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Summer 2010 Among the Crop Circles

Off Planet Intellignence

A sampling of a dozen or so of this summer's beauties in the fields, all no doubt left by stumbling drunkards in the dark and tornadoes. ;)

Poirino, Italy, 06.13.10

Poirino, Italy


Codford St. Peter, 06.03.10 Codford St. Peter06.03.10
Walbury Hill 06.12.10 Walbury Hill 06.12.10
White Sheet Hill 06.25.10 White Sheet Hill 06.25.10
Danebury Hill 07.06.10 Danebury Hill 07.06.10
Cley Hill 07.09.10 Cley Hill 07.09.10
Roundway Hill 07.25.10 Roundway Hill 07.25.10
East Field, 07.25.10 East Field, 07.25.10
Wickham Green North 07.30.10

Wickham Green North 07.30.10

One Sister

Wickham Green, South, 07.30.10

Wickham Green, South, 07.30.10

The Other Sister

Whitefield Hill 08.03.10 Whitefield Hill 08.03.10
Lurkeley Hill 08.03.10

Lurkeley Hill 08.03.10

Christian Aliens?

Pewsey White Horse 08.08.10 Pewsey White Horse 08.08.10
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