Overview of the Current Transformation to the 5th World 03.05.07

Earth Making Great Strides On the Road to a Spiritually Uplifted, Sustainable World

Donald Ware

Our world is rapidly transforming to a new world [The 5th World] while most of its inhabitants are still engaged in old ways of thinking and behaving.  The new world is guided by wise humans who have learned that national governments are not authorized to join the galactic society.  Only a democratically elected world government can represent planet Earth on galactic councils. This article summarizes major steps towards the 5th World that have happened and charts the turbulent years immediately ahead.

            Our world is rapidly transforming to a new world [The 5th World] while most of its inhabitants are still engaged in old ways of thinking and behaving.  The new world is guided by wise humans who have learned that national governments are not authorized to join the galactic society.  Only a democratically elected world government can represent planet Earth on galactic councils.  When will most humans, as world citizens, be ready to elect men and women to lead us into a much larger reality?

            For 55 years I have studied the transformation of consciousness, of technologies, and of our environment.  We must raise our consciousness to a level that will prevent our technologies, combined with selfishness, from destroying the environment that supports all life on mother Earth.  Fortunately, we humans have assistance from our many alien and angelic supporters.

            I believe that a spiritual perspective is necessary to understand the current transformation.  Our eternal souls are on a long path to paradise, and we progress through our free-will choices.  Our reason for being in a physical body has long been to make choices that orient us in a positive or negative direction, toward service to others or service to self.  Many people are now sufficiently oriented toward service to others that their spiritual mission, their reason for being, is now to learn to express unconditional love of others.  I think they are the “meek who will inherit the Earth.”

            Many people are now acquiring new ways of knowing, expanding their consciousness.  We do it through meditation-assisted telepathy, remote viewing, and out-of-body experiences.  The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Farsight Institute, Monroe Institute, and many other similar organizations around the world have long been assisting the truthseekers on the leading edge of the transformation.  Now our major media is expanding the consciousness of large numbers of the more open-minded population through educational entertainment in these fields.

            I see much evidence that our biological computer, our brain, is being upgraded with alien assistance.  The human population, through genetic engineering, is rapidly acquiring great increases in IQ and in ease of telepathy.  Authors are documenting this aspect of the transformation in writings about “Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow” children.  A world-level lawyer, George S. Robinson, refers to our upgraded offspring as Homo sapiens alterios and Homo alterios spacialis.  He said we made them to make humans more survivable in off-planet environments.  I think the new species, which looks so different that they would attract unwanted attention from our neighbors, is now being raised underground on this planet and in bases on the moon and Mars.  See the cover of Time magazine, 23 Jun 97.  This lovely being reminds me of the movie, Powder.

            The transformation in technology started early.  Evidence from the lectures of Wendelle Stevens and others has convinced me that aliens worked with German scientists as early as 1929 to assist humans in developing anti-gravity systems.  This was done, presumably, to help us minimize the polluting aspects of fossil fuels when we started carrying passengers in airplanes.  A condition for assistance was that we would not use this technology for war.  Hitler violated the condition in 1938 when he attached an anti-tank gun turret to the bottom of a 100-foot-diameter flying saucer.  Pleiadians then removed from Germany its militarized saucers and the scientists that built them, and some of the scientists continued their work in an underground facility in the Antarctic, away from the warring nations.  Admiral Byrd and others were sent there to investigate after the WW II.  Germany continued to develop anti-gravity systems in Europe, but the only wartime use allowed was to spray benzene in the path of US bombers when we were killing tens of thousands of civilians by carpet bombing German cities with incendiary bombs. Such fuel/air explosions helped stop this horrific killing in Germany.  The US, UK, and Australia each captured anti-gravity technologies, and we brought 30 flying saucers to the White Sands Missile Range and Area 51 in 1945.  This rapidly evolving technology allowed humans to put bases on our moon and Mars by 1963.

            New, non-polluting energy sources have been developed for world citizens by major corporations to support the underground and off-planet bases, but they are still restricted from the warring nations.  When all national leaders choose peace, technologies that can greatly reduce fossil fuel use will be released to the general public.  Thanks to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), the size of the ozone hole in the northern hemisphere is being controlled while world leaders gain better control of production and handling of destructive chlorine and fluorine compounds.  Since 1997 large-scale chemical sprays are temporarily reflecting some of the sun’s energy to help balance the warming effects of the increasing carbon dioxide blanket.  I think that some world leaders anticipate that the need for this program will be reduced or eliminated by a significant reduction in the population resulting from serious earth traumas occurring in 2012.  I have seen much evidence that both angels and aliens influence these important decisions.

            The Mayan calendar seems to be charting the accelerating rise in consciousness.  The galactic laws of attraction, creating, and allowing are being taught well by ABRAHAM, through Esther Hicks, and by other unseen beings.  Knowledge of the First Law is being spread well through The Secret, now shown by major media, and through the lectures of many pioneer truthseekers.  The Georgia Guidestones have provided 10 guides for our world society since 1980, just as The Ten Commandments provided guidance for individual behavior for millennia.  These 19-foot-tall slabs of granite have a hole drilled toward the North Star.  This will provide a record of how many degrees the crust of the earth shifted during the earth traumas that I think will be triggered by the magnetic field of a passing member of the Kuiper Belt.

            In the USA the Federal Emergency Management Agency seems to be spending public money preparing for the Earth traumas.  Boxcars on sidings in Kansas seem to be designed to move people from prisons that might be threatened by coastal tsunamis.  Millions of body bags purchased in consecutive years suggest a sudden heavy death toll is anticipated.  A thousand white vans, SUVs and pick-ups stored at the federal prison in Balstrop, Texas, may have been purchased to move large numbers of struggling people displaced by the traumas to places where they can be temporarily housed and fed.  Several of my “abductee” friends have been trained in their secret nightlife for crowd control using Star Trek-like non-lethal weapons.

            Now the population is being prepared for a new age, a golden age [the 5th World] where terrorism fades away and a kinder, gentler civilization reins. The genetic upgrade will speed this process.  The Trilateral Commission struggles to counter the human selfishness that caused u to be declared suicidal by The Club of Rome.  The State of the World Forum hosted six gatherings from 1995 to 2000 to let a variety of stakeholders help define the plan for our future.  Dozens of NGOs harness the energies of an increasing number of world citizens in addressing major issues for our planet and for mankind: deforestation, biodiversity, nature conservancy, and polluting of the oceans. The Lucis Trust (World Goodwill, Triangles, etc) has been helping to raise the consciousness of humankind for over eight decades.  While such high-level efforts expand, small groups of truthseekers around the world are inspired to gather periodically with like-minded people to share their truth, and their love.
            Some truthseekers share their stories to overcome the personal trauma of a rapidly changing worldview.  Some study The Urantia Book: A Revelation for Humanity, often referred to as the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  The Talmud of Jmmanuel quotes Jesus as saying humanity will be given a new revelation in 2000 years.  That is exactly when The Urantia Book was given to the truthseekers of Chicago.  Despite the headlines of a media driven by ratings, the world is becoming a more civilized place, more connected, and easier to manage.

            I think our traumas will accelerate until after the crust shifts over the molten core, reducing the population.  This will provide many opportunities to grow through free-will choices.  Then, as shorelines change, volcanic ash replenishes the minerals in the soil, and transportation links are restored, we will be able to elect wise world citizens to lead us into a Golden Age.  I think the second coming of Christ will occur at a planetary graduation ceremony as Earth humans earn the right to join a galactic society.

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