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Man Removes Negative Entities from World Leaders and Others

Yuroc of the 5th World, with input from Richard Benishai

Ten recent troublemakers around the world are measured remotely by master geobiologist, dowser and author, Richard Benishai, who applies his techniques to dislodge the attaching entities, transmute their energies into higher vibrations, and escort them into the Light, where their destiny lies.

Richard Benishai is one of those unsung heros who does enormously significant work on behalf of the rest of us, who are generally unaware of him, his work, or even that there is something to work on, or that anything could be done about such things, if they existed. They exist. There is work to do, and he is doing it.

Mission Mother Earth Benishai's forthcoming book from Wild Flower Press, ISBN 9780926524743

BenishaiRichard Benishai is a master dowser who uses his tremendous skills to identify, measure, and correct energy flows through Mother Earth's energetic grid. The details of his astonishing work are beyond the scope of this short article.


On December 21, 2012, around the world people gathered to focus their intentional creative energies on a better world, and it happened. Spiritual leader Patricia Cota-Robles announced the result in these words:

"Congratulations! Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we have... birthed the New Earth [5th World] in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause. During the unprecedented celestial alignment that took place on December 21-22, 2012, our Father-Mother God Inbreathed the Earth and all Creation up the Spiral of Evolution into the next octave of our learning experiences. This... Shift of the Ages is a natural part of our evolutionary experience that occurs only once every so many million years. ... We must understand that the 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained."

Here is the rub: Around the world dark energies and negative entities that had been attached to persons were suddenly displaced when their former hosts raised their energies as part of the Shift of the Ages. Unable to remain within the higher energies of their former hosts, they left to find new hosts. Ask around. You will hear many people tell of being psychically attacked or menaced by such dark presences. You can shield yourself from such invasions by surrounding yourself with a sphere of protective Light and asking for help from your guides, but many people do not know how to do that. Thus, many people are being disturbed by these forces. It is bad enough when the person affected is an individual with an assault rifle, but it is even worse when the individual controls nuclear weapons. We now have more and more people around the world who are hurting others or threatening to do so. But there is something positive going on that you should know about:

Richard Benishai is able, at a distance, to focus on the energy structure of a person and measure his/her physical (PHY), astral (AST) and mental (MEN) energy levels. He can determine the number of attaching entities that are affecting that person, and he can dislodge them and send them on their way. When the person is a world troublemaker like

Ahmadinejad President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran,

negative attachments can warp his thinking, cause him to be unstable and to do rash things, like start wars. In his case, Benishai found 63 attached negative entities and dislodged them all. He found that Ahmadinejad's Bad Energy (BE) percentage was 100%. Through applying his process, he was able to drop his BE% to zero. Here are the results of his work on Ahmadinejad.

The kB unit is 1,000 Bovis, or a kiloBovis, a unit of spiritual energy that can be measured by trained dowsers.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Energy Levels
Energy Type Before After
Physical 74 kB 24 kB
Astral 79 kB 47 kB
Mental 81 kB 105 kB
Bad Energy % 100 0
Entity Count 63 0

Also causing trouble in Iran is

Khamenei Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei

Ali Khamenei Energy Levels
Energy Type Before After
Physical 74 kB 24 kB
Astral 79 kB 47 kB
Mental 81 kB 105 kB
Bad Energy % 100 0
Entity Count 63 0

Being belligerent in Israel is :

Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu Energy Levels
Energy Type Before, kB After, kB
Physical 24 25
Astral 28 52
Mental 30 107
Bad Energy % 25 0
Entity Count 5 0

Bizarre, nuclear sabre-rattling in bad form in North Korea is :

Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader Kim Jung-Un.

Kim Jung-Un Energy Levels
Energy Type Before After
Physical 20 kB 29 kB
Astral 24 kB 51 kB
Mental 30 kB 100 kB
Bad Energy % 90 0
Entity Count 35 0

Mass murdering 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT, was:

murdererunnamed, with respect for his victims.

Energy Levels before the event
Energy Type Measure
Physical 42 kB
Astral 43.5 kB
Mental 45 kB
Bad Energy % 100
Entity Count 21

Killing their 6 children in England 4/2/13 were:

parents unnamed, with respect for their children.

In July 1978, while AWOL from the Army, the male attempted to murder his then-girlfriend Kim Hill.

child-murderers' Energy Levels
Energy Type man 4/13 man 7/78 woman 4/13
Physical 22 kB 14 kB 32 kB
Astral 25 kB 16 kB 36 kB
Mental 30 kB 18 kB 37 kB
Bad Energy % 25 60 55
Entity Count 4 11 11

On July 25, 2009, this Israeli man allegedly murdered his 3-year-old daughter before attempting suicide:

Batzraunnamed, with respect for his daughter.

the father's Energy Levels
Energy Type Measure
Physical 15 kB
Astral 18 kB
Mental 20 kB
Bad Energy % 55
Entity Count 8

On April 13, 2013, these two brothers set off bombs in the Boston Marathon:

bombersunnamed, with respect for their victims.

the bombers' Energy Levels
Energy Type older brother younger brother
Physical 18 kB 14 kB
Astral 22 kB 16 kB
Mental 25 kB 20 kB
Bad Energy % 80 80
Entity Count 17 13

One day a female friend of Richard Benishai's partner came to meet them to go to a restaurant. Suddenly she sat up and said she felt weird: something was wrong with her, and it was not just dizziness. Apparently, she came to us just after a physiotherapy treatment. She recalled that the physiotherapist, who was excellent in his work, was very pale. She remarked that he needed a holiday in the sun.

Benishai decided to check the energy level of the two people in this story. He found out the energy level of our friend had significantly decreased, and that the physiotherapist had a particularly low vitality. Benishai found that the therapist was carrying about 17 entities. He was both a collector and a distributor.

"The number of entities on our friend was also significant. I removed them and she felt better. After a few days, she went to him again and the story repeated itself. I removed the entities again, but this time I remembered to create a protective wall for our friend and for the therapist. I told her that from now on everything will be fine, but she did not want to return to this physiotherapist any more.

"I have since decided that this information should be passed to others—the knowledge of how to deal with this problem. This is true especially for people who treat others: doctors, dentists, psychologists, lawyers, etc.

"Negative charges are transferred during a treatment or encounter with a client like a virus that spreads. In turn, the patient or client passes these entities to others. It is a constant struggle!

"I will be offering a course on how to deal with the problem in several stages, allowing the elimination of this disturbing phenomenon that has a negative impact on our health and mental state."

Richard Benishai will be delivering this course as part of the Southeast Regional Conference of the American Society of Dowsers in November, 2013, in Western North Carolina, is all goes well.

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