Example

Physical (PHY) energy level 30 kB
Astral (AST) energy level 32 kB
Mental (MEN) energy level 34 kB
Black Energy (BE) percentage 65%
Entity count (ENT) 7

A normal energy structure starts about 25 kB (kilo Bovis, thousands of Bovis units. The Bovis scale is used by quantitative dowsers to assess subtle energies on a reliable numeric scale.) and doubles from PHY to AST and again to MEN. Example: 25 kB to 50 kB to 100 kB.
When the energy assessments are level, as with Alex Hribal, he is not doing well and cannot be expected to act in civilized ways. The entities are most often the eternal souls of ignorent persons who have died unexpectedly. They remain in a confused state, trying to act like living beings with physical bodies.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's energy assessments before and after the GeoBiological treatment.

                          Before/After            a
PHY  74 kB/24 kB
AST  79 kB/47 kB
MEN  81 kB/105 kB
BE  100%/0%
Ent  63/0

Ali Khamenei's energy assessments before and after the GeoBiological treatment.
Before/After            b
PHY  47 kB/30 kB
AST  51 kB/61 kB
MEN  55 kB/127 kB
BE  95%/0%
Ent  27/0



BB Natanyahu's energy assessments before and after the GeoBiological treatment.
PHY  24 kB/25 kB
AST  28 kB/52 kB
MEN  30 kB/107 kB
BE  25%/0%
                     Ent  5/0

North Korea

Kim Jong-un's energy assessments before and after the GeoBiological treatment.
PHY  20 kB/29 kB
AST  24 kB/51 kB
MEN  30 kB/100 kB
BE    90%/0%
                Ent  35/0


PHY   14 kB
AST   16 kB
MEN  18 kB
BE     70%
                        Ent    31

                       PHY  42 kB                                                e
AST  43.5 kB                                               
MEN  45 kB                                               
BE  100%                                               
Ent  21                                                           


                           Mick                Mairead
fPHY  22 kB       PHY  32 kB                       
AST  25 kB        AST  36 kB                       
MEN  30 kB       MEN  37 kB                       
BE  25%           BE  55%                       
Ent  4              Ent  11                                

               PHY  15 kB                                    g           
AST   18 kB                                               
MEN  20 kB                                               
BE    55%                                               
Ent   8           

h Dzhokhar     Tamerlan

PHY  14 kB   18 kB
AST  16 kB    22 kB
MEN  20 kB   25 kB
BE  80%       80%
                          Ent  13        17                            

PHY  34 kB                                               
AST  37 kB                                               
MEN  39 kB                                               
                      BE  70%                                               
                      Ent  6        

PHY 32 kB (higher than average, due to what he is carrying)
AST 35 kB
MEN 40 kB
BE 55%
                       Ent 7

         Today:      28 years ago:
PHY   83 kB        26 kB
AST   82 kB        28 kB
                      MEN   85 kB       31 kB
                      BE     95%         10%
                      Ent    27             3                    

         Today:     Feb 26, 2012:
PHY   34 kB       42 kB
AST    37 kB      43.5 kB
MEN   42 kB      45 kB
                       BE     70%       100%
                       Ent    9            16                    

kDavid               Devon
PHY  30 kB        20 kB                       
AST  32 kB        26 kB                       
MEN  34 kB       34 kB                       
BE  30%           25%                       
Ent  6               3                       

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
PHY   20 kB
AST    22 kB
MEN   24 kB
BE      50%
Ent     11

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

PHY   18 kB
AST    21 kB
MEN   24 kB
BE     30%
Ent    4



One day before the shooting:
PHY 20 kB
AST 23 kB
                         MEN 26 kB
                         BE 40%
                         Ent 3


While we might ascribe all of these heinous actions to other factors, the level pattern of energy structures among the perpetrators suggests that there may be a new way to approach crime: assess people's energy levels and use GeoBiological techniques to set the patterns back to appropriately safe values. It can be done without mandatory sentencing, the death penalty, or extensive prison time. We need a compassionate approach to this issue. It is entirely inappropriate that the U.S., the Land of the Free, incarcerates 7 times more people per capita than does Canada. There is something wrong here.


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