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a ground-breaking book by Dr. C.V. Tramont

by C. V. Tramont, MD Swan Raven & Co., NC, USA, 2009 ISBN 978-1-893183-42-1 (247pp tpb) Available:

Past-life therapy utilising hypnotic regression added a new, higher dimension to obstetrician Dr Charles Tramont's practice because of its ability to heal at a very deep level. With some disdain for the medicalised health system and moving into retirement, Dr Tramont was able explore the benefits of hypnosis in much greater detail and came to see a link between past-life therapy and the Gnostic approach to healing, which draws on the selfknowledge that can be accessed through intuition and contemplation. He now holds the idea of "cellular memory", where past-life events can create an imprint in a present life and show up as physical, emotional and mental problems. Dr Tramont has found a way to assist numerous people make their "transition to transcendance", helped too by higher spiritual guides. He presents some breathtaking case studies from his clinic that overturn conventional views of reality and also suggest that the key to healing lies within every one of us via the subconscious mind. Dr Tramont regards hypnotic past-life regression as a transformative medical treatment for the 21st century, and as a means to achieve Gnosis.


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