Identifying Triangular Craft 12.02.10 Search

SaLuSa indicates how to tell the real craft from the decoys

SaLuSa, of Sirius

Sirian elder SaLuSa indicates, as part of his periodic newsletter, how to distinguish the true traingular craft of the Galactic Federation from the look-alike decoys operated by the covert government.

We note that as our craft are seen more frequently in your skies, the dark Ones are also coming out more into the open.

Their secret craft are not in any way like the conventional ones you are used to seeing.

They are similar to some of ours, but as a guide we would suggest you reserve your judgement where triangular craft are concerned.

Perhaps a give away sign is the system of colored lights used to identify your own, which are not to be found on ours.

Yes, we do sometimes have circular craft that are lit up on the rims, but these usually run all the way round.

You have no need to be concerned about any craft you see, as we monitor them all and know with what intent are within your earth’s atmosphere.

Bear in mind that we come in peace, and are to protect you from any other intrusion and possible attack upon you.


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