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A Moving 20-minute Audio Guided Visualization of the Manifestation of the 5th World

Steward Kira Kaye and James Warner

A coordinated visualization of a better world in 20 minutes. Intended for group coordination.

Listen (20-minute MP3 audio file, female voice) (18 MB)

Listen (20-minute MP3 audio file, male voice) (18 MB)

For use in groups coordinating visualization of a better world.

(To download to MP3 files, right-click each link and Save Link As...)

Narrated by Steward Kira, daughter of Visioneer Ashka, co-author, along with Visioneer Alarca, of the new book

The Zeta Message, available on

The Zeta Message

see also Visioneer Alarca's docudrama, Human by Day, Zeta by Night,

also available on

Human by Day, Zeta by Night

Kira, Alarca, and Ashka are participants in a global healing process called the Crystal Visions 2012 Project.

See more at their site.

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