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Best documentation to date


Most definitive documentation of the reality of UFOs to date

Kean UFOsdisc from satellitetriangular UFO PhoenixTrindade Brazil 1958

Leslie Kean has collected the best evidence to date on the reality of the ET presence on Earth and has compiled the interviews and materials in one place for all to see. Only the most authoritative cases are included. Only the most credible witnesses are interviewed. If anyone still doubts that we are being visited and have been being visited for a long time by powerful observers from other places, this is the book to read.

What is made abundantly clear to anyone who does not yet know is that the UFOs are no threat to any nation's national security, but they are a threat to many nations' power structures, especially the US, in the sense that admitting the existence of the visitors is tantamount to admitting that our local defense forces are incapable of defending us against any destructive intention from the visitors, should there be one. The visitors do what they wish, regardless of all actions by Earth humans. What is anethema to Earth's power elites is the obvious conclusion that they are not in charge. But they want their citizens to continue to believe that UFOs are fiction, so they can continue to enjoy the perks of being powerful.

Of course, what Earth's power elites fail to highlight is that there is no evidence of hostile intent from the visitors. If these powerful and advanced civilizations wished us harm, we would not be here, but we are. So logic dictates that they are benevolent.

Earth is in trouble, and we need help. Opening to the reality of the benevolent visitors may be an essential first step towards preserving a future on this planet for our descendents.


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