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Understanding the World System in Crisis

Annie Leonard

A very important presentation of the materials cycle on Earth and how it all works. Essential viewing for young people.

This is a major MUST SEE presentation.

It explains the basic nature of the primary problem facing us on Earth: we do not pay the true price of what we consume. Who is paying? The Earth, the displaced and exploited workers.

99% of what we mine, process, and consume on Earth is trashed within 6 months. This cannot go on.

There is a better way [the 5th World], and Annie Leonard points us all to it.

Show this video to everyone you care about, especially children.

Annie Leonard has worked on international environmental health and sustainability issues for over 2 decades. Annie has also worked with GAIA, Health Care without Harm, Essential Action, and Greenpeace International; has traveled to over 30 countries to investigate the factories where our stuff is produced and the dumps where it is disposed; and is the writer and host of the internet film, The Story of Stuff, viewed by over 6 million people around the world since its launch in December 2007. Annie currently coordinates the non-profit Story of Stuff Project, based in Berkeley, and is working on additional films, organizing projects, and The Story of Stuff book to be published by Free Press of Simon and Schuster in March 2010.

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