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An essential understanding of the personal dimension of healing

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Subtle-energy healing requires harmony between the one in need and the method of healing, so what works for one may not work for another. The subtle energies that are observable in genuine crop formations can be collected and stored in water for later healing use. This article explains how to make use of these healing energies for better health and spiritual transformation.

Uniquency: the phenomenon that makes a given subtle-energy treatment work well for one person at one time for one particular issue, while not working well for another person.

Uniquency is what limits the applicability of allopathic, or western, medicine. We are all familiar with harmonies and dissonance. A given pair of keys on the piano may be harmonious while another pair might be dissonant and unpleasant. A given pair of colors might go well together, while another pair might clash. These perceptions are objectively observable because most of us hear the same two sound tones, and most of us see the same two color tones. The exceptions are where peoplea are partially deaf or color blind.

The general form of uniquency occurs in the realm of subtle energies, those energies like Chi, or Qi, that surge around our physical bodies, concentrating their strength in areas called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that interpenetrates our physical body and its subtle-energy auric field. The chakra's whirling motion draws in whatever it encounters on its particular vibrational level. It is then processed and sent to the auric field.

You are probably familiar with the seven principal chakras. The root chakra is at the base of the spine and is associated with red. The sacral chakra lies behind and just below the navel and is associated with orange. The solar plexus chakra is below the ribcage and is associated with yellow. The heart chakra is in the region of the heart and is associated with the color green. It forms the bridge between the dimensions of matter and spirit. By activating the throat chakra, which is associated with blue, you become aware, for the first time, perhaps, that our internal worlds are real worlds. Between the brows is the third-eye chakra, which is associated with indigo. Intuitive seeing, clairvoyance and other forms of knowing and the paranormal are part of this chakra. At the top of the head is the crown chakra, which is associated with violet. This is where we merge with God, the All That Is. Each of these chakras emits subtle energies of particular frequencies and intensities that differ from one individual to another. This is where the principle of uniquency comes in. A subtle-energy treatment that works for one may not work at all for another. Consider, for example, the following story that Eliot Cowan, a shaman trained in Plant Spirit Medicine, tells:

My friend Peter Gorman is walking down a trail in the Amazon jungle. He is on his way back to the village after watching his Matses Indian friend set a trap for wild boar. The Indian takes advantage of the walk to show Peter some medicinal plants growing along the trail. Within a few minutes he has pointed out several dozen species and pantomimed their healing virtues. Arriving at the village, Peter summons his interpreter and returns to the hunter’s hut. He didn’t have his notebook with him on the walk, he explains, and he couldn’t possibly remember all he had been shown. Would the hunter be kind enough to say once again how the herbs were prepared and used?

The hunter-shaman smiles at Peter and then begins to laugh. He invites all his wives and children over to have a good laugh, too. When they have all laughed themselves out, he explains, “That was just to introduce you to some of the plants. If you want to actually use a plant yourself, the spirit of the plant must come to you in your dreams. If the spirit of the plant tells you how to prepare it and what it will cure, you can use it. Otherwise, it won’t work for you. Boy, that was a good one! I’ve got to remember what you just said!” He laughs again.

[Plant Spirit Medicine: Healing with the Power of Plants, Swan-Raven & Co. 1995, p. 3]

What the hunter-shaman found so funny was that any grown man would be ignorant of the understanding that healing requires harmony between the subtle-enegy vibrations of the one that needs healing and the subtle-energy vibrations of the healing method, whether it be plant spirit, Reiki, acupuncture, or cosmic energy essences derived from crop formations.

Crop formation A genuine crop formation, image copyright John Montgomery 2010

Genuine crop formations radiate subtle-energy vibrations that can be observed, felt, and collected in water, which has memory. This energized water, known as cosmic energy essences, can be used for healing, inspiration, transformation, and many other positive uses. But there is no objective reference book or expert you can consult to determine which of the many essences is best for your needs. You are on your own, and your results can vary depending upon your own ability to read your own subtle-energy frequencies and those of a particular crop formation. But all is not lost. You can easily learn to read and apply these subtle-energy elixirs to great advantage. All you need is a dowsing device such as a small pendulum, and some practice.

pendulum a dowsing pendulum

If you do not have a pendulum that you can use to read subtle energies, you might want to order one from the web or visit a New Age shop that carries them. It is important that the pendulum you choose feel good to you, so it is important that you practice reading your own feelings. When you have selected a good pendulum, you are advised to often carry it with you so that it absorbs your personal subtle energies. As a rule, using other people's pendulums can be unpredictable, as they will tend to resonate with another person's subtle energy field, which will differ from yours.

When you have established a good relationship with a comfortable pendulum, get into the habit of calibrating it every time you use it. Do this by putting yourself into a centered, meditative space where subtle energies may be more easily perceived. Perhaps you might want to play some soothing music such as the Musical Rapture so as to mask disruptive sounds from your environment.

In an audible voice, ask your spirit guide, or your guardian angel, or the Blessed Mother, or whatever benevolent unseen beings you feel comfortable working with, to speak total truth clearly through your pendulum. Ask your guide to give you a clearly discernable signal of affirmation, or Yes. With some practice, you will get the pendulum to respond. Perhaps for you on this day, affirmation is a swinging forward and backward. Then ask your guide to give you a clearly discernable signal of negation, or No. Perhaps for you on this day, negation is a swinging left and right. Perhaps you will get clockwise and counterclockwise spins, or some other signal pattern. Whatever it is, it is your pattern. No one can read your pendulum for you because of uniquency.

When you have calibrated your pendulum, select a crop-formation pattern and ask your guide to speak to you through your pendulum and give you an answer Yes or No to the question, "Is it in my highest and best interests to apply the cosmic energy essence of this crop formation to my needs today?" Your pendulum may respond, if you are in a good, receptive space and have followed these directions in good faith.

If you get a response, trust it. If your response is affirmative, then plan to use the subtle-energy essence made from that pattern and truly expect useful results in your life. It is as simple as that.

If you get no response, or a negative response, do not use that cosmic-energy essence. Search through images of other crop formations until you find one that uniquely resonates with your subtle-energy auric field. No one can tell you which one is right for you, because of uniquency.

cosmic energy essence

When you receive your cosmic energy essence, use your dowsing device again to determine how best to apply it to your needs. Always ask yes-or-no questions that are clearly expressed. Ambiguity degrades the usefulness of the responses. Have fun!

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