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Five minutes of sunlight on mushrooms yields four times the new daily requirement of Vitamin D



The FDA has raised the daily adult requirement for Vitamin D to 1000 IUD. Source

It has recently been noted that mushrooms contain a large amount of vitamin D when exposed to UV light.[1][2][3] The reason is due to the fact UV light converts ergosterol, a chemical found in large concentrations in many mushrooms, to vitamin D2. Using high performance liquid chromatography analysis, author Paul Stamets was able to demonstrate the effect sunlight has on mushroom vitamin D content.[4]

Testing conducted by Pennsylvania State University, showed that an hour of UV light exposure made a serving of mushrooms contain twice the FDA's daily recommendation of vitamin D. Testing by the Monterey Mushrooms company, demonstrated 5 minutes of UV light exposure made a serving of mushrooms contain four times the FDA's daily recommendation of vitamin D.[5]

Mushroom Drying conditions Vitamin D content (IU/100g)
Shiitake Without sunlight 10-100
Shiitake In sunlight, gills down 11,000
Shiitake In sunlight, gills up 46,000
Reishi No sunlight 66
Reishi In sunlight, gills up 2,760
Maitake No sunlight 460
Maitake In sunlight, gills up 31,900
Diagram showing conversion of ergosterol to vitamin D2.

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