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A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans

Judy Carroll

Chapter 41: Surveillance Failure, a relevant and timely excerpt from an important new docudrama book.


It was turning out to be a very long and extremely difficult night. Zogar, Entil and I had been trying to deal with angry and fearful humans since the beginning of our shift, and this, our sixth ‘client,’ lay paralyzed on the table in the clinic, absolutely terrified. Again and again we tried to communicate, to penetrate the heavy and all-encompassing cocoon of fear that cut her off from all our efforts. It’s even more frustrating for me when I can’t bring in my human capability of speech, but up on the disc I simply don’t have the necessary anatomical equipment required for it.

Alexander, one of our hybrids, then poked his head around the door. Normally easy-going, happy-go-lucky and always ready for a bit of fun, his expression of intense concern shocked me. “Alarca, Maris wants you in the surveillance room right now! The computers have gone down!”

“What? How many?”

“All of them! Joseph is there already, and Zogar and Entil had better come too, once our Earthling friend here has been sent home safely. We need all the help we can get, because the situation is critical.”

Alexander’s brother Joseph was our computer ‘whiz kid.’ Half Zeta Reticulan and half Earth human, he exhibited the very best of both species, with an extremely sharp mind for technology and five long, slender and very dexterous fingers on each hand that could tackle anything mechanical.

Although he and Alex were full brothers, they were very different from each other. Joseph was physically much more human-looking, except for his eyes, which were abnormally large by Earth human standards. By nature he was intense, quiet, studious and rather introverted. Alex, on the other hand, looked nearly pure Zeta except for a bit more definition in the nose and mouth. Unlike Joseph, he was a happy extrovert, always into mischief and fun, usually at somebody else’s expense, particularly Elders, but at the same time he was full of love and good humor. Alex could be counted on to bring a ray of light and hope to the darkest situation, so I knew with a sinking feeling that the problem must be major to throw even him so badly.

“Go on, Alarca, get moving — we won’t be long.” Zogar was already activating a blue beam of light energy to levitate our human guest off the table so she could be returned home quickly and safely. Then, turning to Alex, he said, “You’d better call Asara and Solarno from their quarters, and Oris, too, if he’s on board. And don’t forget Ashka and your sister, Angelique — they’re both down in the nursery. Oh, my goodness,” he added, shaking his head and walking away, “the surveillance computers all down at once! How the heck could that happen? Now what do we do?”

These surveillance computers are vital to us because they monitor all the planets in our care, including Earth. Our computers keep a watchful eye on such things as wayward asteroids that could devastate an inhabited planet. And we also watch internal threats to planetary civilizations, such as weapons of mass destruction, particularly when they fall into the hands of unstable individuals or governments. We are not allowed to interfere on every occasion, because we have to abide by the Laws of Karma, but even then we’re sometimes able to bend the rules a little to prevent outright disasters.

In my human form on Earth I could recall occasionally reading in the news of a potential tragedy such as a bomb being planted in a busy part of a city, timed to explode at peak hour, but something going wrong so that it detonated half an hour earlier, with few lives lost. That is how we work, along with our angelic friends. We cannot stop all disastrous events, but we often intervene to lessen the impact.

Frequently our discs have also been seen near nuclear installations, and some of Earth’s more dangerous weaponry has been neutralized in this way, which is why some down there see us as “evil aliens intent on attacking Earth.” We have intervened too in potentially devastating accidents at nuclear sites. The average humans going about their day-to-day business on Planet Earth have no idea of the myriad dangers that threaten their existence on a regular basis, prevented only by Guardian intervention, and we rely on these vital surveillance computers to alert us to the danger.

The seriousness of the situation hit me even harder when I entered the room. My Teacher, Maris, was sitting at the main console looking more worried than I’d ever seen him. Joseph had pulled up a seat beside him, and several others including the two Pleiadians, Asara and Solarno, were leaning over their shoulders looking equally upset and helpless. A number of workers, hybrids, and Elders were busy at other consoles, working feverishly to find the problem.

Many millions of years of evolution have endowed us with almost complete control over our emotions, but that night nearly everyone lost it at one point or another. Even the ancient and usually extremely serene Garnibis, paced up and down looking decidedly shaken, directing huge, pale blue eyes towards the blank screens every so often as if her stare alone could restore them to life.

Finally it was decided that there was no point in everyone being there. We were just getting under each other’s feet, which was causing nerves to become even more frayed. Joseph was fairly confident that he’d managed to trace the problem to its source, so now it was time to leave him in peace so he could concentrate on getting the system up and running again as soon as possible; and there was still much work for us all to complete before morning. “Alarca,” my Teacher Maris called to me, “please come into my office. There’s something I need to discuss with you — a special job that needs to be carried out.”

“Damn!” I thought to myself. “Surely with all the computers down, we’d be able to finish work early!”

Picking up telepathically on my rebelliousness, Solarno grinned broadly and winked at me. “Now, now, Alarca, Guardian Workers are supposed to work — not fantasize about knocking off early. Only humans are allowed to do that!”

“Right,” said my venerable Teacher, seating himself behind the large console that took up a goodly portion of his office space: “I have a project for you, Alarca — a project that requires your special expertise as a Guardian manifesting in human form on Planet Earth in a diplomatic role.”

“Oh, dear,” I thought to myself, “that sounds ominous.” The look he cast in my direction told me he’d picked up on me telepathically, but of course he would’ve. Sometimes I must think I’m in my human form with a closed off mind.

Ignoring my questionable train of thought, Maris went on, “Alarca, the young worker, Entil, is having a lot of problems with a human child named Kate with whom he is supposed to be working. She is being brought on board for classes in one of our children’s circles, but every time he approaches her she still becomes quite hysterical with fear. It’s time she began to understand things on a more conscious level, but fear is blocking her so badly that extra help is required.

“Ashka has made contact with her in human form, trying to explain things a little more clearly, and I know you have also met her briefly on a visit to her mother’s house, but I feel that if you were to accompany Entil into her room at night, dressed in your Earthling container so she can see the pair of you interacting in a friendly and non-threatening way, she may lose some of her terror. Surely seeing a human being alongside her ET visitor will help to allay her fear.”

“But Maris, wouldn’t it be better for Ashka to do this? After all, she is a mother in her human form on Earth and therefore much more experienced in relating to and communicating with children than I am. Why can’t she do it?”

“Because it is not her job! Her work is to look after the hybrid children here on the disc, and right now we have over a dozen poor little mites that we confiscated from that Earth laboratory last week. Ashka has spent much time matching up DNA samples trying to locate their human mothers so we can bring them here to provide the maternal love they so desperately need. No wonder the poor little things are so listless and lethargic! I do wish these human scientists would stop trying to play God, dabbling and experimenting in areas where they totally lack proper spiritual understanding. Surely they realize human life is more than just physical genetics! I’m sorry, I’m off on a tangent. But no, Ashka has her hands full at the moment. It is up to you.”

“Maris, on the subject of trying to get through to these children, what happened with the Russian boy we visited a while back? He was so sick and so scared. Is he any better now?”

“Yes, he is, as a matter of fact, but we only just intervened in time. The Controllers were starting to infiltrate his mind, causing him to fall into trance states during which he would recite all these very complex mathematical and scientific formulas, which of course had everyone around him firmly convinced that he was some sort of miraculous and very advanced ‘Star Child.’ However, cunningly mixed in with this information some very negative things were also being conveyed through him, including dire warnings of ‘evil gray aliens’ coming to Earth to interfere with people, which was part of why he was so scared of us.

“After that night you came along with me, he started becoming more aware of the difference between the Controller-inspired contact and our genuine contact, and once he began to wake up consciously, we were able to reach him more easily to heal him on all levels. We placed an implant into his body to help alleviate the lung problem he’d developed, and he’s now moved past his fear and is living a normal and much happier life.

“Now, Alarca, back to our difficulties with Kate — it’s really just a matter of your helping her to overcome her fear enough to allow Entil to place the palms of his hands on hers, so their heart chakra channels that run down the arms into the hands will reconnect and instantaneously she should feel the love energy between the two of them. It will only take seconds.”

And so it was — no refusing an Elder.

Utilizing the blue beam of light energy, Entil and I transported ourselves from the hovering disc down into Kate’s bedroom. Using our eyes we paralyzed her as she began to wake up. It took a bit of focused concentration on my part to maintain a human appearance while in this altered astral state, and I hoped that I wasn’t looking too wavy around the edges, because the last thing needed was to make her even more scared than she already was.

As her terrified gaze fell upon us, I greeted her in as friendly and non-threatening a way as possible, “Hi Kate! Don’t you recognize me? I’m your mom’s friend Ali. Please don’t be scared — we’re not going to hurt you, I promise.”

Kate said something, but because Entil and I were in the astral state, we couldn’t quite make out her physical speech. Once again, here I was faced with this damned communication issue between the energy fields. I held my hand up. “Hang on, Kate, I can’t hear you. You need to think your words clearly to me with your mind. Just concentrate hard on what you want to say and I’ll understand. Our communication needs to be telepathic.”

The next moment a torrent of jumbled words flooded my mind, almost knocking me backwards with the force of emotional energy behind them. In fact, poor Entil, who was standing slightly behind me, did get knocked backwards, and would have disappeared into the energy portal if I hadn’t grabbed his hand and held on. “Kate,” I telepathed, “please try to calm down — please. I’ll lift the paralysis off if you’ll just calm down, and no, I won’t let him touch you — it’s okay, neither of us will come any closer — we’ll stay right where we are, but you must try to calm down so we can talk. And by the way, this is Entil, whom you’ve known for a very long time.”

Kate’s thoughts took on a semblance of order at the sound of my perfectly normal human speech resounding inside her head. “Ali, is that really you? What’s going on? How can you be here in my room at night with him? What does he want? What do you mean I’ve known him for a very long time? Why won’t he leave me alone?”

“Hold on, Kate, hold on! One question at a time! So you do remember me as a friend of your mom’s?”

“Oh, yes, Ali, and you’re also Kaz’s friend, aren’t you? Her daughter Kira and I go to the same school, and Kaz told me Kira and Ben both have ET visitors coming to them at night too, and not to be scared, but I can’t help it — they look so weird.” She cast a quick sideways glance at Entil and shuddered.

“Look, Kate, I know he does seem a bit strange, but truly, he won’t hurt you. Why don’t you try just reaching out and letting him touch your hand — come on, please. I promise nothing bad will happen.”

“Wh…what did you say his name is?”

“It’s Entil, spelt E-n-t-i-l, and maybe you can’t remember, but he used to visit you when you were a very young child.”

“And what about the really scary tall one dressed all in black who comes as well? That one is even worse!”

“That is Entil’s Teacher, Garnibis, who accompanies him sometimes. She’s very old and wise, and you have absolutely nothing to fear from her.”

“And are you sure he won’t do anything to me if he touches me? He won’t paralyze me again?”

“Kate, I promise, you have my word. Just hold your hands out with palms facing upwards, and try to relax so he can touch you. Believe it or not, he’s really sad that you’re scared of him. You used to play together when you were little. Go on, just reach out to him.”

Trembling slightly, Kate held her hands out towards Entil, and as she did so I instructed him to come forward slowly so as not to frighten her, but he hesitated. “Are you sure, Alarca? I don’t want to upset her and make things worse.” A look of trepidation filled his eyes, and for a moment I thought he was going to cry.

“Go on, Entil,” I encouraged him, “it’ll be okay.” There I was between these two scared beings — talk about an intergalactic ambassador!

With eyes closed tightly, Kate tried to hold her hands steady as Entil reached out towards her and very gently gripped her hands so as to bring the center of his palms against hers.

“That’s it, Kate!” I encouraged. “Try to relax — he won’t hurt you. Just see if you can feel the energy passing between his hands and yours.”

Frowning in deep concentration, she stayed still and unresponsive for a moment, then her fingers began to close on Entil’s hands, as an incredibly strong energy current passed between them. Kate’s eyes suddenly opened, and her face lit up with a look of total amazement as recognition dawned, along with an expression of profound joy, and the next moment they were hugging each other like old friends.

“Entil,” Kate cried, “of course I remember you! You were the one who used to lift me up out of my cot when I was tiny, and take me to play with the other children. We used to have so much fun floating those pretty-colored blocks around the room and making lights turn on and off with our minds. How could I ever have forgotten! And that’s what you’ve been doing again, isn’t it? Taking me to classes on the big disc? Now I finally understand why I’m suddenly so smart at math.” The look of sheer relief in Entil’s eyes said it all, and the next moment they were chatting away telepathically, almost unaware of my presence.

But then Kate turned to me with a frown of puzzlement. “Ali, there are still lots of things I don’t understand. Do you mind if I ask you some more questions?”

“Course not, Kate. That’s why I’m here tonight, to help sort things out for you, but by the time you wake up tomorrow morning you’re not going to remember that I’ve been here. You’ll remember Entil coming, but not me. All that you’ll be aware of is that you had a dream about me, but it won’t be very clear.”

“But why, Ali? Why won’t I remember you coming?”

“It’s just the way things are Kate. Maybe someday you will, but not quite yet. Now what do you want to ask me?”

“Umm, okay, for a start, how do I get onto the ship from here? One minute I’m in my bed, and the next minute I’m up on the disc. I’m sort of aware of being floated out through the closed windows of my room on this beam of light coming down that both mom and dad have seen. What is that all about? Is it the light that lifts me up?”

“Well, Kate, let me start by asking you a question. Do you study physics at school?”

“Oh, yes, you mean learning all about electricity, atoms, magnetism and stuff like that?”

“Yes, exactly. So do you understand about the composition of seemingly solid physical matter — that it’s not really as solid as it appears to be but rather is made up of billions of atoms grouped together to form molecules which are all vibrating at a certain rate?”

“Yes, Ali, I know that. And also that atoms are made up of electrons orbiting around a central nucleus, just like planets orbiting around a sun.”

“Correct, and if you think about a solar system, with the vast distances between each of the planets and the sun, you realize that it’s really composed of more empty space than solid matter. And believe it or not, the atoms that make up our bodies and everything else around us are exactly the same, so therefore, we ourselves are really composed more of empty space than solid matter.”

“Hey, wow, you’re right! I hadn’t thought of that.”

“So therefore,” I continued, “moving a physical, human body composed of mostly empty space through a seemingly solid closed door or window which in reality is also mostly empty space is not all that difficult providing you can just align the empty spaces with the solid bits, as the ET visitors are able to do when they transport you. Especially if they take you in astral form, because your finer astral or spirit body is a lot more ‘widely spaced’ than your more solid physical body. To get your astral body through the closed window is like pouring water through a sieve, and it is simply a matter of energy passing through energy. Do you understand what I mean?’

“Mmm, yes, I think so. What you’re saying is that because everything is composed of atoms, everything is energy, even though it looks solid. Like, my body is really just all energy, and so is the window.”

“Yes, Kate, and the higher energy vibrates, which is simply the continual movement of the electrons around the central nucleus, the finer the substance becomes. This is the difference between your physical body and your astral or spirit body. The astral body vibrates at a higher frequency that the physical body.”

Kate’s eyes suddenly lit up in understanding: “Ahhh, now I remember being told something about that in class. Our teacher used ice, water and steam as an example of increasing vibrational frequencies in relationship to matter. That’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely! And that’s an extremely good example we can relate to in everyday life. This too explains the light beam you asked about. Very high frequency energy manifests as light — in fact it is light, and it’s the beam of light energy that causes your vibrational frequency to go higher. Your energy frequency synchronizes with the light frequency, so for a little while you become light, and that’s how you’re transported onto the waiting disc.”

All the time I’d been talking to Kate, Entil sat quietly on the side of the bed, allowing her to become re-accustomed to his energy, but now it was his turn to speak up. “So, Kate, perhaps after this you will appreciate the need for the classes you attend on the disc, and will now consciously retain more of what you are taught. Most of the lessons concern energy, because the human species of Earth needs a deeper understanding of this aspect of your reality, and most especially the intrinsic link between science and religion, which of course is learning how to work with energy frequencies at a higher rate in order to meld with the light.”

“And,” I added, “it is knowledge such as this that ones like you are to bring to Planet Earth. This is why you are being taught so much about energy and how to work with it consciously, for the evolution of the entire human race depends upon this understanding. This too is why it is vitally important for you to move beyond the fear barrier, so that your mind is no longer blocked and limited but rather open and flexible enough to absorb and retain this sacred knowledge in order to pass it on to others. This high-frequency energy is not only light — it manifests also as love, and to meld with it fully all fear must be purged from your inner being.”

Then Entil continued, “A big part of our job is to help you with this process, and now that you have faced your greatest fear in opening up to me, you can see that in reality there is nothing to be afraid of. You now understand that I am not here to ‘steal your soul’ but rather to help you unfold and expand into your full potential on a higher level of awareness.”

“Well, Katie,” I put in, “I think you’ve had enough lessons for one night, and I can see you’re now feeling a lot more comfortable with Entil. As I said before, when you wake up you won’t recall my presence here, but you will remember him, and not be afraid any more.” With that I leaned forward and touched her lightly on the forehead. She settled herself back under the bedclothes and within seconds was sound asleep.


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