Charles Hill Testifies That He Worked with ETs when with the US Military 03.23.13 Search

Ex military worked with tall white ETs for three years

Charles and Marie Hall

Charles Hill reports on his years working with tall white ETs while he was in the US military. These visitors live for hundreds of years and can be over eight feet tall. His wife Marie confirms his experiences.



As a touchstone of the difficulty of presenting truthful information to humans about the long-term interaction of benevolent off-planet beings with us, consider a 100-minute video called "Aliens Come From Hell" that has been seen by over 2 million watchers. It encourages fear and tries to scare people into coming back to the church's traditional interpretation of ETs as being evil spirits and demons. It applies outdated assumptions of the nature of reality to conclude that ET visitations are impossible. It is asserted, for example, that because we have not seen the visitors traveling in space, then they cannot exist. And because our technology doesn't allow us to travel far in space, then they can't either. A lot of the arguments are simplistic. But many will believe them, because it is easier than readjusting a whole array of thoughts that have been carefully nurtured for many years.

It is, of course naive to believe that all ETs are benign, just as it is to believe that all ETs are demons from hell. There are some self-interested folks out there, just as we have them in great abundance on this planet. But there are good ones, too.

We face a changing paradigm, and this kind of resistance can be expected. Be alert to self-serving defensive presentations that seek to preserve the crumbling edifices of our increasingly outdated ideas about almost everything from religion to physics. Be open-minded, but not gullible.


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