Heru Speaks... On Twin Flames 03.10.06

The Creator God Horus explainss Twin Flames and Related Topics

Karen Kirschbaum, channel for Heru, AKA Horus, and Elora Gabriel

Heru explained that twin flames come into being when a soul, in its initial creation process, is basically split into two beings--identical except for gender.  This is not always the case.  About 6% of souls have multiple twins (analogous to a woman who has sextuplets, for instance), 60% or so are created as twins, and the rest are called “singular souls”.  The path of union for a singular soul will generally be with Prime Creator.  It is my belief that those who deeply long for their twins are of the twin soul configuration, while those with an overwhelming longing for God are probably singular souls.  Twin souls separate for periods of time, individuate, and then come back together to share all of the knowledge, experience, and evolution they have gained.  Heru stated that this periodic separation and reunion of twin souls is one of the great power generators in Creation.  “That back and forth motion, the separation and the return--that is the power.  The depth of the soul’s longing to return to its twin--that is the fuel.  When the merging takes place a magnificent burst of energy is created which illuminates and inspires all of Creation.” 

 Below are few channeled excerpts from the chapter “Soul Families” in The Return of Light (see www.returnoflight.com)  This material was channeled by Karen Kirschbaum from the Creator God Heru. 

In esoteric writings, it is said that the monad is the first individuated manifestation beyond Source.  When the cosmic progenitors create a soul, then, is it actually the monad that they create?

Yes.  And they may create monads as singular or twin monads.

Please define the term “twin flame”.

Twin flames are born when the Creator Gods and the cosmic parents decide to create a being as twins.  In human bodies, there are sometimes twins who are fraternal and sometimes twins who are identical and who are from the same egg.  This would be the case with twin souls.  They would be created by splitting the original form of an egg.  This is done with intent; it is done with great love and reverence; and it is done to magnify the power of Creation.  As I revealed to Karen recently, the mechanism of the power generation that happens between twin souls is one of the most powerful generators in all of Creation.  It is a hard mechanism to describe.  She related what she could to you; I don’t know that I could give a better description than that.

[Karen:]  Using the third meditation technique given by Heru, I went into the Void, the space from which Heru creates.  Without having any particular intention for the session, I invited Prime Creator to join me in this space.  Prime Creator began speaking to me, and as He/She spoke, I was taken into this experience and became one with it.

Prime Creator spoke of the fact that the twin flame dynamic is one of the most powerful creative energy sources in the entire Creation.  He/She described how so much of this Creation's movement is based on the magnetic flow of energy that comes from this dynamic.  From the microcosm to the macrocosm, this is the engine that moves so much.  Even this universe has a twin.

I was taken into this energy.  It looked something like a multidimensional, undulating caduceus.  Two images came to me to describe this.  The first was of two trains that are on the same track.  They leave the station, going in opposite directions, traveling some distance from each other.  At a given point they reverse direction.  When they meet, instead of crashing they begin to merge and pass through each other.  As the two trains go through this process, they exchange experience and energy atom by atom—each particle finding its mate, and merging and exchanging energy.  The trains complete this process yet their momentum never slows.  They reach the point of separation; they continue until the appointed distance is reached; and again they reverse and repeat.  It is somewhat similar to the oscillation of a pendulum.

The other image I received was of two dancers doing a tango.  Again there is the back and forth motion.  But in this metaphor, the dancers always maintain at least a finger of contact.  They swing out as far as they can go without losing touch, then the magnetic energy pulls them back in towards each other.  As they swing back together into an embrace, they again pass through each other, with each atom and each molecule exchanging energy and experience with its twin.

In this vision Prime Creator became my partner, as my own twin is not available.  I had a direct glimpse into the power of this magnetic pull and saw that this weaving, undulating dance was being played out in all the dimensions of my being.  It is like a giant organic machine that creates much of the movement throughout all the dimensions.

Please discuss the power generating aspect of twin flames.

That back and forth motion, the separation and the return—that is the power.  The depths of the soul’s longing to return to its twin—that is the fuel.  When the merging takes place a magnificent burst of energy is created which illuminates and inspires all of Creation.  That joy, the beauty of that merging, are shared on a subatomic level with the entire Creation.  The specific incidents and experiences are not shared, but there is a qualitative sum of the sharing between the twin souls, almost like a sum of that merging.  The depth, the breadth, and the power of that synthesis reaches all of Creation.

In this universe, it is generally considered best for twin flames not to reunite until they are both spiritually mature and ready to ascend.  Is this also the case in the light universes?

No, it is not.  This is purely a function of being in a fallen universe.  And how horrible these misaligned joinings can be!

You mentioned that humans can have either fraternal or identical twins.  Is there a correspondence to the fraternal twins with twin souls?

That part of that analogy does not have a correspondence.  A twin soul is either identical or it does not happen.  Unlike human beings though, when the twin soul is created, the male-female polarity is inserted in there.  [And that remains constant?]  Oftentimes it will reverse, where each soul will take on the opposite sex for an incarnation, but the fundamental gender will always revert to the original.

In what sense are twin souls identical?  They appear to be similar but different.

Yes, and the difference is the different path that each has taken and the different choices that have been made in gathering life experiences.  However, each time there is that merging at the train station, so to speak, all of those experiences will become the experiences of both souls.  There is a separation where experiences are gathered, and a reunion where experiences are shared and merged; and again a separation where experiences are gathered; and so on back and forth.

You have stated before that some beings have twin flames and others do not.  Please explain how and why this occurs.

The how is very simple.  Returning to the analogy of human birth, some souls are created as single souls and some are created as twins.  The percentages are different, however.  I would say roughly 60% of souls are created as twins.  There is a small group, perhaps 6% of souls, who are actually created as a group soul, wherein you would have multiple souls that would actually be identical twins.  [Like a woman who has sextuplets.]  Yes.  It is less common, but it does happen.

As for why, it is simply a choice.  The path of the singular soul is no less great than the path of the twin soul.  There are dynamics and mechanisms, paths of awakening and enlightenment, which happen with a singular soul and do not happen with the twin soul.  Perhaps you could say the dynamic of separation and return for the singular soul would be played out not with a twin, but with Prime Creator, or with the Creator Gods or the cosmic progenitors.  It is an equally beautiful path, just a different path.

For those who have twin souls, does the union with the twin soul replace union with Prime Creator?

It is almost as if through that mechanism, that is the union with Prime Creator, that is how it is expressed.  God is known through that union.

When you use the term “twin soul” is that the same thing as “twin flame”?  Or is there a difference?

They are the same.  However “soul mate” is different.  To define that term, let us take an example in your case.  Your soul mates would be more like your brothers and sisters, those who were created by Durga/Sekhmet and myself at roughly the same time period.  Therefore they would be very close beings to you, and in a sense you would have perhaps spent some incubation time together.  [Then there is also the category that you call “ancient friends”.  Those are people we have known and loved on many occasions.]  Yes.

So we have twin flames which are also known as twin souls, and we have soul mates.  Are there other levels of relatedness?  I have seen some quite complicated schematics listing various levels.

The other level I would add to this would be soul family—cousins and siblings who are created at a different time period, and where there is no sense of that incubation together.  [Are close relationships often formed with soul family and soul mates?]  Very much so, yes.

For a human who is in third dimensional incarnation, what is the importance of knowing and being connected to the twin flame?

It is a life changing occurrence, a very deeply life changing occurrence.  Generally, twin souls will decide prior to a life whether to have contact or not.  Once conscious contact is made, either on the inner or the third dimensional plane, there really is no going back.  For there is nothing that will create an amnesia which will allow a person to forget the feeling of contact with their twin.

Such contact is an enhancer to one’s evolutionary process?  It spurs on the individual’s evolution?

Yes, very much so.

What about the sense of emptiness or loss?

Prior to that contact, the amnesia will be there, and the feeling of the loss of one’s twin would perhaps only be the vaguest of senses.  After contact, there is no forgetting it.

The longing in a lifetime for a true partner, is that built into the human wiring or is it a remembering?

It is both.  For those who do not have twin souls, there is also a longing for union which gets expressed as desire for a partner.  And that is also hardwired, but for them the ultimate reunion will be with Prime Creator.

Is Creation itself based on the principle of polarity?

That is one of the fundamental principles, yes.  If you look at the yin and yang symbol, this polarity is a primary building block upon which the Creation becomes dynamic.  If you look at the atomic structure and what holds the electrons and binds them to an atom, it’s all a mechanism of polarity.

There is much talk in metaphysical circles of duality, and how life in these lower planes, at least, is based on duality.  Is duality a distortion of polarity, and a result of the fallen state of the universes?

Yes.  There is no duality in an unfallen universe.

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